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Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco

Closure of showyear 2012
And how A daughter of Rubí was entered in Wijchen and we had promised to come and be a supporter. But “just being a supporter” isn't really our thing, so we also entered mama Rubí and – we were there, so why not – we entered Hijo in Veteran Class. Ròsa Ke-sera came along as supporter.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


And you won't believe it but Rubí's daughter didn't show up. Her owner decided to go to a Christmas market instead. Really. So there we were.
That being the case: the show. We started of with the Schapendoezen and it was Hijo's turn as male nr 4 to show his qualities: well, the judge was very, very content with him Hijo not only received a very complimentary evaluation and a Veteran qualification but he was also made Best Male and Best Veteran of Breed.

It took hours before it was time for Rubí to be presented. This time by someone else: he so much for one time wanted to show a Gos, so I said okay 5 Gossos were entered, 1 male and 4 bitches, 1 bitch absent. The 3 other bitches all in Championclass. But Rubí once again made my heart overflow with pride. For not only did she win the Championclass with an excellent evaluation, she also made Best Bitch and also made BOB = Best of Breed Isn't this all a super closure of once again an extreem good showyear?

12.12.12 great puppy-news
On the day, in the media called “the day of love": 12.12.12 Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo was in Utrecht for a check-up and an ultra-sound. Earlier than we usually do, but she truely is pregnant. The coming little Cocódotjes-miracles now still look like small scorpions, the hearts still are no more than a few cells, but we noticed several “heartbeats”. Now we have to sit and wait 'till the big day is there.




1st-birth day-puppywalk R-litter Rubi
took place the Sunday after their birthday. Present were 4 of the 6 puppies, 1 bitch is living in Dubai and the owner of 1 other bitch was unable to come. To our luck we had dry weather, due to the wind coming from the east it however was very cold. Halfway Family Pip treated us on banketstaaf and either hot chocolate milk or Gluhwein: a very welcome surprise. Thanks again.

The puppies and mama Rubi enjoyed themselves chasing eachother and other dogs around and afterwards were unrecognizable and not to be touched: dirty. The coffee around the open fire on the terrace was well deserved.

Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


1st-birtday-puppywalk C-litter Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo
took place 1 day after their birthday It was a lovely dry autumn-day but with enough rain puddles to chase eachother through. And all puppies – except for our “foreigners”- were present. Together with their halfsister Ròsa Ke-sera they had a really good time which can be seen.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco

23 october 2012
Happy birthday Cocó & Hijo They both celebrate their birthday today. Yes, really: Hijo (2003) was born on his mother Cocó's birthday (1999).

Eurodogshow 2012 Rumania
We then found a new place to be as the Schapendoezen were shown in another Hall and Ring. Hijo was the first to be shown there and as a Veteran. The judge complimented us for his strong muscle structure, his clear eyes and strong and complete teeth. She not only made him a Rumanian Veteran Champion but also FCI Europian Veteran Champion 2012.

Then it was Ròsa Ke-sera's turn to show what she could do. Unfortunately our helper found it necessary to with Hijo go stand in full sight resulting in them barking to eachother and wanting to be together. That could very well have been the reason for her not to be placed 1st.

Ròsa Ke-sera made Rumanian Champion and Reserve FCI Europian Champion 2012. Please be assured our helper is still “alive and kicking”. As usual we again met up with a lot of our friends from “all over the world” and at night we celebrated the results of the day in good company with a good glass and a Rumanian meal. Even though glad to be home again.

News 3nd quarter 2012

After an easy and comfortable month of July, in which we made long walks and only did the nice things we felt like doing, we in August started showing again. Not that showing isn't / cannot also be good to do Rubí and Ròsa Ke-sera did very well and – sometimes by themselves, sometimes together – often managed to make BOB.
Wonderfull, fantastic, but also hard to handle for how do you present 2 dogs at the same time in the same Breed Group in the Ring of Honour? Luckely there are dear friends who then lend a helping hand.

Thanks for that.

But then the great surprise of this quarter was and is our machissimo Hijo. After our Cocó made German Veteran Champion ánd German Veteran Club Winner 2012, I thought: why not have a try with Hijo as a veteran in Germany. It has been years since he has been showed, he only did some Club Matches, always and/or if possible only in Honorary Class, just for fun and to give the offspring a chance to see him in action. But no worry: he hadn't unlearned and yes he was and is still “into it”: in Bremen – Germany he immediatly won his 1st German point.

And in Luxembourg he not only won Luxembourg Veteran Champion, he also was BOB of 18 Schapendoezen and was selected with the best 7 in the Veteran Group.

Then in Krefeld – Germany he topped that by being placed nr 3 in the Veteran Group.

In Gibraltar he also made BOB, Gibraltar Veteran Champion and was once again placed nr 3 in the Veteran Group. In the meantime he also won his 1st Dutch Veteran point and made 2nd Male. My machissimomio.




His mother Cocó by the way also made Luxembourg and Gibraltar Veteran Champion, his granddaughter, our “baby” Ròsa Ke-sera made International Champion and Champion of Germany, Belgium and Gibraltar.

Our Gos Rubí also made International Champion and Champion of Germany, Belgium, Gibraltar and – this time – also won the adult Luxembourg title.

Her daughter Racha made me as her breeder and her owner happy by winning the Gibraltar Youth Champion and receiving very good reports.



August also was a month in which a tough decision needed to be made: is our “Ròsa-baby” yes or no ready to have puppies or ... well “or” is what the decision is. She to me is still way too young in body and mind. She is allowed to stay our baby a little longer, we give her time.


Ròsa Ke-seraRòsa Ke-sera


Announced for the beginning of July but finally in September, Hijo had a female visitor. A pretty lady from Sweden had “asked for his hand”. As soon as they saw eachother “love was in the air”. So in November we hope to welcome into the world healthy Swedish/Dutch.













Because of the puppies of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and of Rubí, we last year were not able to visit our Spanish friends, so that needed to be taken care of.

As mentioned before: we combined this with a visit to Gibraltar where the whole bunch – except for Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo – participated in the shows.

A puppy of Rubí and her owner joined us.

  • The results: 
  • 2 x Gibraltar Champion, 
  • 2 x Gibraltar Veteran Champion, 
  • 1 x Gibraltar Youth Champion > more wasn't possible 
  • Besides that Hijo made 1 x BOB + nr 3 in Veteran Group 
  • Ròsa Ke-sera made 1 x Best Bitch + 1 x BOB 
  • Rubí made 1 x Best Bitch and once again received a qualification for Crufts 
  • Racha made 2 x Best Junior

Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


By being there we managed to see a lot of of our friends way down south again. We even had a visit from good German friends who have a son of Hijo.
But then it was traveling up north to meet our dear friends and to have some quality time. Did we travel from home with 6 dogs, going back it was with 7.

In Gibraltar I was asked to – due to illness – take home with me a French Bulldog of our friend Alberto Toledano (kennel Valdegoscan). Immediatly after coming home he was picked up by his Danish breeder Every time one experiences something new and unexpected, with us nothing is “standard”.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Now we are waiting for our little princess Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo to come into heat. For as I decided to wait with her daughter, she now is allowed to once again turn some male's head. We are looking forward to the coming winter and her healthy, beautifull new puppies.


Ke-sera de Cocó's HijoKe-sera de Cocó's Hijo


News .2012. 02.13 – 2012.06.30
Busy, busy, busy and then keeping up with everything is hard to do. So now we have to make up. What all have we experienced all this time: almost to much to mention.
Undermentioned our experiences, keep strolling down for it is quiet a summary: from the midst of February till the end of June, and classified per activity.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Another 2 titles.
Today we were at the International Show in Genk – Belgium. Ròsa Ke-sera as well as Rubí literally and figuratively gave their very best impression. Accompanied by a loyal supportersteam, this time consisting of Ròsa Ke-sera's grandpa Hijo and Rubí's daughter Racha, both ladies weer awarded with Exc 1, CAC CACIB and BOB And as “finishing touch “both ladies also made Champion of Belgium Isn't that wow!


Ròsa Ke-sera en RubíRòsa Ke-sera en Rubí


2012.06.24 Engagement
Yes, it's true: our “baby”, our little whitch is now officially engaged.
Beginning of this month we received the official approval for the proposed combination. Now it's waiting for nature to call. Below a foto of the good-looking couple.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


2012.06.24 German Schapendoes Clubmatch 2012

Entered all four / the Cocódotjes, whether showing them would be possible was wait and see. Also we entered 2 bitches and 3 males of the latest litter of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo. And ofcourse our youngest Gos d'Atura Català Rubí accompanied us as loyal supporter.

Before talking about whatever result, what a wonderfull and pleasant weekend it was.

Then participating: the 3 male puppies + 1 bitch puppy were placed, the other bitch had a broken leg but still was judged “Very Promising”.

We started with showing Hijo: Honorary Class – males , he was alone and placed nr 1. 

Then it was the turn of our old lady Cocó: in Veteran Class – bitches, she also was placed nr 1 and by doing so she made German Veteran Champion.

She was followed by Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo in Honorary Class – bitches and even though she after the puppies is not yet in shape and / or in coat, she was placed nr 2.

As last of my 4 our little whitch and last comer Ròsa Ke-sera was to appear in Champion Class, where she was to leave the ring with Exc. Later in the Ring of Honour Cocó had to compete with the Veteran-male for Best Veteran and she won. And now is German Veteran Club Winner 2012.

In Couple Class Hijo and his granddaughter Ròsa Ke-sera made nr 2. And last but not least we also participated in Progeny Group and won. 

Cocódotjes & Rubí Cocódotjes & Rubí


2012.06.23 ECVO-eyetest
This also we once again had done. First we were told it was not possible, that the vet's schedule was full, but later when I by chance bumped into her she asked why we this time didn't come and when I told her why she said “come on up, ofcourse you can”. So I quickly went to get Hijo, Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and – for the first time – Ròsa Ke-sera, gave copies of the Pedigrees, had their eyes dropped and shortly thereafter the eyes of all 3 once again were declared healthy. The eye specialist also had a look at the beautifull eyes of our old lady Cocó and even though her sight is getting less, she does not have cataract. Good news all over. 

2012.06.23 Litter-Evaluation C-litter Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo
Yes, we do so in Germany, with the German Schapendoesclub, where we also are a member. Of all 8 puppies there isn't 1 living in Germany, but 2 in Italy, 1 in Switzerland and 5 in The Netherlands.

Even though no-one made an issue of the distance and entered. All were there on the Friday before and it wasn't before Sunday-afternoon that at a certain moment one after the other went home again. Even our Swiss little lady with her broken leg was present. Oh, but then, comes the moment to have the litter evaluated As ours was the last to be done, I told everyone to go and have a good time so that the puppies didn't get bored, but to please be back in time. And everyone was. By then, I was getting really nervous for you só much want – as well as for yourselfe as for the owners of the puppies – the evaluation to be “top of the bill”.

Daddy Tobi's owner also was a nervous wreck. But whát a wonderfull evaluation we got.

Later that day and the next day I was congratulated with our litter by several breeders and also by a few judges there present. 


6 of the 8 puppies with their mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo. 6 of the 8 puppies with their mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo.


April, May and June 2012
Once Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and Rubí were without puppies, we started going to shows again. Mainly Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí. You can't win them all, but where-ever we were it went really well, except for 1 annoying incident in NL. So be it.

On the showpage you can find our results: nothing to complain about I would say. In these months the following titles were to be added to the individual lists:

  • German Veteran Champion 
  • German Veteran Club Winner 2012 

Ròsa Ke-sera:

  • The Netherlands 
  • Germany International Champion 


  • Germany International Champion 

Multiple times both young ladies also were BOB, sometimes even together.

2012.06.17 7-months-old-puppywalk R-litter of Rubí
All 6 puppies and their owners had promised to come and  all were present. And oh our Roebel-miracles have become só nice.
Truly beautiful “grandma-Gala”heads, good long legs, good coats in lovely colours, and súper caracters. All are heavenly naughty and active.

Rubí and my Schapendoes-male Hijo had a hard time controlling them somewhat. 


a “bench-foto” which also wasn't easily donea “bench-foto” which also wasn't easily done


April 2012

As we last year were very, very successfull in the Italian Schapendoes Club Match with Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo becoming Italian Club Winner 2011 and Cocó becoming Italian Veteran Club Winner 2011, we ofcourse had to at least show our faces.

Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and Rubí being so kind to just now be in heat, we had to make sure it bothered no males /no-one, and we succeeded in that.

We once again had a lovely weekend with a lot af friendly, welcoming people. And the food in a country like this cannot be anyting but delicious.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


March and April 2012
In these months we have visited all 14 puppies: 8 of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and 6 of Rubí. The puppy living closest by was at a distance of 35 km, but the one living furthest away was at a distance of 1560 km. So this time it was só a real job. Doesn't matter, this simply is our way, so it also needs to be done when one comes to live far away from us.

All puppies are doing really well, they all are living with very loving families, they also all have such loving caracters and are growing up prosperously. Real cuties that is what they all are: the 8 Cocodotjes-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo and the 6 Roebel-miracles of Rubí.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


2012.02.12 finally: the 2nd-birthday-walk with the R-litter of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Yes, finally the moment was there. Somewhat later than 02.01. We had to wait untill the puppies of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo as well as those of Rubí had left the house to start life with their new families, but then immediatly. Looking back the date couldn't have been better: wonderfull freezing wheather and snow. This also meant that some (who wanted to go skating) couldn't come with their dogs. But you can't have it all.

I was there with mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo, grandpa Hijo and litter-sister Ròsa Ke-sera.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Besides us there were 2 brothers and 2 sisters and also a young bitch from Hijo's last litter. In total 8 doggies. Greatgrandma Cocó stayed home for you can't let hér get wet and dirty – she hates that – and our Gos d'Atura Català Rubí kept her company.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Hijo and his 2 grandsons – the last 2 also wanted to make clear they now were “men” – made us aware of their voices and provided us with jungle-sounds, but lall in fact went really well. Wonderfull atmosphere, we all had time to inform end be informed, the dogs had the time of thier life in the snow and on the ice and afterwards their were warm drinks and something to eat in the Grand Café.


Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


Then everyone went home again, each one of us ofcourse with the most beautifull/handsome, sweatest and so on dog.

Van Hoefflaeckens CocoVan Hoefflaeckens Coco


2012.02.08 this is a messaga from Racha with love
Getting up yesterday morning, I looked at her and thought this cannot last too long for she is só cute, doing só well together withe the others, I am só falling in love with her.


Racha with the Coódotjes and mother RubíRacha with the Coódotjes and mother Rubí


A few hours later i was sitting in my chair, Racha lying next to me, the others al around me, coffee and the newspaper within reach and the phone rang. To keep a long story short: someone who once came here for help with combing one of their dogs, was interested. And wanted to come and see > ofcourse they could come But such a surprise, such a raid. They came in, they saw Racha, saw her play with mama Rubí and were smitten. So yesterday and this morning I spoiled her terribly, all the dogs ate what they liked best, we have been playing and cuddling unendlessly and after she needed to go outside at 05.30 am. She was allowed on the bed with me. After stretching a little, she crawled up beside me, put het little head on my arm, deep delighted sigh and fell asleep. And just now they came for her.

So my Racha also has her new family willing to love her and care for her, how wonderfull, how sad.

Stay happy Racha and let life be and stay a challenge for you.


Racha with mother RubíRacha with mother Rubí


2012.02.03 Racha a challenge
Rubí's Racha Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó, for Racha means challenge.




Very appropriate, for out of the blue the family who were to be her new owners, cancelled very shortly before coming for her. The challenge us being to also for her find what she deserves to have: a very loving family, where she is more than welcome, where she wil find an overflowing mass of love and where she herself will be allowed to make people happy and glad. Untill then she simply is part of our doggy-family. Which she is in full power.

From the first moment on when she was left as the last one of the litter that Thursday-afternoon January 26, she joins in with all that's being done, she eats aside to the others, is being combed in her turn, sits in a row with the others when they get their cookie at coffee-time, the same when I slice off their cheese and-so-on and-so-on. She sits when asked for, she knows to walk on a leish, from the 1st moment alone she is house-trained and does what needs to be done outside and she sleeps all through the night.

Now please do not think she is a sissy; very regularly she has her “crazy-5-minutes” during which she at a quick rate speeds through the room, hangs in Hijo's beard or jumps on mama Rubís back. 

But when I say “no” or “enough” or “behave”, it stops. And she can sleep beside me in my chair like a baby (what she is). Kissing she can do like no other.

So who feels challenged ...