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And then, before you know it it's December again. The last month of the year. Allways an exciting and busy month: Sinterklaas (you never know whether he will take you with him to Spain), Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. For us this time even more exciting than usual, for as you were able to read before: our Rubí was on a lovers-date . Normally we go for an ultrasound at appr. 4 ½ weeks but due to the holidays that this time wasn't possible. Will be one of the first things to do in the new year. A little crazy she already is though: constantly wants to lay on my lap, is very cuddly and can move around like crazy when in her doggy-bed.


our crazy Rubíour crazy Rubí


But what was going on with us this month.
Well, not very much, because we wanted to give Rubí some peace and quiet during the first weeks of her pregnancy, that's what we usually do at times like that. Neither did we have litter-walks this month, we did however have some lovely walks with families who have one of our miracles > also very nice to do, you then have a little more time for eachother.


proud Besos on a tree-stumpproud Besos on a tree-stump 

And as the wheather was só good, we were able to do some more work in the garden. We also felt for Besos her sister Saartje > she was spayed. The poor little girl at first was quiet upset – at this age they aren't yet used to anything of this kind – and on top of it the doctor dressed her up in a tight suit to avoid her touching the wound. But within no time she recovered and now she is to enter the new year as an – as we say “het”-Cocódotjes-miracle.


Saartje her suitSaartje her suit 

But then our little crumb Besos this month reached the age of 27 months In some countries, amongst them The Netherlands, you from that moment on can try and win your last point for the national title > that is if you by then have already won enough points. That being said > and done : she was entered for a show in Cuyk – The Netherlands, in spite of warnings concerning the judge, we decided to still give it a try. Besos already had 8 points (4 are needed) so a reserve would be sufficient for her. Upto now she all over has done só well - see shows – that you would think that to at the least be possible. Well it was a close shave. The warnings had been correct and the judgement was different as normaly to be expected but completely as was predicted. Unlike most of the other dogs – he to our luck found our Besos to “be worthy of the qualification Excellent and a reserve-point”. Doing so, she fullfilled the requirements for the Dutch Champion title Good girl she is.

She also showed her beauty in a show in Brussels – Belgium. Here she made BOS (Best Bitch), Belgian Winster 2015 and Benelux Winster 2015 Just like she did last year, but hen she – due to her age – also won the Junior titles. Let us just say that she by this performance got things straightened out again Once home she again was the lovely playfull little rascal we love so much.


playfull Besosplayfull Besos 

And ofcourse, as we are used to do, we at every possible moment had lovely walks in the woods in Hoevelaken, sometimes with all of the pack, sometimes with some of them and sometimes just with our little crumb Besos > quality time for the two of us, só needed.


Besos in the woodsBesos in the woods  

Our Roebeltje had another “ loversdate”. Finally our beautifull Gossos-lady Rubí made clear that it was time for another attempt for motherhood.

 Rubì & Fero both parents HD ARubì & Fero both parents HD A


Rubí and Fero Both parents HD-A.

End of December we will have an ultra-sound done If all goes well we expect the puppies end of January / beginning of February 2016.

Information and/or interested in a puppy? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Well, you could call this a month to remember. Why Did we perhaps have good times Indeed we did. And how. What all happened.
For starters on the 1st day of the month there was the 4th-birthday-litterwalk with the miracles of our Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo C-litter. It was an autumn-day to dream of “most wonderfull Dogs" and people enjoyed themselves Ke-sera and her offspring enjoyed the walk and eachother. Once again there was no trouble what-so-ever > all dogs behaved perfectly with eachother and towards others.
A “stranger” also joined us: a Briard called Does, the companion of our Does Kees, fitted in well.
Our Doeschka couldn't resist the water and all puppy-owners had time to have a chat. As usual with us we ended the litterwalk with a drink, a snack and some more chatting.


Doeschka couldn't resist the waterDoeschka couldn't resist the water

Together on a benchTogether on a bench


As our Gossos-lady Rubí still wasn't showing any signs of coming into heat, we directly hereafter quickly packed our bags, got into the car to once again take of on the long journey to our beloved Spain. This time we split the time up in two because our little crumb Besos was entered in two shows in Spain – Torre Pacheco. And how Twice she made Best of Breed and on the 2nd showday was liked so much by the judge that he placed her nr 3 in Group I > wow Súperproud ofcourse.


I Besos di Ròsa nr 3 on stageI Besos di Ròsa nr 3 on stage 

I assume everyone understands that we thereafter did not drive to our 2nd location, no we fléw there. There we had a most wonderfull week in an apartment on the beach with temperatures of appr. 23C. What else can you wish for in November.


On the terraceOn the terrace


And then it is time to drive back home and you are amazed about the many signs telling about border-controles and the heavily armed police and military. Did it have to do with the refugees. Not untill we were in our hotel near Paris it became clear what tragedy occured in Paris. Knowing this and with all the controles made traveling on the next day very uncomfortable. Final to our short holiday was the participation of our little crumb in a show in Kortrijk – Belgium. Not because she needed the point > she also here already has more than enough, not because she could win the Belgian title > no, she still is too young for that. But to try and win the Eurocup. Last year she here also made Best of Breed, but because she then still was a Junior she then was too young for this trofee. And as our other 6 all have won this trofee she ofcourse had to try too. And yes Now all 7 have have it.


Besos BOB with EurocupBesos BOB with Eurocup


Besos BOB again and with the Eurocup.
Did we this month take off with a birthday-litterwalk with Schapendoes we were to finish with the birthday-puppywalk with Gossos. On November 29 with the R-miracles of our Rubí.
They that day also were 4 years old. Sadly this litterwalk had to be cancelled, we will go for it in January '16.

2015.11.08 Happy birthday lady Gala
Happy birthday Lady Gala. Today this lady – our oh-so pretty dark-grey Gos Gala– celebrates her birthday. She today, like Hijo, is 12 years old. We all hope she has a wonderfull day together with her daughter Chica And hope to have her with us for many more happy and wonderfull years.



October 2015 
Oh this has been such a nice month. Life already is very pleasant due to my very own pack of adorables, but still. We once again experienced some nice happenings. And it is autumn. A lovely autumn, we enjoy the falling leaves to the fullest.



To start with we on October 4 had another “we-are-7-months-old”-litterwalk. Such a lovely day, such a nice group of people, such adorable doggies. Wondering what I am talking about. Well : about a lovely time spent with the M-miracles of our Ròsa Ke-sera. On October 04 – yes : on Dutch Animalday – we had our first litterwalk with them : the “we-are-7-months-old”-litterwalk. From the 9, 7 miracles and mama Ròsa Ke-sera were present. 1 miracle lives too far away, and from 1 miracle the owners were on holiday It was an absolute pleasure to see how well they responded to eachother and that they immediately interacted kind and loving and that they froliced around like crazy at times And yes: amongst them a few true waterlovers.


7 M-miracles with mama Ròsa Ke-sera in the middle7 M-miracles with mama Ròsa Ke-sera in the middle 

We shóuld have participated in a show in a-somewhat-far-away-country, but we didn't. Right now there is so much going on in the world that we decided to not take that risk. So we stayed home and enjoyed the lovely autumn-wheather > nothing wrong with that. Just enjoyed working in the garden, ofcourse regularly helped by my very own helpers.




And we on October 23 celebrated the 12th birthday of our present eldest. Our fantástic and one-and-only Hijo A wonderfull chap, our best-guy-ever, my “machissimo-mio”. Daddy to our Ke-sera de Cocó's Hjo > see one, you see the other Granddad to our Ròsa Ke-sera > oh, doesn't she love taking a nap close to him Great-granddad to our I Besos di Ròsa > there isn't anything he won't do to please her, and whatever she does > it's okay with him, even when she wants to sleep on top of him. We hope we will be allowed to enjoy him and who he is for many more years.

12 jaar12 jaar


September 2015 – part 2

my pretty fivemy pretty five


Such a wonderfull month September was to us. No, we don't mean the wheather for that was cold, now already. No, simply nice things happend to us. We ofcourse have already informed you about our very own I Besos di Ròsa's and her siblings' 2nd birthday and about the so nice 2nd-birthday-litterwalk we had but: there was more.


Saartje, Besos & CaraSaartje, Besos & Cara 

For one, there was Besos performing and showing at her best in a show in Luxembourg, like last year she again was Best Bitch (BOS) and won the Benelux Winner Lux-title, this time for 2015. Her great-granddad – who was in fact to blame for us entering – made Best Veteran and Benelux Veteran Winner Lux 2015 > by doing so he also fulfilled the requirements for Benelux Veteran Champion Our handsome chap.


Hijo and great-granddaughter Besos with their Luxembourge trofeesHijo and great-granddaughter Besos with their Luxembourge trofees 

Okay, you can call us silly, but once again we managed to gather enough courage to make the long drive to Gibraltar. Before that we took our Rubí to stay with “Family Pip”. We went to Gibraltar to participate in 2 shows with our Besos and to try to also with her – like with all our other dogs – win the Gibraltar Champion title. As she had just turned 2 years old, it was to be her first time in Open Class. Did she do well. Yes. She did (and wíth competition, even in her own class) But our little one did more : on day 1 she in the Ring of Honour was selected with the Best 6 of Group I. On day 2 wow. She then was placed Nr. 3 in Group I. Our pretty little star It was so funny to somewhere during the 1st day there have one of the judges walk up to me and say “You here too Did you happen to bring that doggy I like so much”. Our travelling-companion was the owner Rubí's Umago (Pancho).


Besos with her title trofeesBesos with her title trofees 

Since quiet some time our little star has won more than enough points to – amongst others – become a Dutch, Belgian and German Champion, but she still is too young for that. So we for a while won't be doing shows in these countries. But in Maastricht on one of the days the judge was a man who more than 11 years ago had judged great-granddad Hijo so it would be nice to also show him Hijo's great-granddaughter. Well, that's how you land back on your feet again after that wonderfull Gibraltar-experience, for we didn't make more than a second place. Let's just say, it keeps you alert.


De Happy fiveDe Happy five 

Then, before you know it, it is the last day of the month and what's more: our princess Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo was to be operated on. Never before has this lady – nor any of our other girls for that matter – had problems like fake-pregnancies. She had her 3rd and last litter when she was 6 ½ years old and ever since no problems either. But she turned 8 years old, became a veteran and twice since then she had bad fake-pregnancies. It takes so much energy away from her that something needed to be done about it. Due to her age – she now is 9 ½ – waiting any longer was irresponsible as anaesthesia with older animals – and especially with a Schapendoes – is tricky no, better to have it done now. So I with pain in my heart took her to the Vet > see her on the couch at home now. We will take very good care of her and spoil her, so she will be good-old Ke-sera again soon.


Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo get well soonKe-sera de Cocó's Hijo get well soon


September - part 1  Lot's of Besos for Besos!

Today our youngest and oh, so sweet Besos celebrates her 2nd birthday.


I Besos di Ròsa – 2 years old alreadyI Besos di Ròsa – 2 years old already 

Today – exactly on the day they celebrate their 2nd birthday – we had our 2nd-birthday-litterwalk with the miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera's I-litter. As usual at Kasteel Groenevelt where to our schock a big, big market was held, so : busy, busy, busy and try and park somewhere else. This time mama Ròsa Ke-sera could not be present. Of the 6 miracles, 3 were present : ofcourse our very own Besos and her sisters Icara di Ròsa (Cara) and Iduña di Ròsa (Saartje), 2 miracles simply live too far away and the owners of one of the miracles had other obligations. But never the less we had a very nice walk, the wheathergods being on our side were helpfull too.


Saartje, Besos & CaraSaartje, Besos & Cara


July en August


My beautiful 5My beautiful 5


And then it is July once again, And in July Ròsa Ke-sera's M-miracles became 4 months old so time to go pay them a visit, So that is what we did during July upto mid-August, traveling all through the country ánd abroad to see whether all was in good order, to hear if there were questions and to helpout there where necessary. But: no worry. All M-miracles have found loving famlies that adore them.


Ròsa Ke-sera's M-miracles 8 weeks oldRòsa Ke-sera's M-miracles 8 weeks old 

Very nice to do and what we had been looking forward to for quiet a while: once again taking our oldest Gos-lady Gala to a show > the mama of our Rubí and best friend to our just as old Schapendoes-male Hijo > both will be 12 years old in about a month > it goes way too fast But then came the show > what a disaster. We so much want to also with her win the Dutch Veteran title and tried to do so / finish it in Rotterdam: the city/show where she years ago showed with us for the first time. We had already been warned by people who had shown the day before that there was some very strange judging going on. And yes. Upto now Gala from the start always made BOB (Best of Breed) or BOS (Best Opposite Sex). But apparently you have to become 12 years old to get your first VG (very good). Really The judge said that that was because she looked like a Veteran Indeed: in Veteran Class. The ringstaff – who all know how well we always do in shows – found it hard to hand out to me the paperwork and even apologised > isn't that sad.


beautiful Veteran Galabeautiful Veteran Gala 

Our youngest Schapendoes-lady Besos in August presented herself excellently in shows in Germany and Luxembourg and made BOB (Best of Breed) and BOS (Best Oppposite Sex). In Luxembourg she for the 2nd time won Benelux Winner Lux '15. Even though being Best Bitch she did not become Luxembourg Champion > for that you have to win in Champion Class for which she is still too young. Too bad.


Hijo and his great-granddaughter BesosHijo and his great-granddaughter Besos 

Her great-granddad Hijo also participated and made Best Veteran, Benelux Vet Winner Lux '15 and by dong so made Benelux Veteran Champion. Isn't he just splendid. The judge found him to be amazingly fit and vital for his age and with still a complete set of teeth > she thanked me for showing him. Such a difference to what happened to Gala in Rotterdam.

Once again it was time to have the eyes checked of the Schapendoes-family. The so called ECVO-eyetest (valid for 1 year), one of the obligatory health checks needed to be done for this breed. This time more exciting than usual for after all Hijo is now getting on in years and secondly because it was the first time for Besos and one never knows. But we are happy to be able to say that all was well and they all came out with an “all free”-result.


the Cocódotjes once again “all free” after the eyetestthe Cocódotjes once again “all free” after the eyetest 

Ah well. What else is there to tell. Well: another one of our offspring has been tested for HD. This time a son from the U-litter of our Rubí. And yes HD-A. He too.


Rubí's Umago (Pancho) also HD-ARubí's Umago (Pancho) also HD-A 

During both summer months a lot of our miracle-owners sent us foto's and stories about their súper-holidays with their miracle. Thank you all for doing that Shortly we will have a few litter-walks : I am already looking forward to that.


Besos greets some horsesBesos greets some horses 

Happy birthday
Today 2015.07.18 on "Nelson Mandela-day" our little princess Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo celebrates her 9th birthday. 



Mei en Juni

May and June 2015 June turned out to be a very special kind of month.


my beautiful 5my beautiful 5 

First of all there ofcourse was the tension whether our Rubí would again please the world with new Gossos-miracles > well no, not this time: the ultrasound showed that that would not be the case. So, it will be a summer just for us and we will try again for new Gossos-miracles in november.


Rubí mournsRubí mourns  

End of May our youngest Schapendoes-lady Besos for the first time got acquainted with the aviation-world > she did that real well, no sign what-so-ever of tension, she handled it just as relaxed as the other 4 generations and the Gossos did. Damper on the joy about that, was that we immediately after arriving on the airport – at the hotel's shuttlebus – were robbed of our big bag with all our personal items and paperwork etc.

What a hell of arranging-situations you then enter. First of all you have to make a declaration > only the 4th police-station was willing to take it but far worse was that our Besos was not allowed in the police-station. And that in the – by then – middle of the night So our little one was out there in the very dark with some strange officer who did not want to do that at all. Didn't feel good I can tell you. And then the next day the embassy. Please be aware: the embassy does not do anything for animals > it took quiet some effort to get an emergancy-passport for me (for after all I could not be identified) but Besos had to go find out for herself. Because also were stolen Besos her leish and my coat. I during 4 days walked her on the belt of the doorman of the hotel and the desk-clerk borrowed me a coat. It wasn't untill we a few days later were to fly back, that I knew whether Besos could or could not also fly back, but to our luck Transavia was very tolerant and understanding. Hooray. By the way: no bad words about Transavia > a few days after coming home they had delivered a beautifull bouquet and a day after that a perfume-gift-card came by the mail. Very attentive, especially as they after all had nothing to do with it. To soften all our suffering, Besos in Madrid did win her 1st Spanish point and once again could sign up for BOB > are brave little starlet.


Besos, our pretty girlBesos, our pretty girl 

Sadly, Besos is pretty traumatised by all what happened in Madrid and we noticed that at the shows we attended after that > she was entered for the Clubmatch in Germany and the WDS in Milan + the Clubmatch in Italy. Even though she every time won her class and had to compete for Best Bitch, she had to be satisfied with a Reserve for she, as soon as another person enterd the ring, panicked and all she then wanted was to get away. Well, that doesn't benefit the judgements being made. Last but not least: she the night after the 2nd day in Milan got so ill that we needed medical help and for that reason decided to not attend the Italian Clubmatch but go straight home as soon as possible after treatment. She stayed ill for quiet some time: tests showed that she at the WDS caught a contagious bacterial infection – she now is on the way to recovery. We did go on showing, in Germnay as well as in Belgium and even though she every time won – 1 x Best Bitch and 2 x BOB – but she did that based on her quality, not for showing well. We hope for the best.


poor, ill Besospoor, ill Besos 

As almost-closure of the month we on June 28 had our 6th-birthday-puppywalk of the litter of our Gossos-lady Gala. Next to her were present her daughters Rubí (Gala's Arubí), Chica (Gala's Alegría) and her son Perro (Gala's Aradí) + 3 miracles from the 2 litters of her daughter Rubí: from her 1st litter Pip (Rubí's Raiyah) and from her 2nd litter Novi (Rubí's Ucucada) and Charlie (Rubí's Udalí): 3 generations beautifull and very loving Gossos > together. And Gala, still looking amazingly good for an almost 12 years old lady. It was a very enjoyable walk with good catering from “Family Pip“. Thanks to all owners – from Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands – for being there.


3 generations Gos on a bench

3 generations Gos on a bench  beautiful old lady Galabeautiful old lady Gala


So what now; well, all appointments have been made to during July go visit the puppies from our Ròsa Ke-sera's M-litter: they are now 4 months old and that is what we then do. So once again no time to get bored.

Our Roebeltje had another “ loversdate”. Much sooner than expected our beautifull Gossos-lady Rubí made clear that it was time for another attempt to motherhood Possibly the recent litter of her Schapendoes”sister” Ròsa Ke-sera played a part. We hope for puppies en of July.


Rubi & Canyo

Both parents HD-ARubi & Canyo Both parents HD-A 


My own Schapendoezen I - indirectly - have thanks to him. And therefore also my Gos d'atura Català. The offspring they produced and who make many people happy, are there also thanks to him.



March Birth

Extreemly happy I, the owner /breeder, and (great-great-grandmotherCocó), great-grandfather Hijo, grandmother Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo, mama Ròsa Ke-sera, halfsister I Besos di Ròsa and the “aunties” Gala & Rubí announce the birth of 9 new Cocódotjes-miracles.


the 9the 9


On Monday 2015.03.02 were born the 9 Cocódotjes-miracles: our M-litter 9 Cocódotjes-miracles 

Another no-problems-pregnancy for Ròsa Ke-sera, just feeding her was a problem ever since the 2nd week: nothing she took willingly. The birth gave no problem what so ever and took her a total of 12 hours : once again in wonderfull coöperation. Because our Besos, after the first 2 puppies were born, got terribly upset about the sounds they made, the rest of the doggy-family this time could not stay in the room all the time, but as soon as the birthing-proces was done the doggy-family was re-united and now Besos no longer has a problem with the sounds. The puppies as well as their mum have had a medical check-up and were judged 'healthy, beautifull puppies, all puppies drink very well and are doing fine.


we welcomed: 6 handsome boys and 3 pretty girlswe welcomed: 6 handsome boys and 3 pretty girls 


This month we finish in the hope to  in a few days  and after a not to heavy delivery, be able to welcome healthy Cocódotjes-miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera Everything and everyone is ready: the birtbox, mummy and the complete Cocódotje-family.


the complete familythe complete family 

28 february Groningen NL

On February 28th great-granddad Hijo and his great-granddaughter Besos were entered in the Martini Dog Show in Groningen NL. We could go there because we had 2 very loving babysitters for our very pregnant Ròsa Ke-sera. Going there in fact was only about trying to become Best Bitch with Besos, for doing so she would win the Benelux Winster NL '15 title. Because doing so she would also make Benelux Champion.

Okay: 17 Schapendoezen were enterd ánd present. We had a very critical judge who made some rigorous critiques. Hijo however made Best Veteran Males and also Best Veteran. Doing so he won the Benelux Veteran Winner NL '15 title > super, him being almost 12 And Besos was.
I can't find the words to express First she made Excellent 1 in Intermediate Class (4 dogs), then she as hoped for Best Bitch. With CAC and CACIB and made BOB. She now also has 4 International points in 3 countries under 4 judges.

So Besos won Benelux Winster NL '15 and doing so .. now also is Benelux Champion In the Ring of Honour she took her success 1 step further by in the Dutch Breeds Group be placed NR 1.


Hijo now also Benelux Veteran Winner NL '15Hijo now also Benelux Veteran Winner NL '15

Besos BOB + Nr. 1 in Dutch Breeds Group

Benelux Winster NL '15 & Benelux ChampionBesos BOB + Nr. 1 in Dutch Breeds Group Benelux Winster NL '15 & Benelux Champion


21 february Hoogstraten Belgium

Because of having a wonderfull babysit for our pregnant Ròsa Ke-sera, we with Hijo and his great-granddaughter Besos, were able to attend the show in Hoogstraten Belgium. 8 Schapendoezen were entered ánd present: 4 males and 4 femals.

Hijo started and after first becoming BOB Veterans (2 veterans), he also made Best Male.
Then Besos was to show what she was worth: she was awarded Exc 1 in Intermediate Class, (3 females) and then the judge made her Best Bitch. Wow.

But then great-granddad and great-granddaughter together had to compete for BOB Immediately Besos had forgotten how it was to move: she simply wanted to be near her great-granddad. So Hijo not only made BOB Veterans but also BOB (Best of Breed). In the Ring of Honour he did só well In Veteran Group he was placed nr 3 and in Group I he was selected with the Best 10.

As a cherry on the cake with what Hijo did today he also finished for Belgian Veteran Champion.


I Besos di Rosa = BOS and Hijo BOB Veteran + BOB in Hoogstraten  BI Besos di Rosa = BOS and Hijo BOB Veteran + BOB in Hoogstraten B 

16 february
Today for the 2nd time we visited the University Clinic for Animals in Utrecht for a 2nd ultrasound. As we say an ultrasound-for-fun. It was touching to see that all was well with mama and the miracles. By now alreay true doggies.


2nd ultrasound2nd ultrasound 

1 february 5th birthday of the R-miracles from Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo
Well, what do we do on or around the birthday-date of our miracles. Correct: we go for a walk together. Also this time, just instead of a R-miracles-litter-walk, we on February 8 had a3-generations-Cocódotjes-ladies-walk For from all 10 puppies; just 1 R-miracle was present. Where the others were. Well: our very own R  Ròsa Ke-sera ofcourse could not be there due to being pregnant, 1 showed up at the wrong time (to early), 1 was on winter-holiday, 1 was absent due to his owner being ill, 1 never joins us, 1 had already been close to us the day before, 1 family the day before had a big party so were unable to drive the car, 1 lives far away in Austria and 1 had an owner who had to work. How on earth did they all manage to arrange it. But never the less: we had a wonderful walk with Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo (mother of the R-miracles), with Ravi = Mientje, with Helena = Evi from Ke-sera's H-litter and with our own little crumb Besos > granddaughter to Ke-sera de cocó's Hijo.


3-generations-Cocódotjes-ladies on a bench3-generations-Cocódotjes-ladies on a bench 

1 february Clubmatch KV Waalwijk
Ròsa Ke-sera spent the afternoon with the family who's dog we walk every day around lunchtime, > so we all together could attend the Clubshow in Waalwijk NL. It is só nice that they take in account our situation and allowed us to come later and show as the last breeds in our ring > thank you for that.

Our Russian judge was extreemly happy with our 3 Schapendoezen but our Gos d'Atura Català-lady Rubí truey stole her heart. Ke-sera made BOB with the Schapendoezen and Rubí did so with the Gossos. In the Ring of Honour in Couple -Class Hijo and Ke-sera were placed nr 4. Rubí in the Ring of Honour in Group I was placed nr 8 It was a very nice and succesfull day.


my beautiful 5my beautiful 5


We end this month with the best news in the world Ròsa Ke-sera & Aris indeed are expecting. On January 28th we went for a medical check-up and an ultrasound en then we saw still little embryo's with powerfull heartbeats. When all stays well, there will be new Cocódotjes-miracles in the beginning of March 2015.


Rosa Ke-SeraRosa Ke-Sera




25 january Mouscroun Belgie
Like I said before, we in a few countries wanted to try and win I Besos di Ròsa's her first adult showpoints before her mama Ròsa Ke-sera's puppies will be born, so also in Belgium. And what do you think happened? Yes, this judge also appreciated her very much and rewarded her being there with her 1st Belgian point, her 2nd International point, made her Best Bitch and then ... oh yes: she again made BOB = Best of Breed.


Besos BOB in MouscrounBesos BOB in Mouscroun 

18 january Litterwalk 

Today we should have had our puppywalk with the H-miracles of our Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo. Due to circumstances the walk had to be cancelled. Something that has never happened before. These miracles celebrated their 2nd birthday on January 14 2015.


H-miracles of Ke-sera de cocó's Hijo when almost 8 weeks old

H-miracles of Ke-sera de cocó's Hijo when almost 8 weeks old  

10 january Nurnberg Duitsland

This month we, before the puppies of her mama Ròsa Ke-sera will be born, want to try and win the 1st adult National showpoints with our I Besos di Ròsa and we started in Germany. It was a Sonderschau and that mostly means more dogs > this time 14 Schapendoezen.

What did our little lady do. She did extreemly well. She won her class and then also made Best Bitch > so her first German point and first International point were in the pocket. More than what we came for. But then she even made BOB = Best of Breed.


Besos BOB in NurnbergBesos BOB in Nurnberg 

4 january Litterwalk U-miracles Rubì

It's unbelievable, but these miracles will be 1 year old next January 14. Doesn't that go fast.

Besides mama Rubí, 5 of her 7 miracles were present: just our Italian signore and Flemish lady couldn't be there this time. The wheather was really good so we were able to have a wonderfull walk. I am só glad I at the start immediately made a foto because at the end of the walk they all weren't that clean any more due to the mud and the waterpools. And ofcourse we made our famous foto of all dogs on the bench I admit: it did take some effort this time.


Still clean at the startStill clean at the start 

All on the bench

All on the bench


31.12.2014 - 01.01.2015 Litterplans

While the last roses in our garden lost the last of their leaves or still a rosebud were frozen and families were recovering from festive Christmas days or were preparing for New Year's Eve and New Year, our Ròsa Ke-sera had us going back and forward to the Clinic numerous times for bloodtests etc but finally. Exactly on New Years Eve and New Year our very own rose Ròsa Ke-sera had a romantic encounter in Germany.

The man of her choice this time is a very interested 6-year old gentleman.

This couple experienced their own fireworks.


Rosa & ArisRosa & Aris

Both parents HD-A, g-PRA ++ and ECVO-free.

The combination has been approved by the German IGS.

We hope for new Schapendoes-miracles in the beginning of March 2015.