Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo

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Djaya de Besos


Cocó’s granddaughter/Hijo’s daughterCocó’s granddaughter/Hijo’s daughterKe-sera de Cocó’s Hijo
Champion with 34 titles

NHSB 2636702 – 18.07.2006

  • FCI WWJeugd '07,
  • FCI Eur Jeugd '07, FCI Eur '08, FCI Eur Veteran '14
  • Las Americas Jeugd,
  • Jeugd Krotië, Luxemburg, Nederland, Slowakije, Duitsland, Duitsland Klub
  • VDH EJSieger'07, VDH BJSieger'07, VDH Eur Sieger'o8
  • Internatoniaal, Nederland, Mexico, Spanje, Catalonië,
  • Luxemburg, Hongarije, België, Duitsland, Gibraltar,
  • Italian Club Winner '11
  • Veteraan Nederland, Duitsland, Luxemburg, Tsjechië, België
  • NL Veteran Winster '14,
  • Benelux Veteran Winster BE'14
  • Benelux Veteran Winster Lux '14,
  • Benelux Veteran Champion

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo thanks her name to the fact that when I díd decide to already keep a puppy – I originally wanted to wait untill Hijo was appr. 4 years old – I turned on the radio and there was ... Doris Day, singing “Que sera, sera”. As her name was to begin with a”K” we changed it phonetical into Ke-sera. Also: as “cherry on the cake“ the whole litter was named after grandma Cocó and daddy Hijo.
At home – since then – ″her″ song is to be heard very, very regularly


Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo 7 monthsKe-sera de Cocó's Hijo 7 months


Funny anecdote: we once, once again, had to present ourself in the Ring of Honour and at the moment we had to enter the Ring > “her” song was played. Oh, you should have seen her. She entered the Ring showing everyone “this is my song” I am Ke-sera”. It was só touching. She is a beautifull and lovely madcap, an unfailing bundle of energy and joy. She also is a real “daddy's girl”: you see one, you see the other. On top of it all they have a striking resemblance, he only is male and robust, she fraile and feminine.


daddy and daughterdaddy and daughter


It is hard to think of something they don't do together, the one cannot do without the other. He tolerates everything of her and protects her, she keeps clean his ears. I sometimes feel sorry for Hijo, for he isn't allowed a moment for himself. Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo also is all shades of grey and a frail lady, as grandma and daddy she succeeded the same courses and in the meantime she also completed her cycling-exams.


Ke-sera de Cocó's HijoKe-sera de Cocó's Hijo

de verleidingthe temptation


Yes, and once again it runs in the blood: she is no less succesfull in shows than her grandma and daddy > when she was only 2 ½ years old she allready was the owner of 21 titles. By now she has 34. Many, many times she was BOB and was often placed (high) in the Ring of Honour.


3 generations Cocódotjes3 generations Cocódotjes


Well and then Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo also took care of enlarging the Schapendoesfamily.
On 01.02.2010 she for the first time was mama to no less than 10 most adorable Schapendoes/Cocódotjes-miracles. Yes it's true 10!

first 10 Cocódotjes-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo

first 10 Cocódotjes-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo

And as predicted and very much hoped for one little lady stayed with us.
Her name is Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó.

 generations Cocódotjes generations Cocódotjes


After that she had 2 more litters : in 2011 with 8 miracles and in 2013 with 12 miracles – incredible.


8 C-wondertjes

8 C-wondertjes

de H-wondertjesde H-wondertjes


She then, at the age of 6½ years old, was allowed to to have an ″early retirement″ : 3 such large litters are more than enough we think. So ever since all she needs to be is sweet, naughty and pretty, but above all healthy!

But … also here time does not stand still, for: Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo already is a grandma to dozens of grandchildren (sadly not always as we wanted it to be and /or agreed upon).
Important to us and well considered: grandma to her daughter Ròsa Ke-sera's puppies > for on Friday 13.09.'13 Ròsa Ke-sera became a mama to 6 Cocódotjes I–miracles,
on 2015.03.02 to 9 M–miracles and on 2016.07.11 to 7 È–miracles.
From her I–litter … we added one to the family

her name is
I Besos di Ròsa,
the 5th generation Cocódotjes.

In 2017 her granddaughter I Besos di Ròsa for the first time made her great–grandmother.
For on 2017.03.12, I Besos di Ròsa became mother to 8 wonderfull D–miracles
The sixth generation Cocódotjes!
Allowed to stay with us was Djaya de Besos


5 generations Cocódotjes5 generations Cocódotjes

the magnificent 7the magnificent 7