Djaya de Besos

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Djaya de Besos

LONG time doubting …should we yes…should we not…but HERE SHE IS!!
Our SIXTH generation Cocódotjes!!!!
great–great–greatgranddaughter to Cocó, great–greatgranddaughter to Hijo,
greatgranddaughter to Ke–sera de Cocó's Hijo, granddaughter to Ròsa Ke–sera and …
daugter to our precious I Besos di Ròsa


Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaeckens CocóDjaya de Besos Van Hoefflaeckens Cocó

DJAYA DE BESOS Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó

NHSB 3075184 – Sunday 2017.03.12
named after mama I Besos di Ròsa and "luscious"








Maybe somday also a Champion, but for now Champion of our heart.



a few days old Djaya de Besosa few days old Djaya de Besos

Djaya de Besos appr. 8 weeks oldDjaya de Besos appr. 8 weeks oldDjaya de Besos ca 8 weken oudDjaya de Besos ca 8 weken oud



the present 4 generations Coc√≥dotjesthe present 4 generations Cocódotjes


So : our sixth generation Cocódotjes.
Djaya de Besos however was not born as puppy nr 6
But as 3rd puppy and 2nd female
she is a sister to
Divini Besos – Dante de Besos – Duarte Besos – Dinda de Besos – Dálida Besos – Daraya Besos – Duque de Besos


the octupletsthe octuplets


Just like the others she will have her naughty stuff.
To us – besides being healthy and sweet – she needs to be nothing but lovely naughty, playfull and fitting to the doggy–family like a glove.
After her siblings had left, it soon became clear that she not only is mad about her mummy Besos… but that she also loves to be wih our Gos d'Atura Català Rubí.
Since she is "one of us" she eats really funny! She takes a few bites, then goes have a sip of water, then another bite, a sip of water > this goes on untill she is done. Isn't that funny?
This clearly is "her thing" ust like the others each have their "own thing" hebben


the new five - a handfull happinessthe new five – a handfull happiness


So, what now?
Will she turn out to be a true beauty?
Will she – just like the 5 generations before her – be a starlett in shows?
She doesn't have to be, she may >> just like with the others we then will be happy about it and accept it as a welcome gift.


Djaya de BesosDjaya de Besos


For now she is our "little devil" > just look at the foto above this text!
She is happy as ever with the long waving coats of mama Besos, grandma Ròsa, great–grandma Ke–sera and "auntie" Rubí : bite, get a good hold and then … swing-baby-swing!
All of a sudden we also know again how many toys they have : everything is taken out of the baskets and doggybeds and then carefully spread all over the house.
And when we went outside to have dinner and came out with with all kinds of tasty food…Djaya was só into it, that she ran outside and…. flat out dropped in the pond! She shows to be a handfull!!



the 7the 7