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Grandma Cocó, daddy Hijo, daughter Ròsa Ke-sera and foster-daughter Rubí & Daddy Miro and mama Thaïle











feel that everyone can now know about a marriage.

After meeting in June 2011 and a very short engagement of only 1 week between Ke-sera de Coco’s Hijo


Ke-sera de Cocó’s HijoKe-sera de Cocó’s Hijo


 Christóbal Protector del Rebaño (Tobi) 


Christóbal Protector del Rebaño (Tobi)Christóbal Protector del Rebaño (Tobi)


Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo & Tobi embared on matrimony in a beautifull apple-orchard on September 12 – 2011



We will have an ultrasound made midst of October.
The pups are born 10.11.2011

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