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18.12.'10 Brussels Dog Show. Oh Ròsa


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Ròsa was entered in this show “just for fun” – in the Youth Class, because in Belgium there is nothing to win before 15 months old, besides the honour of being Best Junior.

There were 18 Schapendoezen admitted end we had to wait for 80 other dogs to be evaluated before it was our turn: for a young dog this took far too long. But, se presented herself real well, was awarded Exc. 1, became Best Junior and by doing so Brussels Junior Winner 2010.

After that she had to show once again for Best of Breed, but I expected that to not be serious: next to an adult dog and bitch. We had to walk a good number of rounds for this final judgement, but then my only 10 months old Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó was BOB (best of breed). I was completely perplexed, even more so when the judge said to me “don't be so surprised, she is the best mover I have seen” She now had to show up in the Ring of Honour twice: as Best Junior and as BOB.

I have a true “four-leaved-clover” in greatgrandma Cocó, grandpa Hijo, 

mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and 

Ròsa Ke-sera with – as a stem –

our Goslady RubíI have a true “four-leaved-clover” in greatgrandma Cocó, grandpa Hijo, mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and Ròsa Ke-sera with – as a stem – our Goslady Rubí

11+12.12.'10 Rubí, Ròsa & Rago in Kassel – Duitsland

It was Ròsa's 1st official performance in Germany, she was accompanied by one of her brothers. They both did very well Both were placed 1st in their class and therefor received their 1st German Youthpoint. Ròsa even repeated that succes the next day.



Now she here – like in The Netherlands – lacks only 1 point for the Youth Title. Rubí the first showday also was 1st in her class and was even placed 2nd bitch.

The 2nd day this judge loved big, strong, muscular dogs. Well, what can you then do: being a delicately built, not too big lady, also with longer hair than most of the Gosses.

28.11.'10 Ròsa > Jouthwinster 2010 Amsterdam-Winner

Once again Rubí and Ròsa both participated, both in Junior Class and both with real competition: so it wouldn't be easy for them Both were placed 1st in their class, Rubí sadly enough was only awarded Very Good. But Ròsa was awarded Excellent 1 and got her 2nd point for the Dutch Junior title. And is now Junior Winster 2010 of the Amsterdam Winner Show. She received a beuatifull rosette and one of the two Schapendoes Clubs presented her with a big and beautifull Cup. Our little witch now is owner of her 1st official title Could it be that she took the first step in being a worthy successor of her great-grandmother Cocó, grandfather Hijo and mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo > nr 4 in a row?

Ah well a person has the right to hope, hasn't he?


21.11.2010 – Ròsa en Rubí in Kortrijk – België

Oh my little-ones did só well. Both young ladies were entered in the Youth Class of this show. Ròsa could only just participate, Rubí also (but on the other end of the age-limit). I felt Rubí this time did not need to try and “score points “, both were permitted to join in “just for fun“ > should also be possible every now and then.

And yes Both could leave the ring als Best Junior of Breed In the Ring of Honour we were done quiet fast, but both ladies went home wit a beautifull “ Trofee for Debutants “.

And yes, later that day we of course celebrated their results with a good glass of tinto.

06.11.2010 – Ròsa en Rubí in Bleiswijk – NL 


Ròsa & RubíRòsa & Rubí

Oh, I was só nervous, but how well both my little ones performed. And you may say not without results. Both were entered in the Youth Class, Ròsa could only júst participate (being only 9 months and 5 days old) Because of certain circumstances we did not have high expectations of the day and we had prepared everyone for this. But no It turned out quiet different. Both the little ones were súper motivated and really did and gave what they could.

With the following result:

  • Rubí: Exc 1, YouthCAC, Best Junior of Breed + 2nd bitch and so ResCAC 
  • Ròsa: Exc 1, TouthCAC and Best Junior of Breed Both also had excellent evaluations.

Dog owner and the compleet supportersteam (consisting in greatgrandma Cocó, granddad Hijo and mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo) afcourse are extreemly proud of them. All persons involved toasted the results with a good glass of tinto.