Our Schapendoezen

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After – due to circumstances – being without a dog for 25 years, I in 1999 treated myself to a new Schapendoes. And what a treat that was I couldn’t have made a better decision. Such a delight: a Schapendoes in the house once again.

In the meantime the family has slowly grown and I now have 4 generations Schapendoes

Home eerste foto

They are uncomplicated, loving, wonderfully naughty, free-spirited and very-people attentive dogs. Crazy about eachother and wildly crazy about our daily walks in the woods, during which especially Hijo makes the dead leaves and the sand flare around your ears: he then looked like a bushman > all leaves and sand. In the winter the same, but then in the snow. But > he shakes out and there is nothing left to be troubled with.

The ladies are a little less wild and leave him to go his own way while they themselves go on exploring. At a certain moment Hijo would be too curious about what the ladies are doing (or he misses them) and he would come see what they were doing / had found. He never let them out of his sight and took real good care of “his harem”.

Neither of them like getting wet and / or (muddy)dirty. I must say … I am not at all sorry about that.
Cocó was the alfa of the family and Hijo: protector of the dogpack: do nót touch his ladies.

They also “have a job”: every fortnight they work in an Old-Peoples-Home with demented elderly. It has always amazed me and will keep on amazing me how they by instinct perfectly know what to do and how to behave with each individual.

Bejaarden met schapendoezen

Sometimes they quietly sit besides someones chair, or lie flat on their back next to someone in the bed or climbe on a lap of someone sitting in a wheelchair. And always só carefully. >Hijo went their for the 1ste time being only 6 weeks old.

They also regularly walk the “Avond-Vierdaagse”.

Onze Schapendoezen 4daagse

I sign them all in with my surname (Cocó van Beek and so one – and so on) and for 4 evenings on a row we walk a 5 km distance. When we fulfil we all receive a medal > the 10th time: a cross. It attracts a great deal of notice, they even hit the headlines of the local newspaper.

Getting incredibly good results in shows all over the world, very regularly foto’s and articles appear in local & national newspapers and (international) magazines.

Ke sera de Cocos Hijo
Onze Schapendoezen

In the livingroom we have 2 leather chairs, placed next to eachother. Whenever I say “in your doggybed”, the following happens: Cocó would get into in “her” chair, Hijo went to sit in mine, Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo lay on the arm-rest in between her grandma Cocó and daddy Hijo and Ròsa Ke-sera hung behind her mama over that same arm-rest I Besos di Ròsa simply wanted to sit with her greatgranddad and Djaya de Besos likes to crawl under the sofa. Family complete. Only when you come with a really spaecial treat you can get them to go to their real dogbeds.

I Besos di Rosa

To our great sadness by now Cocó and her so-special son Hijo are no longer amongst us.
They follow us from a cloud way up high and thus keep an eye on us.
In 2017 the 6th generation Schapendoezen was born and of them one was to stay. 

Ke sera de Cocos Hijo 3

That’s how the tradition is!
Djaya de Besos she was named, a very much present little lady she shows to be!

But completely not as is a custom with us ….from the second litter of our I Besos di Ròsa also one was allowed to stay with us! Her name is Hniña de Besos and it looks like she is just as much a rascal as her halfsister Djaya de Besos.


Meanwhile, Cocó, Archimède Hjo and Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo are no longer with us.
They watch from a cloud how we continue here.

Home eerste foto
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