News 2014

Closure of 2014 – Start 2015

“It was a very good year …”

For, while we were still mourning the loss of our Cocó and allowed to start to enjoy her – as was a custom – by her and for us selected great-, greatgranddaughter I Besos di Rõsa we were to welcome the birth of the precious U-miracles of our Rubí.

In spring our little crumb Besos had to undergo an emergency surgery: she very naughty had eaten something out of the bushes. Oh, she was so ill and I felt so much pitty for her, especially when she even had to be operated on for a second time The I-litter of Ròsa Ke-sera was evaluated in Germany and came through exceptionally well.

We also did a lot of traveling and doing so visited and got to know new places here and there in Europe and also we were able to spend the necessary time in our beloved Spain. This year our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo also became a Veteran and sometimes showed together with her daddy Hijo > this was highly appreciated by many judges: a father and daughter.

Veteran in the ring at the same time is very, very unique. Our little crumb I Besos di Ròsa has astonished us all with her show results. Now we are used to being spoiled in this sence, but she was unusally successful. Her brother living in Finland also made people aware of him here and there. And her brother living in Germany has also started.

We end this year with hope in our hearts for new miracles in 2015 and the very best wishes for everyone for 2015 (Cocó) Hijo, Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa, Gala, Rubí “ Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó“ Joke Van Beek

december a

December 2014

This truly was a very, very special month. Not only because of Sinterklaas (who thank God did not take any of the dogs – without me – with him to Spain) and because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve and New Year.

december 1

No: once again there were exceptional showmoments. There were times, I did not know what to do: cry or laugh of delight, that I wished to quietly crawl up in the corner of the sofa wondering how it could be or at the same time want to shout it out because of being so happy proud of our Cocdotjes-descendants. To whom does it happen that in several of the biggest world-cities, at the most important (Inter)National shows of the year, her doggies manage to take the booty home. Be aware: doggies that were not even 15 months old I am sure that our Cocó, way up there is sitting on her comfortable cloud, looking down being content with and very proud of her descendants, even more because they simply are and stay adorable, naughty, true dogs, not needing to be polished-up for whatever. No, just clean and well taken care of, that’s it for them: a dog should always be and have the right to be a dog. Go ahead and read what all happened (start way down and scroll up, you know how it works).

december 2

12 – 14 December

And then I Besos di Ròsa and het grandma Ke-sera were entered in the Winner in Amsterdam and I Besos di Ròsa also in the Holland Cup-show in Amsterdam. It took some energy to get all the paperwork pass the system. I can tell you a lot of mailing to and from, and then piece by piece – and at the last moment – getting it all in by mail. Not really comforting or soothing, but if that’s what it takes, that’s how it has to be.

Friday 12.12 I Besos di Ròsa and the Holland Cup-show

Pfff through wind and rain and storm we had to struggle to find our way in. There were 11 Schapendoezen entered, each time 1 dog per class, but in the Youth Class Bitches 3. And also: all of appr. the same age. Our little crumb I Besos di Ròsa showed herself at her best and she not only made BOB Youth, no: she even made BOS The judge wrote her a report astonishing good. Thank you very much judge mrs. Loch, for liking and appreciating her so much and for your very complimentary words afterwards.

Sunday14.12 I Besos di Ròsa and grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo on Winner

This time 22 Schapendoezen were entered, 4 of them being in Youth Class Bitches and 1 in Veteran Class Bitches. At the side of the ring several breed-judges were sitting and ofcourse that felt as extra judges. Oh, our little crumb I Besos di Ròsa was só much appreciated. The little lady made the day with making BOB Youth, BOS, with Youth Winner ’14 ánd Winner ’14. I really had the shakes, I can tell you.

december 3

This silly, pretty girl of ours now already has more than enough points for even the Dutch adult Champion title but has to wait untill she is 27 months old so another 12 months And grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo Was also well appreciated and made Veteran Winner ’14 “Oh, what a day”.

6 – 7 December

The 6 and 7 December-weekend was especially special I can tell you On both days the world in 3 big European cities were to enjoy and experience the showing of the latest Cocódotjes-descendants. And how.

Brussel 06.12

I Besos di Ròsa BOB Jeugd, BOS, Benelux Jeugd Winster BE ’14, Benelux Winster BE ’14 en nu ook Benelux Jeugd Champion en volgens zeggen Brussels Junior Winner ’14 + Brussels Winner`14. Oma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo werd BOB Veteranen, geselecteerd bij de beste 6 in de Veteranen Groep en werd tevens Benelux Veteran Winster BE en Benelux Veteran Champion en ook Brussels Veteran Winner ’14

Kassel 06.12

Il Divo di Ròsa for the 1st time was enterd in a real show and made BOB Youth Helsinki. 06.12 Il Tobi di Ròsa: BOB Youth, 3rd male and Helsinki Youth Winner On December 7th we were to be seen in Kassel 07.12. I Besos di Ròsa made BOB Youth and German Youth Champion (Club).

Helsinki 07.12

Il Tobi di Ròsa made BOB Youth, BOS, Finnish Youth Winner and Finnish Winner If this all isn’t special than I don’t know what is. Not even 15 months old the I-miracles are and then presenting so well.

december 4
december 5

This month started of well already For to start with, the University in Bochum – Germany, sent us the results of the g-PRA test of I Besos di Ròsa. Ofcourse we knew that the results were expected to be ++, but it is always good to have it officially and in writing.

Ever since the beginning of November, we have been waiting for our Schapendoes-lady Ròsa Ke-sera to tell us she is ready to go out courting again but no. This lady keeps us at edge.


No, then our youngest Gos-girl Rubí. She apparently is in for another trip to a lover and so decided to be ready for it way too soon. That’s when we have to pull the brakes and say “no”. It to us is absolutely necessary to have some more time between the litters. So we have informed those interested that we will wait till her next time.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

November 2014

Well, what’s left to do after such an October month. How is that to be surpassed. But, bravely we kept on going. And November also turned out to be a month that made very happy. As has become a custom: start reading way down and scroll up.

To the end

To end this month’s news with for whomever is waiting for Ròsa Ke-sera to “get married again” sorry. Madam apparently is enjoying being engaged and has decided to keep us waiting before telling us about the wedding date. Further notice follows.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

29 november

29.11 the R-miracles of our beautifull Rubí were already 3 years old. On 30.11 we met for the usual birthday-litter-walk, 3 of the 6 puppies were there. Despite the lack of sunshine, it was a wonderfull walk with Rubí and her daughters Racha and Raiyah (Pip), her son Roshari (Rico) and their families. To start with Rubí very clearly told her kids who was in charge, after which the dogs had a great time playing and chasing after eachother: not once was their a moment of displeasure. We did not say goodbye untill after having something warm to drink on the terrace close to the open fire. Getting warm again.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

17 november

And then it was November 17 again for ever on to be a dark day. Today it already was 1 year ago that our majesty Cocó had to leave us It still feels like yesterday that that happened, to me it stills feels as if she is still with us. We all miss her very, very much.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

16 november

Once again we experienced an incredible showday. The Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk – Belgium on Sunday November 16. Up to now all of the dogs as a Junior have won the Debutants Trofee and as Adults have won the Euro Trofee > as you can understand, our little crumb Besos needed to try and do the same.

Besos made:
– Best Youth – Best Bitch > and doing so beat her grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo.

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo by the way made:
– Best Veteran
– Best of Breed (BOB) > and doing so beat her great-granddad Hijo

Hijo by the way made:

Please don’t think that our just 14 months old little lady thought that to be enough. Oh no: she just started going In the Ring of Honour she : – in Group 1 was placed nr 4 – in Youth Group (out of appr. 60 dogs) was placed nr 5. So instead of going home with just the Debutants Trofee we came for, we went back home with Dry Food, 3 Trofees and 3 Rosettes. We believe Besos a true (Cocódotjes-) miracle. Once home she was só tired that she immediately crawled up in a corner of one of the sofa’s.

december 4
december 5

9 november

After a most wonderfull autumn-week, during which we daily “worked in the garden” > especially Besos It on 09.11 was time for our 3rd-birthday-litterwalk with the C-miracles of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo. Once again a lovely and dry autumn-day with adorable dogs that made the walk a true pleasure. This time Ke-sera had to do with just 3 of her sons 1 bitch + 2 males live in “too-far-away-abroad”, the owner of 1 male had another appointment and 1 other male never mind. So: mama Ke-sera and 3 puppies > Cicero = Kees, Caruso = Tommy and Chusco = Benji.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

1 en 2 november

On November 1 and 2 we – due to the circumstances – without any hope and/or expectations went to the double Dog Show in Bleiswijk – NL: this time in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.

Súch a terrible parking disaster. And inside so little space that all sat on top of eachother > I do not think us to do this again. But okay, the shows: on day 1 only I Besos di Ròsa was entered, who as was to be expected did not male a 1st place, we already were happy she made Exc 2 and even a Reserve CAC. The other entered dogs were all sent home with Good or Very Good: ouch.

The 2nd day we had entered I Besos di Ròsa as well as our old Gos-lady Gala. Fun. Yesterday’s competition-owner now was our judge. That should not be allowed and as far as I know it isn’t, any way it isn’t correct. But, Besos did fine and performed só well, and even tough we did not expect her to made Exc 1 and by doing so won her 3rd Dutch Youth point > enough to now ask for the Dutch Youth title. Our old Gos-lady Gala showed a bit tired but even though did well and won her 2nd Dutch Veteran point > she only needs 1 more now. She was even allowed to show in the Ring of Honour.

October 2014

There are months that never need to end, that may last forever October 2014 was such a month. Go ahead and read all about it (start below and scroll upwards).

The closure

Month closure we all together went to Brno in Czech Republic, to participate in the FCI European Dog Show 2014. Yes, really: all dogs were entered for the European as well as for the National Show Isn’t that courageous. But I have absolutely no regrets because the whole pack performed great. On Hijo’s 11th birthday – October 23 – we kicked of with the FCI European Dog Show 2014. Hijo made Best Veteran and FCI European Veteran Champion 2014, Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo made Best Veteran Bitch and FCI European Veteran Champion 2014, Rosa Ke-sera made Res FCI European Champion 2014. Our litte crumb I Besos di Ròsa júst 13 months old gave a tóp peformance because she not only made Best Junior, but also BOS ( Best Bitch ) and also is FCI European Youth Champion 2014. Rubí made Res FCI European Champion 2014.

december 4
december 5
december 5
december 4
december 5

Because all 5 won their Class, they each also won a CAC / Czech point. Poor Ròsa Ke-sera: she only made reserve champion thanks to absent-minded me. Because I needed “extra hands” when all the dogs had to enter in the ring together I, when Ròsa Ke-sera had to show for Best Adult Bitch, thought “why not let that lady do that too” not realizing that also was for the adult European title, ouch.

Ròsa Ke-sera did not wish to walk with that lady, so I promised her to never, never make a mistake like that again. But, we weren’t done yet. The next day – October 24 – was the National Show. As they this day also each won their Class again, all 5 could add to their account the Czech Adult, Veteran or Youth Champion title.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

It was very nice that when Besos entered the ring on day 2, the judge fell to his knees and cuddled with her for a long time.

de H-wondertjes van onze Hijo al weer 7 jaar

Very, very content – except for my mistake with Ròsa Ke-sera – we could start our journey home. For a title-score of 90% with 5 dogs is a true súper-result. A special thanks to all the “extra hands” in the ring,

17 en 18 October

On October 17 and 18 Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and I Besos di Ròsa were entered in the VDH Bundes Sieger Show and the International Show of the VDH in Dortmund – Germany. And yes ofcourse the others were also present. We can’t do without our supporters.

We had also asked the owner of Besos her brother Toby to come join us and she did. All the way from Finland. So we made sure to have a few wonderful days.

But okay: the shows. We in advance knew that Ke-sera had little chance in the Veteran Class being a young veteran of merely 8 years old, and we were right. The other bitch was almost 3 years older and of the same good quality > so we could live with that. The 1st day – The Bundes Sieger Show – Besos as well as Toby did very well. Both made VDH Bundes Jugendsieger 2014 and Besos was selected to be Best Junior.

The 2nd day went just as well > Toby’s owner started with saying “ today we want to win Best Junior for you did yesterday “ and so is happened. As a cherry on the cake he even made BOB. Isn’t that good Now Toby, just like his sister I Besos di Ròsa, is German Youth Champion.

december 4
december 5

The kick off

We started the month in Maastricht – NL: 2 shows this time. Pfff. Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo for the first time in The Netherlands as a veteran and I Besos di Ròsa for the 2nd time in The Netherlands in Youth Class. That first day was a day to be framed Ke-sera was só good > she won everything Best Veteran, Best Bitch and BOB. In the Ring of Honour she was even placed nr 3 in Veteran Group. Isn’t that top. Besos also did very well and made Best Youth and her 2nd Dutch Youth point. Day 2. Ke-sera again made Best Veteran, and Besos made Exc 2 It was an excellent weekend with beautifull results and in the company of good German friends. The only minus point this weekend was that I did not know Ke-sera on the first day also had to be presented in the Ring of Honour in the Dutch Breeds.

december 4
december 5

14 september 2014

1st birthday litterwalk I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

13 September

13.09.2013 – 13.09.2014 happy birthday I-miracles of our precious Ròsa Ke-sera. We hope I Besos – Il Tobi – Il Divo – Idoya – Iduña – Icara di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó have a wonderfull and truely “spoiled-rotten” day.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

9 september Gala & grandson Rubí’s Umago in Rotterdam NL

“On a wonderfull day like today”. For the first time since almost 5 years I took Gala to a show again. For weeks I had been looking forward to doing that with her again. We chose for Rotterdam > where she way back when started showing in The Netherlands. In the meantime she is a few weeks away from being 11 years old and she really wanted to show The lady “came, showed herself and took it all home”. She made exc 1 in Veteran Class and made Best Veteran Then she had to compete for Best Bitch and she won that too. Well, getting so far > one has to go for the best: so she made > BOB.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

These results meant she could add 2 new titles to her list:
– Benelux Veteran Winner 2014
– Benelux Winner 2014.

Her grandson Rubí’s Umago (Pancho) had also been entered for the show: in Puppy Class. This young man did really well and that was rewarded with VP 1 He also made BOB Puppy.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

The judge was very content with the both of them and, hearing also daughter / mama Rubí was present: wanted to also see her > “ wow well done, what a joy to see”.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

August 2014

30 august Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, Ròsa Ke-sera en I Besos di Ròsa in Luxembourg“ “I am happy, oh so happy”. Once again. Although without any expectations we did go to the show in Luxembourg. Simply because it was the only opportunity for Besos to try and win the Luxembourg Youth title. Entered were just the 3 Doezen-ladies. Hijo since long ownes the Luxembourg Adult and Veteran titles and Rubí also already added it to her list > so they were to be supporters. Our German Gos d’Atura-friends were also present, we had rings next to eachother so we were able to pass the day pleasantly. It took a while before it was time for the 20 Schapendoezen Grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo after not showing for years really wanted to show and made best Female Veteran and also Best Veteran and now also is Luxembourg Veteran Champion (Grand)daughter I Besos di Ròsa presented herself super and made Best Youth Bitch as well as Best Youth. And now also is Luxembourg Youth Champion. Both ladies had to compete for Best Bitch and Besos won BOS. Once again both ladies also won the new title of “Benelux Veteran / Junior Winner ’14”. The judge said she could very well see the family-relation of the 3 girls and about Besos she said “I like her“.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

23 august

For we had an amazing day on a horrible show > how is that possible. You see, it was a not so very well organized outdoor show, muddy, parking in soaky knee-high grass, hardly any tents to sit under and every now and then “some rain” > súch fun. But that makes us even happier with the obtained results. Our machissimo Hijo and his daughter – our princess – Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo both were entered in Veteran Class and both won their 1st Belgian Veteran point. Hijo made best Veteran Male and also BOS.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo made Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran. The judge said that he had never yet – and did not expect to ever again – have a father and daughter Veteran in the Ring. He found it very, very special.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

Then it was performance-time for our piranha great-granddaughter / granddaughter I Besos di Ròsa. Our little crumb made Best Junior, won her 3rd Belgian Youth point and by doing so made Belgian Youth Champion. Her 2nd Youth title and she is only 11 months and 1 week old.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera

17 august The “we are 7 months old”-U-litter-puppywalk

Finally it was time. We were to see eachother again. Really wonderful that 6 of the 7 puppies and their new families were present. Just the young male that found a new home far away in Italy couldn’t be there: they had important visitors from Australia and yes that came first of course. The Cocódotjes-family was represented by mama Rubí and ‘foster-granddad’ Hijo. Also came along halfsister Pip with her family It was a truely wonderfull walk– and to our luckit stayed dry. The doggies behaved really good, they fooled around lots and to the joy of their families some of them also tried out the water. I do believe all the families had a great time too. Last but not least we took over the terrace: it was coffee-time. We to the fullest enjoyed this 1st Litterwalk and are already looking forward to the “ 1st-birthday-walk”.

december 4
december 5

2 en 3 august

There is a song “On a wonderfull day like today”. Well that certainly was a fact for us, twice even. For: our little one I Besos di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó in Germany – Bremen participated in 2 shows. She had the opportunity to make German Youth Champion. She was very much appreciated by both judges and performed só well: beautifull. And that being barely 10 months old. The first day she made Best Youth, Best Bitch and German Youth Champion.

december 5

The second day was just for fun but Besos turned it into a súperday for, she then not only once again made Best Youth and Best Bitch. She now even made Best of Breed. On the way back to the others we made a little dance and I sang for her “You are beautiful”. Besos did the same as her mama Ròsa Ke-sera: she also only 10 months old in Brussles made BOB of 25 Schapendoezen Looks like also our present 5th generation has been passed the baton.

december 5

18.07.2006 – 18.07.2014 Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo today 8 years old and Veteran

We also congratule her siblings.

D-wondertje Djaya

5 en 6 july

Alsfeld – Germany the Litterevaluation

Litter-evaluations, Inventarisations and the Club Match
As due to circumstances the decision that all would go on was made rather late, sadly some puppy-owners had already made other plans, so this time the litters were not complete.  

July 5 we immediatly started with the Inventarisations of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s H-Litter: 3 of the 9 puppies participated and they were judged well, especially the female, the judge only told the owners of the males that they needed to take better care of their upbringing. The litter-evaluation of this litter – mummy was there too – was one not to complain about.

Later that day, in the afternoon it was time for the litter-evaluation of Ròsa Ke-sera’s I-Litter and this litter came out só good. Wonderful individual evaluations and a beautiful over-all-in-inventarisation. Mummy and daddy both were present. As usual we with a whole lot of people at night had our “family-dinner”, I explained to all how are litters and the individual puppies were judged. And we toasted the lot of us with a local liquor from Hoevelaken.

The next day July 6 was the day of the German Club Match. This time for once we didn’t enter all dogs + Couple Class + Groups no nothing like that this time. That is at the last minute we entered our Besos, but only because 3 of her siblings had entered. All 4 did very well, brother Il Divo was placed nr 3 in Youth Class and brother Il Tobi was even placed nr 1. He also made German Youth Club Winner 2014 Heading home with another title Wonderfull. Thank you all puppy-owners for coming, for participating and for the wonderful weekend.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera
december 5
december 5

2nd quarter 2014

Want to know what happened. Well I must say: a lot. Simply scroll all the way down, then slowly back up and you’ll know what all.

D-wondertje Djaya

28 June 2014

As we were being so internationally active with “1st x here and 1st x there” then why not also in Belgium. So on June 28 we went to Genk: “we” being Hijo and Besos as participants and this time Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, Ròsa Ke-sera and Rubí as loyal supporters. 7 Schapendoezen were entered. Hijo for the 1st time in Veteran Class and Besos the same in Youth Class. Hijo had to be satisfied with place nr 2 but Besos once again could add Best Youth and BOS to her credits and now also has her 1st Youth Point in Belgium. Smart girl

D-wondertje Djaya

21 june

And before we realised it, it was June 21 now Besos could for the 1st x “really” participate in a Dutch show > she one time did a “training” in Baby Class but now she could enter in Youth Class Very exciting and we went there without any expectations. For once the others stayed home and it was “just-the-two-of-us”. Our patience was really tested for the Schapoendoezen (11 in total, 6 of them females) were to be judged as the last ones with this judge.

But finally it was our turn. And, once again, with competition, Besos won 1st place in Youth Class and doing so: her 1st Dutch Youth point. A little later she had to enter for Best Female and then made 2nd, doing so winning her 1st Dutch Adult Res-CAC ( = ¼ point ). So she was Best Youth and 2nd BOS Our “mormelke” – as a Belgian puppy-owner calls her – is a classy girl. Little Munchkin.

D-wondertje Djaya

14 june

On June 14 the miracles of our Gala celebrated birthday nr 5. We wished them all a wonderful birthday and before having a wonderful “5th-birthday-litter-walk” on June 22 > this year we to our luck with beautiful wheather. Rubí’s brother Gala’s Aradí = Perro stayed with us a while. He fitted in perfectly, like he hadn’t been gone.


december 4
december 5

13 june

Ahhhh, June 13 and our Besos now is 9 months old and so he time had come for her to ”really” participate in shows. On 2 consecutive days – June 14 and 15 – after this “birthday” she for the 1st time could show what she was worth in Erfurt – Germany and she did that supreme. On both days (each time 7 Schapendoezen entered, 5 of them females) Besos won a point for the German Youth title and on both days she made Best Youth as well as BOS. Yes, on both days she had to compete for BOB. Both judges were very content with her.

Her great-granddad Hijo also entered on day 1 > just for fun because he since way back when is a German Veteran Champion. And what do you think happens. Our machissimomio didn’t only make Best Veteran he also made Best Male and also BOB. Meaning that day he – still – won from his great-granddaughter.

Poor guy > making him have to show up in the Ring of Honor twice. Our adorable couple made Rubí’s birthday extra festive and the weekend very special.

december 5

This month of June

This month of June we went on visiting the puppies of Rubí’s U-litter. Next month we have 2 more to go and after that we can send the final paperwork to the Raad van Beheer. All puppies look great: okay, one could use a little better coat-treatment and two could be called “a bit chubby”, but all of them are wonderful little rascals with adorable good caracters and they all have found a new home with loving families where they can look forward to a happy life. That always is what we hope for for our little miracles and what they deserve. We now are looking forward to our “we-now-are-7-months-old-litter-walk”coming August.

May 2014

Hijo now also is a Dutch Veteran Champion. Yes, really, we after all did decide to finish. Who – after all this time – would have thought so. For almost 3 years ago he already twice won a Veteran point but we never bothered to go for the final 3rd one and so be able to apply for the title. But all of a sudden, out of the blue, I found he deserved to and so said, so done May 24.

24 may

Hijo was entered in a show in Tilburg – NL and > job well done. But even better: Hijo did not only make Best Veteran and Dutch Veteran Champion and 2nd BOS he was also placed nr 5 in the Veteran Group in the Ring of Honor. We went back home wich a trofee, a big bag with Dry Food and beautifull flowers. Isn’t he a wonderfull, a handsome old chap.

december 5

May / June

A week in Spain 2 x Thát’s what is was more than time for again. We were able to once again stay in the lovely apppartment where I had been several times with Cocó, Hijo and Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo: groundfloor with garden, just cross a pathway and you are on the beach If thát isn’t wonderful. Well, that also is what the dogs thought, for they all straight away felt at home and walked in and out of the garden and the house as if they had been doing so for years.

For the 1st time in 5 years we also participated in a show of the Catalonian Kennel Club ACUCC > not a CAC or CACIB to be won, for the most a Catalonian point. I entered the whole pack even though Hijo and Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo already are Catalonian Champions. Hijo was BOS and he and Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and Ròsa Ke-sera all 3 won Exc 1 and Ròsa Ke-sera made BOB.

Rubí just a few months after having puppies still made Exc 3. And Besos di Ròsa VP 1 and Best Puppy Ròsa Ke-sera and Besos won their 1st Catalonian (Youth) point.

The rest of the time we spent our time in Spain just doing nice things, making long and/or lovely walks visiting friends and entertaining them at our place. Going here is something we should do more often, as we used to do for we had a real good time. And so we did > we went back 2 weeks later and it was just as good as before. Managed to do another Catalonian show > this time only Besos and Ròsa Ke-sera, with the same result for the both of them: Best Puppy and BOB and Catalonian ( Youth ) points > isn’t that nice.

december 4
december 5

5 may

We hadn’t doen it yet: not very nice, but true. What? Visit the new home of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s C-litter puppy living in Switzerland: Chiara Ke-sera “you can call me Doeschka” So now we did Brrr. Climbing appr. 1000 m during 8 km over a scary-narrow winding road. And that for someone having fear of heights. Okay: once there it was beautiful let us leave it to that. And about the way back and down I don’t even want to talk Doeschka however immediatly was happy to see me and her doggy-family. Wonderful.

december 5

4 may

Today we visited the first of the 7 puppies of Rubí’s U-litter in his new home. This nice young chap now lives in Italy in a house at a beautifull site and there found his new home (English owners who bought a puppy of a Spanish breed in The Netherlands and take him to live in Italy > how international can it be). Without a second thought we could give his new owners his Pedigree and by doing so start up the official transfer to their name. This and next month we will also visit the other 6 puppies of Rubí’s U-litter in their new homes at their new families.

december 5

3 may

At the very last moment – due to the last of Rubí’s puppies leaving us and to Besos getting well again – we for the 4th time were able to enter for the Italian Schapendoes Club Match. This time once again were entered 4 dogs, but not the same 4 as before. That really hurted, that was só hard to do. But okay. After a good trip we arrived at the location of the show where we had rented a nice appartment.

The day of the show started with not too bad wheather but around noon the rain all of a sudden came crashing down. That is when an outdoor show isn’t nice any more It made me carry all the dogs into the ring. Where they did very well. So far we always were able to go back home with placings and we even are rich of 3 Italian Club titles Also this time all dogs were placed and our little lady Besos – who for the first time participated in anything of the kind – even made Best Puppy Italian Club Match 2014. That made our 4th Italian Club title.

december 5

27 April 2014

Yes. Finally it’s time. The “we-now-are-7-months-old-litter-walk” with the puppies of Ròsa Ke-sera’s I-litter Sadly with only 3 out of 6 puppies. The male that lives in Finland and the female that found her new home in Switzerland could not be there and our very own little Besos wasn’t there due to her operation. But mama Ròsa Ke-sera and grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo represented the family. We unluckely did not have the best wheather (that came when we were home again) but in spite of that we had a very nice time together. After a treat on the terrace of the Grand Café there and after having spoiled the littel miracles with gifts everyone went his way again. Now it is waiting for and looking forward to the 1st-birthday-litter-walk.

december 5

2 april

In between the departure of Rubí’s last two puppies our little Schapendoeslady Besos unexpectedly had to undergo an operation. Just 6 months old and then something like that. Why? Well, – as we found out later – the little lady had secretly eaten something (a fleece children’s bracelet) during one of our walks and that got stuck. She was also so unlucky that she did not recover well and so had to be operated on a second time > after a good cleansing and taking out some of the underlying suture, you then could immediatly see her recovering and once again becoming a true – sweet but naughty – healthy puppy.

december 5

18 April en 24 march

The last 2 of Rubí’s puppies are leaving us. The male stays in The Netherlands and the female will be living in Belgium. And in “Casa Cocóodotjes & Españolas” ordinary life is settling in again,

december 5

2014.04.18 Our Couca found her own loving family!

Couca – Rubí’s Ucouca Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó – finally also is where she belongs to be. It just had to be so that she was to stay with us a little bit longer. Well, that was no punishment at all. For Couca is an adorable little girl, we enjoyed her intensely. Especially our little Schapendoes-girl/puppy Besos and our Schapendoes-male Hijo were her favorites. Now her everything is back to normal again and Couca is having the time of her life turning life upside down for her new family. We wish Couca a wonderfull, healthy and long life with these loving people.

december 5

This pretty girl is still waiting for a loving family As you can see: she is ready to go.

december 5

1 Bitch + 1 male still are in need of new families.


december 5

Happy birthday. Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó 4 years old.

Ròsa Ke-sera

The other Cocodotjes-miracles – her brothers and sisters – Riko, Ravi, Ronin, Reza, Rafa, Rago, Rana, Rani and Raya we also wish a wonderfull “spoiled-rotten”-birthday.

Ròsa Ke-sera

January 2014 Birth

Extreemly happy I, the owner /breeder, grandma Gala and mama Rubí and the Schapendoezen Hijo, Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, Ròsa Ke-sera & Besos di Ròsa announce the birth of the U-litter of our Gos d’Atura Català Rubí (Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó) on Tuesday 14.01.’14 7 adorable puppies: 2 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads.

Ròsa Ke-sera

So this time we have 7 Roebeltjes-miracles: 2 handsome boys and 5 pretty girls. This time Rubi’s pregnancy wasn’t as easy as the first time but she never the less did very well. This time also Rubí has no problem with the rest of the doggy-family being around and our only 4 months old Schapendoes-puppy is even allowed to “clean “ the bowl out of which Rubí drinks her puppymilk. I am só happy that everything goes so smoothly and that my doggy-family gets along so well All puppies drink very well and already the 1st day gained some weight.

Ròsa Ke-sera

4.01.2013 – 2014

Happy birthday H-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo. Hope you all have a wonderful birthday.


Have been to the Club Match of KV Waalwijk. 

Ròsa Ke-sera

We had taken care of good doggy-sits for our very pregnant Rubí, so we could go. It was important for Besos to experience a show at this young age. Officially she was 1 day to young to participate, but they were kind to us. And did she do well. Well: she even had to set the ball rolling and had to enter the ring first. So no “copying the older ones”, but immediatly “having to show what she was worth”.

We had a real sweet breed-judge, who perfectly sensed her being new to the situation. So Besos was awarded a Very Promising 1– she couldn’t have done better. Being Best Baby of Breed, she also was to present herself in the Ring of Honour. There out of all the baby’s (4, 5 and 6 months old) she first was selected with the best 10 and then placed as nr 6 Best baby in the Baby Group. Besos di Ròsa and her trofee as nr 6 in the baby Group. As you can understand this made the other Cocódotjes having to put their best foot forward. Great-granddad Hijo: Excellent 1 in Veteran Class and Best Veteran of Breed placed as nr 3 best Veteran in the Veteran Group Grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo: excellent 1 and BOB placed as nr 10 in Group 1. Mama Ròsa Ke-sera: Excellent 1 and “bouncy-bouncy” for she wanted to go to her baby. That doesn’t bring you the best results in the ring but we excuse her the Cocódotjes and her trofiees.

Ròsa Ke-sera


The tail end. Her delivery-quarters are ready, the family of Schapendoezen are ready. Now it’s waiting for mama-to-be Rubí to give a sign.

I-nest van Ròsa Ke-sera
december 5
december 5


december 5

Yes, our H-miracles of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo will on 14.01.2014 already be 1 year old. Because Rubí is just about due for her puppies then, we had our 1st-birthday-puppywalk somewhat earlier > it didn’tmake the fun or the joy any less. Out of 9, only 3 of the puppies were present (3 owners simply live too far away, 1 was moving house, 1 was just too busy at work and 1 had to do with a sudden loss of a grandfather) so: a good reason to next to mama Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo take along their neice Besos di Ròsa > not too many other dogs, enough people to every now and than help carry her ( she is still too young to walk all the way) and a perfect socialisation-training.

december 5

Nina was so sweet to walk with Besos on the leish and I don’t know who was having more fun > Nina or Besos. Also these miracles have grown out to be lovely, free and happy young dogs. I am already looking forward to seeing them when they are “grown-ups”.

december 5