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2016.11.17 3 years ago today Cocó had to leave us
Our ‘majesty’, our ‘grand old lady’ mum to Hijo and siblings, grandma to Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and (half)siblings, great-grandma to Ròsa Ke-sera and (half)siblbings, great-great-grandma to I Besos i Ròsa and (half)siblings …we will forever miss her.

december a

July – August – September

… just have been blown away. And this mainly due to the birth of, and folowed by the care for, the È-miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera, whom we ultimately were to enjoy during 10 weeks Born on 2016.07.11


All miracles – we think – have found the suiting families, it was just só disappointing that not one of them- neither in word or gesture – found it within them to thank mama Ròsa Ke-sera for their new family-member > for it once again was an incredible achievement from her side It is as it is.


On July 18 we celebrated the birthday of our present eldest Schapendoes: Ke-sera de Coc’ó’s Hijo > she now is 10 years old already Doesn’t time pass too fast.


In August we all together celebrated Geboortevrouwtje’s (being me) birthday: this day we held back just to ourselves, 1 day without puppy-visitors should be possible. And then it once again was September and Rubí’s B-miracles were 7 months old. With us it is custom to have our first litter-walk at this age > so that’s what we did and as a surprise for all the puppy-owners we had invited to join us daddy Fero and his owners It was a lovely walk with puppies and parents that got along quiet good: corrections from mum and dad were immediately accepted. It did become clear however that the males have a strong will so their owners must really work with them, so they get them and can keep them under control. That is in everyone’s interest.


But then But then But then Came September 13 the third birthday of our very own and ever-so special I Besos di Ròsa. Ofcourse also of her siblings – whom we warmly congratulated (Il Tobí di Ròsa – Il Divo di Ròsa – Iduña di Ròsa – Idoya di Ròsa – Icara di Ròsa).


And now we will think about what nice things there are to do for us, simply and easy, without having to think about puppies and / or the visitors that come with them.


Extreemly happy I, the owner /breeder, and (great-great-grandmotherCocó), (great-grandfather Hijo), grandmother Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, mama Ròsa Ke-sera, halfsister I Besos di Ròsa and the “aunties” Gala & Rubí announce the birth of 7 new Cocódotjes-miracles.


On Monday 2016.07.11 were born the 7 Cocódotjes-miracles: our È-litter.
It took her 2 days, but then we could welcome 7 Cocódotjes-miracles: 4 handsome boys and 3 pretty girls. Another no-problems-pregnancy for Ròsa Ke-sera, this time feeding her was a problem straight away from the start: nothing she took willingly. The birth – once started – gave no problem what so ever but took her 1 ½ days: once again we worked together well. This was the firt time for one of our girls to have a litter without our man Hijo present. Normally they, during the last two weeks of their pregnancy, cuddle up close to him for comfort, but that now wasn’t possible, you could see Ròsa missed something > is that why she decided to give birth in Hijo’s doggybed. The puppies as well as their mum have had a medical check-up and were judged ‘healthy, beautifull puppies”, all puppies drink very well and are doing fine.


May and July 2016

May, what’s to be said about May. Simply that it was a month during which lots of tears were shed. For our ‘man-der-mannen’, my ‘machissimo-mio’, our ‘everything’ Hijo has had to leave us. With his mama Cocó he now looks down on us from a little cloud and observes how we go on Hijo is being missed incredibly. For his story: go to the bottom part of his page.


But, how cruel can life be on the day of his departure his granddaughter Ròsa Ke-sera – 2 months earlier than expected – started her period and so everything had to be prepared for creating new life something one isn’t really in the mood for in a moment like this. After doing all the health-checks, this young lady decided that Friday May 13 – of all dates – was a good day to go visit her new lover. Traveling without Hijo for the first time, for yes: even on these occasions – to the bewilderment of many a male-owner – Hijo was always present.


This time the man of our choice was a handsome Danish born, in Germany living, almost 11 years old male. And now we expect new miracles midst of July.


For the rest it was a month during which our house has been turned inside out and upside down: all the furniture was stored, the housepainter did a good job, the wooden floors were lacquered – that alone took a week – and during appr. 2 weeks the girls and I lived in the study, the garage and the conservatory > that’s called ‘camping in your own house’. During these weeks we regularly were to enjoy a glass of wine with and the cooking of good friends. We also made the appointments to go visit Rubí’s B-miracles, who would be 4 months old shortly: só exciting to ge see them again and in their new homes.


And before you know it, it’s June

To start with there was the Litter-evaluation and Inventarisation of the M-miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera at the German Breed Club in Alsfeld – Germany. I am extreemly proud of and thankfull for, that also all the families of these 9 miracles were prepared to participate and undertake the long journey.

We on Saturday started of with our by now tradiotional Family-dinner: this time we were with 32 persons whom all together were the owners of 14 cocódotjes-miracles, because besides the 9 M-miracles also were present the families of and with Hijo’s brother Lucky, Ke-sera’s daughter Doeschka (Chiara), Ròsa Ke-sera’s brother and sister Riko and Mientje (Ravi), Besos’ brother Oscar (Il Divo) and not to be forgotten our own complete little pack. The next day we were up and around at an early hour: first weighing > Geboortevrouwtje (= me) on the scale first (and NO nobody was allowed to have a peek) and after that with each of the 9 M’s, then they had to be measured > this time luckely it was done by someone who knows how to. Around lunchtime it was our moment to enter the ring: mum and dad + the complete litter of 9. All dogs were to go back home with good Inventarisations-reports. Sad to say that all owners – whom I phoned the week there-after – had bad memories of the judge, he in no way had been friendly.


2016, june 13

By now it was also time to take Ròsa Ke-sera back to the University Clinic in Utrecht for an ultrasound. And yes lots to be seen, also the wonderful sound of powerfull heartbeats and the first movements. And now it’s waiting untill midst of July for these miracles to be born.


his month we also visited the appr. 4 months old B-miracles of Rubí. All ended up in the for them right families, looked super ánd hadn’t forgotten me yet but were still glad to see me again. Their owners have now received their pet’s Pedigree and DNA-profile. Shortly we will see eachother when we have our ‘we-are-7-months-old-litterwalk”.


And to make us aware of how fast time passes by their mama Rubí and her siblings this month celebrated birthday nr 7 It therefore being time for Gala’s A-miracles’ “7th-birthday-litterwalk”. Our Gala (12 ½) is becoming a real old lady and doesn’t move that fast or go that far anymore. And no foto; had forgotten to take the camera So, here is a foto of Gala.


Nice surprise was a phonecall from the owners of Ròsa’s brother Riko: they wanted to come for an extra walk > we did that with Riko and his cousin, our precious and very own Besos.


That’s it for now: we for a while will try to enjoy the relative peace and quiet, to shortly build up the birthbox and prepare everything for what is coming toward us.


13 may 2016

2016.05.13 Puppy-announcement


While the first rosebuds showed themselves in our garden our little rose Ròsa Ke-sera – more than 6 weeks earlier than expected – decided she wanted to go visit her new Danish lover in Germany. There they challenged eachother and played wonderfully it was a truely happy encounter. The man of her choice this time is a very interested almost 11-year old gentleman.


Both parents HD-A, g-PRA ++ and ECVO-free. The combination has been approved by the German IGS On June 13th – ’16 we were in for an ultrasound and there was confirmed what we already knew.


We hope for new Schapendoes-miracles midst of July 2016


Due to circumstances we, at the moment, need to take it a little slower than usual but even though, it was quiet a busy month. Our little crumb Besos last year – for the most in Intermediate Class – had won more than enough points to become a Champion in several countries but then still was too young. Now she is old enough so that means traveling. In December we already finished for The Netherlands and last month we were able to do the same for Luxembourg and for the International Title, this time we wanted to try and do the same for Germany and Belgium.


But first: all Rubí’s B-miracles are dong well with their new families, and those families are very happy with them. So all is well that ends well, also for these B-miracles. In good imitation of our weekly messages, all their owners sent updates and foto’s > so now we are enjoying wonderful (Saturday)mornings reading. Thanks to you all.

Something new we discovered this month our little crumb Besos does not like hail. Sure: to look at from inside out but not to walk in > isn’t that funny. She looks like her great-great-grandmother Cocó.

Okay, then comes our traveling First to Belgium – Genk: Besos made Best Bitch and doing so won the necessary point after becoming 27 months old > so a request for the Belgian title can be sent out. Then came Germany – Lingen. All we wanted, was to win our Class and doing so win a point after being old enough to finish. Her brother Il Divo (Ocar) was also there. Besos was entered in the Champion Class and her brother in the Open Class, there was competition for the both of them. Both won their Class and so Besos also finished for German Champion. Finally there was a trip to the Italian Clubmatch in Volta Mantovana – Italy. To tell the truth: we did not want to go there anymore, but last year Besos fell ill in Milano and so then could not participate, that’s why she was entered this year. After an easy and comfortable trip arrived there in good spirit and in the hotel got the requested downstairs room with our own entrance (pfff, no stairs), we had some wonderful and sunny days there and our Hijo had the time of his life rolling in the grass and enjoying himself > it was a joy to see that.


February and March 2016

February was a month during which Rubí and her B-miracles took up all our time and attention.


Our one and only outing – made possible thanks to a very, very, very reliable babysit, but still – was to the Clubmatch of KV Waalwijk > Besos was entered because she was to receive a souvenir thanks to becoming Dutch Champion ánd because the organisation allowed us to come later. Hijo in the past had been doing Couple Class with his mother Cocó, with his daughter Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and with his granddaughter Ròsa Ke-sera but not yet with his great-granddaughter I Besos di Ròsa, which he absolutely also at least for once had to do, so we also entered Hijo.

Well, things didn’t go as expeted for when we arrived the Schapndoezen had already been judged and another Schapendoes had already been pronounced BOB and that was that. But in the Ring of Honour Hijo made nr. 10 in Veteran Group. And great-grandfather Hijo and his great-granddaughter Besos made 2nd place in Couple Class yee Sadly, in the Ring of Honour there was no Schapendoes presented in Group I, for the other Schapendoes went home early.



There are times when you can’t get around that not all dreams come true.
Then in March – a little later then as ususally around their birthday, but what the matter – we were to have the 6th-birthday-litter-walk with the R-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo > due to sickness it had to be cancelled.
The 1st-birthday-litter-walk with the M-miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera however had to go on because of our plans in June. To be able to do this ánd to leave the house not feeling too worried, we put each one of Rubí’s 5 B-miracles in separate (flight)benches – it so, at he same time being a good exercise for them.


With a feeling of “we’ll see how it goes towards Rubí’s B-miracles”, we together Ròsa Ke-sera’s M-miracles and their halfsister Besos enjoyed a wonderfull and very pleasant walk.


Also present was Besos her sister Cara, she showed everyone how she has to perform when working as a guidedog for her owner, who has bad sight. We are very, very proud of our Cara (Icara di Ròsa), who – as far as we know – is the 1st Schapendoes to become a guidedog for blind people. Thank you Angelika, for this outstanding result.


Then, end of March, came the moment to say goodbye to Rubí’s B-miracles: all 5 little fellows have found loving families who have now have taken over the responsibility from us and are very much willing to do so But in about 2 months we will see them again during our ‘we-are-4-months-old”-visit. Our house has been cleared from all the puppystuff > which has been cleaned and put away Casa Cocódotjes can move on again.


To finish of the month and to get back to ‘normal’ life again – ehh what’s that normal life – we decided to get on the road again and to a show: Besos was entered in Luxembourg > she once again performed at her best for, for the third time in a row, she made Best Bitch. She made Luxembourg Champion and at the same time finished for International Champion. 30 months old and 30 tiles. Isn’t she amazing.


January 2016

Extreemly happy I, the owner /breeder, and grandma Gala and mama Rubí and the Schapendoezen Hijo, Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa announce the birth of the B-litter of our Gos d’Atura Català Rubí (Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó) on Saturday 30.01.’16 5 adorable puppies >5 handsome lads.


Rubi’s pregnancy was one without a worry in the world, she felt well all the time and has been as pleasant as can be for all of us. As usual with us Rubí once again has no problem with the rest of the doggy-family being around and like 2 years ago our youngest Schapendoes I Besos di Ròsa in her eyes can’t do wrong and again “helps her do the dishes”. I am só happy that everything goes so smoothly and that my doggy-family get along so well. All puppies drink very well and already the 1st day gained some weight.


Did we end December 2015 keeping our fingers crossed we started January 2016 on the 4th with an ultrasound of our Rubí’s belly > and yes new Gossos-miracles are to be expected. Shall we say “well begun, is half done”.


The first full week of January we on a day without rain, ended with a combined birthday-litter-walk with the miracles of Rubí’s 1st (R) and 2nd (U) litter. They November 29-’15 were 4 years old and on January 14-’16 were 2 years old From both litters 3 miracles were present and it as wonderfull to see them again. It was so amusing to hear the owners of the 4-year-old say “finally they calmed down” and to hear the owners of the 2-year-old moan “how much longer before they calm down” Well, all beginnings are difficult.


For the rest it was a nice and quiet month with – if the wheather wasn’t too bad – nice long walks now we still can and a continuation of talks with possible future owners of Rubí’s coming miracles. Now all we have to do is hope for enough miracles of the preferred sex. Rubí is steadily growing in weight and size > when walking she truely waddles, so funny to see. But she keeps on being sweet, joyfull and happy and full of energy.


And then all of a sudden it once again was time to build up the birthbox so mummy-to-be and the other dogs could get used to it. To put all the other stuff in place and ready and to wait for what’s coming. We hope and trust our next announcement may be birth tidings.


Yes… Hang out the flag. We already thought so, but the medical check-up and ultrasound confirmed it Rubí and Fero indeed are expecting. We may look forward to new Roebeltjes-miracles beginning of February 2016.


Happy 2016

We wish everyone and all our Cocódotjes and Españolas a healthy and happy 2016.