Puppies from Hniña de Besos

Embleem NL maart 2024

Final weeks after week 8

After on the first day of week 9, the for then last miracle had left the house, we together with the
stragglers did everything a little slower and simply had some ‘me time’ –  just for a while.
For indeed, on behalf of the stragglers we had to keep going on.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the 3 stragglers, also called musketeers

Mum Hniña de Besos is physically recovering really fast
Hopefully she will soon will also have her coat back again.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the recovering mum Hniña de Besos

The 3 musketeers intensely enjoyed all the extra space and attention there now was.
On top of that came the best wheather one can ask for, so : lovely outdoor life!
Even on the somewhat lesser days they could be outside most of the time – free and healthy.
However nice that extra time with them was…….I keep thinking it to be absolutely not necessary
that such a silly law enforces it. You deprive the future families of só much.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the 3 musketeers enjoying the outdoor life

As was to be  expected the leaving V-‘s endured the travel home without any problems.
No peeping, no howling, panting and or whining, no : most of them soon fell asleep.
We were happy to, from al of these miracles already living with their new families , soon to have
received messages and foto’s. The miracles are behaving free and happy, curious about all that is
different and the new owners say to be very happy with their new family member.
That reassures me and makes me happy.

Meanwhile the 3 musketeers keep us busy as ever, they are becoming more and more lively, busy,
and ….bolder! But over all we had great luck with the wheather. They could stay outside for most
of the day,  romping as much as they could. The tunnel prooved to be fit to lie on, under and in, but
chasing through it after eachother was best. Water also prooved to be a great toy.
Eating they did as if they were starving and sleeping : just once in the night ”do’ something, that’s it
That first week without the others they got acquainted with a lot of things .
A real lot of – unexpected – heavy raining > so soaking wet.
Lots of storm, thunder and lightning > they couldn’t care less.
And as if that wasn’t enough lots of fireworks! For some of the footballteams here became
champions. But the musketeers > no complaining, we want to sleep!

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

sound asleep diuring fireworks

On Tuesday 2024.05.21 we were of to the Vet with 4 V-miracles for their 2nd vaccination ( including
kennelcough ). This vet also said them to be perfectly healthy and lovey naughty.
The injections were accepted without a squeek, that nose-vaccination kennelcough…was less….

Their 3rd and last vaccinations ( including Rabiës ) were on Monday 2024.06.10.
Once again without any problems. This Vet also was full of praise concerning their health, curiosity
and free openmindedness.
The Rabiësvaccination however did hurt / burn and that made all of them cry a bit
The Vet’s assistent was however put to work  …………for all four ….had to pee…….

After that it wasn’t long before we could say…..EMPTY HOUSE!
It was more than time, even mum Hniña and auntie Djaya were done with them.
Only great-grandma Ròsa and grandma Besos still wanted to play with them > but for them they
had the greatest respect! Once they were gone however…..those two elderly ladies were exhausted
and found themselves a comfortable spot for a well deserved powernap.
We now have some time to ourselves…….and are able and allowed to do whatever we please to.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

great-grandma Ròsa and grandma Besos having a well deserved nap

                    That’s it, no more litter stories about Hniña de Besos her V-miracles