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Big puppy-news - part 2
With Rubí we also were in Utrecht for a check-up and an ultra-sound. And she also is truly pregnant.

Once again we saw litttle Gossos-miracles with strong beating hearts. Now we have to sit and wait 'till the big day is there – around Sinterklaas.


2011.09.25 Rubí Dutch Champion
We have another Dutch Champion Gos d´Atura Catala Rubí.
The first possibility after reaching the crucial age of 27 months, our beautifull Rubí also made Dutch Champion. She had a total of 6 ¼ points.


Dutch Champion RubíDutch Champion Rubí


2011.09.04 Ròsa Ke-sera & Rubí at FCI Euro Dogshow 2011 Leeuwarden – NL


gos datura Rubí

Our very own “española”gos datura Rubí Our very own “española”


Even though both girls are rather young for such a – mostly with many exhibitors – exposition, we found it necessary to be there. No sooner said than done. Left home extreemly early, arrived timely and hurray.
For once they did not have toshow at approximately the same time in different rings, but we had more than enough time in between.

Rubí was the first of both and also rather fatst to have to enter the ring and she managed to convince the judge of her beauty and breed-specifics and therefore not only made Exc 1 CAC CACIB BOB, but now also is FCI European Champion 2011 and because she in another special show also had won a CACIB > she now also is FCI Centenary Show. Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful.

Then it was Ròsa Ke-sera's turn, so we moved all our stuff to the other ring. Here we for many reasons had no expectations what so ever to achieve the same kind of success, and indeed we were happy to receive Exc 1 in the Intermediate Class. Doesn't matter a bit, our little witch means not a penny less to me. So that they know.


2011.07.09 Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí give the best birthday – presents
Ròsa Ke-sera en Rubí. It's true. The day thereafter you take them to the CAC show in Mons – Belgium and there also both were BOB/

Rubí in the Ring of Honour was presented by someone else and she made perfectly clear not to appreciate this and that she wanted to be with us Ròsa Ke-sera in the Ring of Honour was selected to the 6 best of Group I. 4 were to be placed and she left the ring as nr 5 It was a real “girls-day-out”. For our “best-man-around” Hijo stayed with his girlfriend the labrador Laïka.

The girls attracted a lot of attention and there even were people who thought that there were no Schapendoezen in Belgium/ Well: there are, also in Belgium. Don't you also think my little ones give nice birthday-presents.


2011.07.09 Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí this time were in Bremen


2 tired ladies2 tired ladies


Dogs like mine bring you to all kinds of places. This time it was Bremen -Germany, it even was a double show. Both were entered, Ròsa Ke-sera to try and win a few German points but Rubí already had more than enough points, isn't old enough for the title yet but being there why not participate .

The others of our dog-family once again functioned as an enthousiastic supportersteam. Together they attracted many people. There was so much interest.

And did the weekend bring what was hoped for. More than that Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí on the 1st day both were Best of breed = BOB.

Ròsa Ke-sera also won an International point in a third country, wonderful Rubí had already done so elsewhere. Both now have more than enough International points but are not yet old enough to be able to ask for the International title.

In our hotel other guests had heard of our double day-victory and spontaniously treated on a glas of sekt > wasn't that nice. You can be sure the dogs were not forgotten: they all had a delicious bone as a treat.

The 2nd day Rubí repeated her succes of the day before and Ròsa Ke-sera was 2nd bitch, once again with the so hoped for German point > she now already has 4. Our two “ little ones ” once again were grand.


2011.07.09 Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí were in Paris 


allmost empy-handed but did defend the Dutch honourallmost empy-handed but did defend the Dutch honour 

… and are glad to be home again.

Both girls did very well.
She was entered in the Champions Class, there were 5 bitches and in spite of her very young age of only 24 months she was awarded Excellent 3: she had to let 2 much older, very adult and mature bitches go before her. And that is okay.

As far as Ròsa Ke-sera is concerned: it was her only chance with the Youth so she hád to try. But what a burden she wore on her young and thin shoulders. Being the only Dutch representative of the 34 entered Schapendoezen -a Dutch breed –  shé had to defend and hold high the honour of The Netherlands.

Inconprehensible and astounding Ròsa Ke-sera however showed herself supergood – but to the great disappointment of many – was to leave the ring with only Excellent 2, making her Reserve Youth World Champion 2011.

This show was very expensive, in every way, but a souvenir apparently was to much to ask for. And as far as we are concerned the show itself, organised etc like it was we don't need, it was awfull It above all was nice to once again meet with acqaintances from far away, to chat and boast about our beauties.

2011.06.18+19 Litter-evaluation and Clubmatch Clubmatch in Alsfeld – Duitsland 

Schapendoes litter

Schapendoes litter


Finally the moment has arrived: they already are 16 months old and the little miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo & Mistral will be evaluated.
I have chosen to have it done in Germany, the judge is mrs Anne-Marie Beenen- Sluijters.

10 puppies and only 1 couldn't come because of her owners work and at the last moment 1 had to cancel because of her owner being ill. So 5 males and 3 bitches made their appearace. Because they already were 15+ months old, an inventarisation was part of the program. And they came out really, really well.

The general litter-evaluation (translated from German) is as follows:
The males are about top-size, but harmonious homogene good coats (one is a little woolly), all are well built, very thin ears all are typical males.

The bitches are better sized all very feminine, well built.

At this moment Ròsa Ke-sera is best bitch and Rago Ke-sera best male.

During the verbal explanation the judge said to be very pleased with what she saw and felt, that it is a very homogene litter with real males and bitches, all well built with good coats, thin ears, complete teeth, good and excellent movement.

Proud and happy (someone said I was smiling from one ear to the other).

Because everyone but one was staying in the hotel for several nights, we at night were able to celebrate this wonderfull result during our cosy “family-dinner”.

If you ask me, our little miracles have super owners, who also were willing to make this day possible for us: Thank you very much.

For once I entered all 4. And they didnt do bad at all: in spite of the wheather (for a real Cocódot doesn't like the rain).

All 4 were placed:

  • Cocó: in Veteran Class Bitches> Exc 4 
  • Hijo: in Honorary Class Males > Exc 2 
  • Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo: in Honorary Class Bitches > Exc 1 
  • Ròsa Ke-sera: in Youth Class Bitches ( 18 ) > Exc 2 
  • Her sister Ravi Ke-sera (Intermediate Class) was also placed: Exc3 

So nothing one can complain about.




14.06.2009 – 2011 Congratulations




The Cocódotjes- / Schapendoesfamily and her breeder embraze and congratulate their Gos d'Atura Català family-member Rubí ( Gala's Arubí Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó ) with her 2nd birthday.




Her brothers and sisters Zenzi, Chica, Barça, Beer, Izara and Perro we also wish a very happy birthday and we hope they will be spoiled rotten by their present owners. Happy birthday.

Imagine getting boared
They had a busy weekend, my young ladies. First Ròsa Ke-sera had a an appearance in Arnhem and she really showed herself só well. The judge awarded her Exc 1 CAC CACIB + BOB.
And her – brief – evaluation ... wow > as an exception (the translation) below:
“elegant bitch, excellent in coat and colour, beautifull head, first class topline, first class movement”.
The judge in the Ring of Honour thought otherwise for there we were done very fast.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


And then the whole family went to Lommel in Belgium for both young ladies now are old enough ánd they had the same judge, so no problems in showing them.

It was Rubí's turn first and she received Exc 1 CAC BOB A little later it was Ròsa Ke-sera's time to perform and  also Exc 1 CAC BOB So both won their first Belgian point. The Ring of Honour was a true drama, for ofcourse I was allowed to only show one of them and had help with Rubí > who decided to bark, pull and only wanted to be with me and Ròsa Ke-sera, who on the rebound also started dancing. And for that you have to stay so late. But, leaving that last part out of consideration, both days were top days.

Ladies: thank you só much. 

Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí went flying to Madrid Spain

Rubí and RòsaRubí and Ròsa


Both young ladies there participated in the shows on 20 and 21.05.2011. And how This time Rubí had to be satisfied with twice Exc 1 and the very complimentary words of both judges + several there present Spanish breeders. This in the land of heritage of course is grand and something to be proud of and happy with. As if that yet wasn't the case.

But then our little one Ròsa Ke-sera on both days won Best Bitch with Exc 1 CAC CACIB. This made her Spanish Champion and FCI Madrid Century Winner 2011.

May 6 and 8 in Dortmund – Germany Some weekends just can't get any better


Rubí and RòsaRubí and Ròsa


As last weekend: May 6 and 8 in Dortmund – Germany
Rubí as well as Ròsa were entered for the shows on both days. And they did só well.

Friday May 6 we started with showing Rubí, this time in Intermediate Class. She was awarded Exc 1 and also made 2nd Bitch, so: double VDH-points, ResCAC ResCACIB.

Then it was time for Ròsa Ke-sera who - in spite of being only 15 months and 5 days – was entered in the Intermediate Class > to try and win her first Adult German points. And she did. She also was awarded Exc 1 and received double VDH-points.

Then came Sunday May 8: the FCI Century Show.
This time things didn't go that smooth because the judging took place in different halls, in rings as far apart as possible and for both breeds the judging started at 9.00.
Thanks to the help of helpfull German exhibitors who came to warn us when it was almost our time, it at first was Rubí's turn. And how. For I had entered her in Champion Class even though she was only 22 months old. But Rubí was só good and was awarded Exc 1, received double VDH-points CAC CACIB and was BOS. That result made her FCI Century Winster 2011.

After that it was time for Ròsa Ke-sera to show what she was worth, this time in Youth Class. And she also was awarded Exc 1 with a VDH-Youthpoint. This result made her FCI Century Youth Winster 2011. Both my little ones – just as the others are – were super.
Ofcourse as allways the support and presence of their loyal supporters-team – concisting of Cocó, Hijo and Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo – contributed to their success.

2011.04.16 – Cocódotjesfamily in Italy
After wondering what to do for some time – because of the distance, for it is 1144 km -to go yes or no- I on closure-date (in fact, just after) entered all 4 Cocódotjes and 1 of Ròsa Ke-sera's sisters in the 1st Italian Club Match in Monzambano – Italy.

We more or less felt obligated to do so on behalf of both the breeder and the owner of Ròsa Ke-sera's daddy. On Italian territory and an Italian judge + assuming that the majority of the participants would be of very good Italian descent, we set out with the hopeful thought “ to at least be placed”.

After having a night-over in a wonderful B&B, we went to the show-location > not to be found. At a certain moment I saw a car pass by with a bench in the back and I decided to follow them and finally there. We parked the car, said hello to everyone and put up the benches and puppyfence next to the car we were ready for whatever was coming.

Hijo was the first to show what he was worth: in the Champion Class with 3 other males > Exc 2 for “he had a too happy tail” (what else can you expect with a bitch in season close by), but he was placed Great.

Then, as the 1st of my ladies, Ròsa Ke-sera made her entry: Youth Class, 8 bitches > Exc 2, the judge preferred another face. But also placed.




As 3rd of the family it was Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo's turn: Champion class, 6 bitches. We walked round after round after round, but in the end she was placed Exc 1.

Really After a while she had to return for Best Bitch, chosen from the 1st out of Intermediate-, Open- and Champion Class. That's when that sweet judge really made us walk. It never seemed to end At a certain moment I said “I am so exhausted, I am getting a little old”. He said “me too”. I answered “but you don't have to walk these rounds”. Everyone had to laugh. But after a while he made up his mind and then Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo was Best Botch. This didn't mean that we were done however, for Cocó still had to be shown in Veteran Class > Exc 1 Best Veteran Bitch.

They went straight on to the decision of the Best Veteran in Show > Cocó was Best Veteran in Show and therefore Italian Club Veteran Winner 2011.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Me proud-proud-proud and our golden-oldie was having fun.
But then it was time for the “Grande Finale”. Between Best Bitch Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and Best Male: another handsome Italianmale I was already very happy with Cocó's results, so whatever was to be decided was fine with me.

But then Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo was BOB and also Italian Club Winner 2011.

With her in my arms I danced and danced and I kept kissing her.

After a foto-session with the Winners we thought we were done, but then the mayor made her appearance and another photo-session had started. I found that not only we should be the ones getting photographed, but also the BOS (best male) and his family. We all did it, didn't we. We’ve been spoiled with loads of gifts > the car was almost too small.

That night, all victories were celebrated at the show-location with a group of very nice people. I never had so much fun at a Club Match with such friendly people before. I wish to, once again, compliment Giusi Saggiatori and the rest of the organization with – so short after founding the Italain Schapendoes Club – such an exceptionally well organized Club Match > the more for it also was wíth being able to award CAC's.

Sincere compliments and thank you for a wonderful experience.


After a day’s work it is lovely to lie down to rest, especially on such a nice bedAfter a day’s work it is lovely to lie down to rest, especially on such a nice bed


Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí did it again 10 april 2011
On this lovely and sunny spring-day we went to the Dog Show in Oldenburg – Germany.

Yes, with all 5: 3 as supporters and 2 to participate. Okay, for Ròsa Ke-sera it wasn't really necessary, already being a German Youth Champion, but as Rubí is working for the Adult Title ánd we – for both breeds – had the same judge, I decided to have her hobble along for fun. And did they “hobble” well. You may say so. Although expectations weren't great. We happened to have a really severe Russian judge who, just about gave Very Good or Good to every second dog entering the ring and Rubí was 2nd in her Class and Ròsa Ke-sera was 2nd to enter as a Schapendoes > oh-oh, we thought, wonder if this will go well.

But, in Oldenburg my 2 little stars both shone extreemly bright, for:

  • Ròsa Ke-sera was awarded 1 Exc, Anw VDH Jugend in Youth Class 
  • Rubí 1Exc was awarded VDH Anw + CAC in Intermediate Class and

Both were BOB and made me the happiest woman there.


schapendoes and gos d'atura catalàschapendoes and gos d'atura català


Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí also were in Berlin – Germany April 3 – 2011
Yes, indeed: they had anopther job to do. But this time we also met up withe people who have a puppy of our handsome male Hijo and Ròsa's sister Mientje also came to see us again. So, already only for these reasons it was to be a very nice day.

And if one then can leave the Ring with pleasing results the day ofcourse can't be spoiled by anything. Did the 2 ladies do well? Yes, they did Ròsa Ke-sera was awarded 1 Exc JCAC Anw VDH Jugend in Youth Class.

Rubí was our star of the day > 1Exc in Intermediate Class VDH Anw CAC CACIB BOB. As one can understand this needed to be celebrated.




2011.03.26 Hijo puppies are born
Once again new little miracles were born. This time Hijo has offspring with a lady called Polar. Born were 6 puppies: 5 lads and 1 girl.


Schapendoes puppiesSchapendoes puppies


We wish them to grow up to healthy and very loving dogs and get to go to homes where they will be loved as much as I do my darlings.


Leiden/Hazerswoude - 2011.03.19 > Ròsa Ke-sera you are the best
Our little witch Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó participated in the Leiden-NL show.

This time it was all up to her to uphold the family-honour. For Rubí this time didn't participate: she already has enough points for the Dutch adult title, but is still to young to finish for it. So, all eyes were on Ròsa Ke-sera, even though Rubí had no complaints about a lack of attention, on the contrary But our Ròsa Ke-sera did só well. After first – out of 3 – becoming Best Youth Bitch and receiving a Youth-CAC, she had to re-appear for Best Bitch. Well, you can really say she had to work for it For the judge – also on behalf of a trainee – had us on the move for many rounds, Ròsa Ke-sera up front, proud and walking beautifully. Finally she decided for Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó as Best Bitch. Wow.


Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's CocóRòsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó


March 6 – 2011 Ròsa and Rubí can't be ignored not even in Groningen – NL
Both ladies once again had a job to do: this time the dogshow in Groningen – NL.

And as usual both had competition. Already at the entrance we were warned for “Rubí's judge”: the day before he had mainly given Very Good, Good and even Moderate. So scary. And indeed: it also started like this today But no worry: Rubí's sister Gala's Amiga Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó was awarded Exc 1 in Open Class and our Rubí Exc 1 in Champion Class.

Rubí was also awarded the full CACIB and resCAC > wonderfull results.


Gos d'AturaGos d'Atura


Then it was time for our Schapendoes-baby to perform. Ròsa Ke-sera was entered in Youth Class and had competition of 3 other bitches. But here also no need te worry: the judge also awarded her Exc 1 and her 3rd YouthCAC and on top of it all: a really memorable evaluation.

This also made Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó a Dutch Youth Champion.
As if that wasn't enough: in the final judging she made 2nd Bitch of Breed end so she also received the ResCAC. As is to be understood we are súper-happy and the journey home was passed singing out loud.


schapendoes schapendoes


2011.02.18 O Hijo
After an official getting-acquainted-walk in november 2010 the engagement was a fact.
On January 20 and 21 our dear handsome Mannetje/Hijo had another “ladies-visit”. At home this blauwschimmel Schapendoesbitch is called Polar(tje).

Today the ultrasound gave away that their encounter was productive and that around coming March 23 we excpect puppies. We congratulate Hijo & Polar and her owner Lisette.


Hijo & PolarHijo & Polar


2011.02.13 Ròsa & Rubí in Rheinberg – Duitsland
What else is there to day on a Sunday afternoon but participate in a Dog Show.

This time – aofcourse with loyal supporters – we travelled to Rheinberg in Germany. Yes: once again Rubí and Ròsa were the ones who wanted to show how pretty they are. But my goodness; it rained Very Goods and goods even Puppies were sent home with. Not very promising. So we didn't enter the ring expecting a high ranking. And indeed: Rubí was not very much appreciated and was to leave the ring with 2VG Ròsa then still had to have her turn.

But how different did that go. With competition Ròsa was awarded 1Exc, Youth CAC and Anw VDH.
This made her Rheinland Youth Sieger and German Youth Champion.


Ròsa schapendoes Ròsa schapendoes

06.02.2011 1st—birthday-Schapendoes-puppywalk 


Schapendoes benchSchapendoes bench


Finally we were to see eachother again. This time as well to celebrate the 1st birthday of the Schapendoes-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo & Mistral. In spite of what the wheatherforcast, it stayed dry, the wind however was rather stormy. 6 of the 10 puppies were present: Riko, Kalou, Snoopy, Mientje, Saar and Ròsa > due to winter-holiday, distance and a party the others couldn't join us. But 6 out of 10 isn't bad at all.

From our own doggy-family only great-grandma Cocó and Ròsa were present. The kind “young masters” of Kalou once again prepared a nice snack foor all the dogs. Immediatly it was clear that everyone was really crazy with their dog, that all dogs had grown considerably and that they have beautifull heads and already really adult coats. Each of them is happy and free, active and naughty as should be.

I received heavenly kisses and don't need to wash: they took care of that.


02.02.2011 Wow Rubí
The 1st of February already being a festive day due to the birthday of the 10 Schapendoes-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo from now on that day is even more special I just received an envelope from the Raad van Beheer: de HD-results of Rubí Gala's Arubí Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó Catalan Sheepdog Rubí can now write behind her name the more than fantastic valuation with registrationdate.

2011.02.01, of HD-A, Norberg-value 40, Bone-deviation 0 It couldn't be better. Our beauty on her blond long legs is also okay on the inside.


Gala's Arubí Van Hoefflaecken's CocóGala's Arubí Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó


01.02.2010 – 01.02.2011 


Schapendoes and Gos d'AturaSchapendoes and Gos d'Atura


Birthlady, greatgrandma Cocó, grandpa Hijo, mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo & sister Ròsa Ke-sera + Rubí and ofcourse Gala congratulate Riko, Mientje, Gijs, Kalou, Snoopy, Barny, Puck, Rani and Saar with their 1st birthday.
The year has flown by and we now are looking forward to our “birthday-walk” next Sunday.


2011.01.15 – Waalwijk: our little witch Rosa is it in her genes?
For many years now we are a member of KV Waalwijk: a very friendly, active Dog Club which every year organises a CAC-worthy Club Match. And every year again with an excellent International panel of judges. We always participate. So: this year too (even though we did think about going to Genk).

Rubí was the only Gos d'Atura Català, was awarded 1Exc in the Breeders-class and so was BOB.

6 Schapendoezen were entered, 4 of them being mine Hijo was awarded 1Exc and was Best Male/BOS. Cocó and Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo also were awarded 1Exc, each in their own class. Cocó in the Ring of Honour was even placed nr 4 with the Veterans. But Ròsa was also awarded 1Exc in the Breeders-class and was also BOB.

Really, it's true, our little witch who did not at all want to be in the show and who absolutely did not properly want to show her movement but bounced around was highly appreciated. In the evaluation she was called “a bouncer” and “full of the joy of spring”. And in case you think that was it. Oh no Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó – in spite of her bouncing around – was placed nr 10 in Groep I.



Afterwards and almost at home we stopped the car to go for a well deserved walk in the woods. This is how both our showgirls Rubí & Ròsa then look.