News 2021

Kerstkaart 2021-2022 verkleind

December 2021

Isn’t it cold? Looks like it is going to be a real winter this time!
Me : I like that! But, these last days with rising temperatures, one starts to doubt again.
I just didn’t yet finish doing the garden and this way that’s not going to get done either. >
that then will need to be done in spring.

To start with : thanks for all the nice responses I received on our Christmascard above.
My crazy, but ever-so-sweet girls!

december foto 1

Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó – my 4 pretty girls on a a bench

Well, this last month of the year didn’t start in the best way!
We had entered for a show in The Netherlands and a double show in Belgium.
And what do you think > due to COVID ,,,,,,,,cancelled!
Quiet right ofcourse – caution before all –, but it does mess up my planning.
I therefore feared for the worst for both shows in Kassel – Germany, where I had entered both my ‘old ladies’.
But to our luck : they were on >> only 2G-plus ( test max 2 hours ).

Why had I entered both my veterans?
I Besos di Ròsa > she in two former shows this year already had won 2 points and could now win the final one for the German Veteran title, zo nothing special, normal rhythm.
But I recently noticed that I had never tried to win that last point for this title with Ròsa Ke-sera!
How that was possible? No idea > but I still had the chance to make up for it.
So, entered Ròsa Ke-sera on day 1 and her daughter I Besos di Ròsa on day 2.
Day 1 there were 5 Schapendoezen entered and on day 2 were entered 6.
And what did the ladies do???
Ròsa Ke-sera entered the ring as the last one of the Schapendoezen and the judge immediately said
“am flabbergasted” and did not want to beleive that she would be 12 in 1 month.
In such an excellent condition, well taken care of and still with very good and complete dents.
She was judged with an ‘Excellent’ and so made BOB Veteran ( Best of Breed Veteran )!
But that wasn’t all > the judge even made her BOB ( Best of Breed ). WWOOWW!!!
The next day it was her a little over 8 years old daughter I Besos di Ròsa’s turn.
And yes, it this time was just the same > also this judge knew to appreciate my second veteran, even explained it quiet clearly to the competition, made her BOB Veteran ( Best of Breed Veteran) as well as BOB ( Best of Breed ).
In the Ring of Honor I Besos di Ròsa did a little better than her mum, as she was selected Best 7 in Veteran Group.
Both girls won their final point for the German Veteran title > which has been applied for.
My ‘golden oldies’……..unbeatable!

december foto 2

Ròsa Ke-sera and I Besos di Ròsa : in Kassel – Germany 2 x BOB Veteran and 2 x BOB with their wonderfull trofees:
2 waterbowls

Was that all there was to be told about this weekend?
Oh no : this weekend in Germany glared even more.
For….our little one – who by now isn’t that little any more but already 3 years old – for the first time had an
ECVO eyetest done.
This always is exciting, but for the first time even more.
But – even though she didn’t really like it and kept moving her little bum backwards on the table – she accepted the procedure sweet and calm. And the result is COMPLETELY CLEAR!!!!!
To say I am happy….is an understatement!!
december foto 3

also Hniña de Besos has an ‘all clear’ ECVO eyetest result

The weekend thereafter we should have been at the Winner The Netherlands….but : cancelled! I must say that I wasn’t too sorry about that having experienced the COVID controle before.
But whát a weekend it turned out to be! 2 of my favourite sport events on the television :
in the afternoon Formule 1 and in the evening ice skating!
So that was comfortable enjoyment – and how!
My very own champions next to me on the sofa and another one on the television – wel done. But then….
I had enough of waiting and called the GGD ( Health Service ).

Just like both my veterans being ‘an oldie’ myself,
I should have received an invitation for the COVID-booster some time ago.
But nothing came in the post and I was fed up with waiting.
So, called and immediately got an appointment for indeed : ‘my year’ had already been done!
On December 17 …..it was in! Had to wait a few days for them to have the aminstration done and then quickly requested the new QR-code. So we – that is when allowed again – can travel when and where we want to.

Christmasdays this year were … different than usual…. but never the less true Christmasdays.
On the turn of the year, the postman rang 2x ( didn’t hear it the 1st time )
And what did he bring? For Hniña de Besos he delivered the diploma of the International title!
What a way to end the year.

december foto 4

confirmation of the International title for Hniña de Besos

It was a special year, during which we – against all odds due to the circumstances – did manage to have
Hniña de Besos win quiet a few titles.
Our youngest also did well and without a problem continues in the family tradition.
december foto 5

Hniña de Besos

For 2022 we wish you all a happy, but above all healthy year.
That the COVID problems will not get worse.
That more and more people will be willing to abide by the rules. And to when they can : get vaccinated. If not in their own interest, then in the interest of society and the vulnerable amongst us. 
For life is so much better when we can move around without resrtrictions and are able to live life and enjoy! 
Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones

November 2021

Oh my, did we have a good time working hard in the garden! 
I made a huge pile of the fallen leaves and the 2 youngest had a great time racing through it : what fun! 
But when I come out with the camera…….they stop fooling around and go sit neatly in a row!! 
We were real lucky with the wheather, so we could work on, it’s just that everything is still só green. 
Next month the ‘last stretch’ and then….it’s waiting for spring again. 

nov foto 1

pretty autumn picture

We on 11.10 celebrated the birthday of the C-miracles of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo > they turned 10 already.

nov foto 2

C-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo – almost 8 weeks old here

This month once again was a true ‘we-are-staying-home-month’.
But….we did get some nice visitors.

For instance, on the ’11th of the 11th’: 13 year old Lady ( Midnight Lady de Hijo ) and her owners paid us a visit > which was truly pleasant.
It was the first visit to her father Hijo’s house ofcourse, but she walked around free and at ease.

On 11.17 we remembered that is was already 8 years ago that our ‘grande dame’ Cocó left us to ‘furnish and inhabit’ our little cloud up above.
Where she meanwhile got company of her son Hijo, his daughter Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo & our Gos-ladies Gala and Rubí.
We still miss her – all of them!

'grand old lady' Cocó

‘grand old lady’ Cocó

There also were a few visits from families thinking about a puppy from our house – whether or not in the near future.
The girls behaved real good, showed their best side but also made clear being able to be naughty.
So as it should be!

And just like in the past 2 years, we on 11.20 celebrated the birthday of the second and H-litter of our oh-so special
I Besos di Ròsa – 3 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads.
Also that of our ‘little one’ Hniña de Besos, already 3 years old : which you sometimes wouldn’t say >>
she still is as crazy as can be!
Especially together with her older halfsister Djaya de Besos!
Just like the former years she was treated with her favourite treats : kibbeling and spicy meatballs.

nov foto 4a

H-litter I Besos di Ròsa – here almost 8 weeks old

december foto 5

Hniña de Besos – 3 years old

But still….there was one show this month! On 11.21 in Kortrijk – Belgium.
We so far have been there with all our dogs > the adult winners of the CACIB receive the a trofee called Eurocup and the Junior winners the Debutant Cup. 2 years ago Djaya and Hniña did what they needed to do and now it was up to
Hniña de Besos to present herself as an adult and to her mum I Besos di Ròsa as a veteran!
Also present was a son of Djaya de Besos ( Ikxep de Djaya ) who was showing in Junior Class – so really nice, for we were represented in all age classes.
And lots of competition too : 3 males and 5 females. And did “Family Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó” do well?
First Djaya’s son Ikxep de Djaya made BOB Junior and so was to receive the Debutant Cup.
Then it was Hniña de Besos her turn.
With stiff competition, but the judge didn’t hesitate one second and made her the best adult female and doing so awarded her the CACIB. Which made her receiving the Euro Cup!
As the last one of all it was I Besos di Ròsa’s turn……well, what shall I say……
It simply was ‘she came, she was seen and won it all’.
Really! The judge immediately said “this is the best female” and when running for BOB ( Best of Breed ) he without hesitation awarded it to her!
After a break of appr 3 years it was as it has always been before, since she was a youngster….. incredible, my girl!
Family Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó therefore was to be seen in the ring of Honour 3 times.
What an achievement!

nov foto 5a

Besos di Ròsa BOB Veteran and BOB

nov foto 5b

mother and daughter I Besos di Ròsa and Hniña de Besos

nov foto 5c

grandma I Besos di Ròsa and auntie Hniña de Besos –
for the foto want to have nothing to do with grandson/nephew Ikxep de Djaya = Ryder

A little before I wrote that we were visited by Hijo’s daughter Lady ( Midnight Lady de Hijo ) and her owners….
she had been out of my sight for 7 years, since she was 6, so very special that visit.
Looking back, a very, very special visit, with which I now am extra happy.
For…..on 11.24 she to her owners great sorrow…. passed away…..
We are sure she managed to find the route to ‘our little cloud above’.
nov foto 6

‘litle cloud above’…….

Closing the month, we did with another birtday : for on 11.29 the R-miracles of our Gos Rubí also turned 10

nov foto 7

R-miracles of Rubí – here almost 8 weeks old

October 2021

The first day of this wonderful autumn month started with a huge surprise! 
We received an email from a family thinking about a puppy as their dog just turned 13 so ……. 
I asked them to give me a call and they quickly did so. 
As we were talking…..don’t know why, but sometimes one can’t help feeling …..
I asked them whether their Lady’s Pedigree name might be Midnight Lady….and it is! 
Goose bumps on both sides ofcourse! Why so special? 
Their doggie Lady is a daughter of our very own ever so fantástic Hijo! She came to their house 6 years old as in need of a new family and they were ever so happpy with the background information and foto’s I could give them and that they ended up ‘at her daddy’s family’. 
And I was happy to have found her again > she had been missing to me for só long! 
Soon they will come to pay us a visit. 
How small the world once again appears to be. 

oktober foto 1

our Hijo’s rediscovered daughter Midnight Lady de Hijo – 13 years old

But my-oh-my…….how cold and bleak it all of a sudden is!! And all that rain…….yikes!
Working in the garden though can’t do with delay : a bit every time and then it isn’t too bad to do.

Not that I am afraid of getting bored……as the Raad van Beheer still isn’t doing their job!
After in the beginning of June receiving a phonacall and after that an Email saying, that the person who had been trying to get all the corrections and adjustments to our files processed no longer was allowed to do that work >>
isn’t that strange??.
But the person named to be taking over the job…..upto the day of today hasn’t yet done anything!!
Since then and every month on the same day I send them a reminder by mail and then receive a response saying
‘we’ll have another look at it’…and that’s it!
As reminding them by mail didn’t get us anywhere….
I started phoning them a few times per week…and get the response ‘Oh, still no work done?’
We’ll have a look at it again and will get back to you.
But no : the silence continues….now they say thay will get it started the first week of November…..we will see.
I however will for sure not let things go at that!!

Last month we weren’t able to participate in the show in Genk – Belgium, but out of the blue they also organized
a Halloweenshow!
So quickly entered Hniña de Besos for she still needs to start in Belgium. Also entered her mum I Besos di Ròsa :
she for the first time as a veteran.
It was really nice that also a puppy from our Djaya de Besos was present : a male in Junior Class! So for all of them
‘a first time’! And did the Cocódotjes family’ do well?
I would say so! The junior male ( he was the only one ) made BOB Junior and won his first Belgian junior point.
His grandma I Besos di Ròsa this time had to leave the credit to someone else.
But then his auntie Hniña de Besos!!
Won her class, made Best Female and then even made BOB ( Best of Breed )!

oktober foto 2

Hniña de Besos BOB ( Best of Breed ) at the Halloweenshow in Genk – Belgium

Oh well, as we once again ‘are-on-the-road’, we might as well – just like we did for the first time last year – go to the show in Rostock – Germany. 
To try and have Hniña de Besos win her final point for the German title. 
And just like we did last week , also now entered I Besos di Ròsa to also in Germany start as a veteran. 
Did the girls do what was hoped for? 
They did indeed! 
Hniña de Besos won her final point for the German title > which after coming home, was immediately applied for! 
And her mum I Besos di Ròsa now won her first point for the German Veteran title and she even made 
Best Veteran of Breed. 

oktober foto 3

I Besos di Ròsa BOB Veteran in Rostock – Duitsland

One week after that….yes : really!! our car once again brought us to Germany > once again to Gelsenkirchen and also this time with I Besos di Ròsa as a Veteran and Hniña de Besos in Open Class > she no longer needed any points, but as we had entered her…..why not be present. 
This was an outdoor show and all week we had been hoping the wheather to be good on Sunday – at least dry >> 
and it was……but not the days before, sadly enough. 
So it was a drama getting the car parked in the grass and mud and walking to the show grounds : 
one big squelchy mass! 
To our luck the showgrounds were dry and we found a good spot to be at. 
Hniña de Besos made 2nd Female and I Besos di Ròsa in her own sunshiny way won her second German veteran point, made BOB Veteran and at the same time won title nr 41 : Bundes-Veteranensieger 2021. 
Wwooww…..isn’t she a cracker! 

oktober foto 4

I Besos di Ròsa in Gelsenkirchen, Germany – BOB Veteran and Bundes-Veteranensieger 2021

To finish of the month in style…..we, the last weekend of the month took of to Spain : this time to a show in Gurb > partly inside and partly outside….we were ever so happy that our ring ( and later that day also the Ring of Honor ) was inside for IT WAS POURING!! Hniña de Besos as well as I Besos di Ròsa really appealed to the Italian judge >
he any way praised both their breed-specific qualities.
Anyway……mama I Besos di Ròsa took all the credits : she not only made Best Veteran of Breed ( BOB Veteran ) but also Best of Breed ( BOB ) and to finsh it of in the style of her other daughter Djaya de Besos 3 years ago in Valls…
was placed Nr 3 in Group I!!
Wwooww : my young Veteran. Doing this she also finished for Spanish Veteran Champion.
For the presentation of BOB we were helped by Estefania : ever so gratefull for that!
Dear daughter Hniña de Besos had to be satisfied with winning the National and International point.
But…that was what we came for, for now she has enough points to ask for awarding her the
Catalonian Champion 2021 title.
Already now we are looking forward to the official presentation…let’s hope it can take place….
The seventh Schapendoes ( generation ) of ours on a row
Due to a strange way of arranging the order in the Ring of Honor, I Besos di Ròsa had to return the next day ,
to there also show herself in the Veteran Group!
And then this sweet lady was even selected to the Best 6 of the Veteran Group!
My girls ( and in his time also our ‘mannetje’ Hijo ) ….what else can I say…….
oktober foto 5a

I Besos di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó BOB Veteran and BOG 3 in Group I selected Best 6 in Veteran Group now finished for Spanish Veteran Champion en Hniña de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó now finished for Catalonian Ch 2021

oktober foto 5b

BOB I Besos di Ròsa with Estefania

Now a few weeks of doing nothing > just working in the garden : clearing leaves, trimming trees and shrubs, cleaning the pond and going for walks and ‘not having todo whatever’.

September 2021

And then, it’s September again! Here and there the leaves had started to fall……

The youngest leave on our familytree did something completely different! Unexpected we received message from Luxembourg that they were to organize a show again, even two in one weekend!
They still had the entry in their files of Hniña de Besos for March last year, so we quickly added the second show.
Here too – thanks to COVID due to a maximum of dogs per day – it was less busy than usual.
But she still had competition : from 2 males. She – so daring of me – was entered in Champions Class, meaning she only needed to win her class once.
But…..our youngest little lady – as we say in The Netherlands – ‘showed both gentlemen a trick or two’, and made
Best of Breed on both days and now is Luxembourg Champion!
It was a very busy but pleasant weekend, during which we had the chance to catch up with several people.

sep foto 1

Hniña de Besos 2 x Best of Breed and now Luxembourg Champion


And then, and then, and then…….we after 2 ½ years were on the road again to a show in Monaco.
Ròsa Ke-sera to try and become Monaco Veteran Champion and her granddaughter Djaya de Besos to try and win her 2nd CACM so she would make Monaco Champion.
We were accompanied by Rubí’s daughter Rubí’s Racha – and her owner – she with the same goal as Ròsa Ke-sera. Were the girls succesfull?
I would think so! Racha and Djaya did what they needed to do and won their necessary points.
And our almost 12 years old, old lady Ròsa Ke-sera did the same, but she took it a little further.
For she, in the Ring of Honour, was placed nr. 3 in the Veteran Group! Secretly I took along a mini-mini bottle with bubbles to – in case of succes – celebrate! Lovely it was!

sep foto 2

Ròsa Ke-sera and Djaya de Besos now Monaco Veteran Champion and Monaco Champion

sep foto 3

Rubí’s Racha now Monaco Veteran Champion

sep foto 4

the celebration bubbles

sep foto 5
Racha’s owner : exhausted

On the way back to the hotel we saw a gigantic fire develop high on the mountain on the Italian side of the French / Italian border! 
When we later went out to walk the dogs, it was already way, way bigger and the helicopters to put it down were flying on and off. 
Next morning the fire was out but the smell was still there.

sep foto 6a
sep foto 6b

brand op de berg vlak bij het hotel

Once home we found the wheather still very acceptable, so we had more than enough time for lovely walks to shake off all that showstuff.

Ah well, just as if the trip to Monaco hadn’t been enough…..also the RSCE organized two shows : in Spain – Madrid > on both one could win the Spanish obligatory points – for, for the Spanish title you need two of them. 
So : we quickly entered Hniña de Besos, and one week later – just because we now could – also her mum 
I Besos di Ròsa > she for the first time as a Veteran…
AI-AI-AI how fast it goes! 
And here comes ‘one for the road’ : we also added Djaya de Besos > already being a Spanish Champion, but she was to on one of both days try and make Best Female and doing so win another Spanish International show ( the fourth ) > by doing so she would be able to finish for Spanish Super Champion. 
Once again there was male competition. 
But the girls didn’t let that get in their way : even worse > Hniña de Besos – completely to my surprise – on both days beat her halfsister Djaya de Besos and after that the male competition!
That young lady both days made Best of Breed. The first day she won the last necessary point for the International Champion title and the second day she did the same for the Spanish Champion title. 
Her mum I Besos di Ròsa now has two Spanish Veteran points including the one obligatory one and on both days made Best Veteran of Breed. 
My honest compliments to the organisation for making it a COVID-safe place to be for everyone, by providing measured areas to stay in as well as the obligatory mouthmasks + the excellent controle and enforcement. 
Thank you very much. 

sep foto 7

I Besos di Ròsa with her trophies

sep foto 9a

I Besos di Ròsa with her trophies

sep foto 8

Djaya de Besos with her trophies

sep foto 9b

Arriving home….autumn truely had started and the garden was covered with leaves > so we had a lovely time working in the garden! That scent of autumn and those beautiful autumncolours > a joy time after time.
After all that hard work, the girls piled up on one of the sofa’s……..

sep foto 10

a pile of Cocódotjes

Next month…….new adventures

Augustus 2021

augustus foto 1

‘a house is not a home without a Schapendoes’

We received message that on 2021.08.02 a daughter from our Hijo’s first NL litter had passed away : but for 2 days she made 14 years and 7 months old. She had a good life.

augustus foto 2

And then there was another Dogshow, one which was entered for long-long time ago and for on another date, and which now suddenly was to be held on 08.09 but in another location > in Gorinchem. 
One then gets to read the entry-rules and : when inside a mouthcap is obligatory and one has to keep to the place where seated, but……there will be no control on COVID!!! 
Does one then want to go to such a happemning? Difficult decision. Hniña de Besos no longer needs it for the Dutch title, it would only be for the International point.
The 3 classes by which that point could be won all 3 had more than one entry. 
So there would be no more than a chance of 1 out of 3 to win that point.  

Much nicer was that we on 08.15 had the ‘we-are-7-months-old’-litterwalk with the I-miracles of Djaya de Besos. 
Out of the 9, we were to welcome 6 : which isn’t bad in holidaytime. 
From our side this time ofcourse only mum Djaya de Besos was present. 
We had the best wheather one could ask for and added to it a lovely breeze. 
Mum Djaya de Besos and the I-miracles behaved perfectly and her I-miracles had a good time fooling around and did some training for sniffer dog. 
And ofcourse there was no escape for also this Cocódotjes-litter : our famous benchphoto! 
The final of this first gathering, was a cozy and tasty lunch. 
Before we all went our way again, the owners of the I-miracles finally were given the Pedigree of their miracle and the miracles received a doggybag with several doggy chewtreats. 

augustus foto 3

Djaya de Besos and her I-miracles together on a bench

A few days later there was an outdoor show in Gelsenkirchen – Germany > something we dared do. 
Sadly enough we now had a judge for whom she at 10 months old took off from > really she speeded out of the ring and I had to go and find her in the crowd in those big halls…. This time she also didn’t want to have anything to do with him and the only thing she wanted to do was : get out of the ring! To our luck she did receive a judgement wit Excellent 1 > allowing her points for the German title. I think it is best to not punish her with another time going to this judge.

Do you know the saying “ 3 x is ………………’? Well we tried a third show. This time in Belgium. 
We had an Irish ( replacing ) judge who apparently had not heard of COVID an made me feel very uneasy for she kept touching me, leaning on me, embracing me.
 I felt very uncomfortable and I beleive that was well noticed by our ‘little one’. Too bad, better luck next time.

augustus foto 4

Hniña de Besos ….. waiting for better times……..

In between all the fuss, we even found time to sort of ‘celebrate’ my umpteenth birtday. 
Once again spoiled with lots of congratulation mails and -cards – even small gifts were thrown in – from puppyfamilies. I feel blessed. Here a glimp of the cards.

augustus foto 5

from Gos Rico

augustus foto 6

from Does Saar

In the meantime we from one of our puppy-owners, received the request to take back their dog and to find it another family. That immediately brings some kind of stress for we at the moment have so many other things to do. But : the job needs to be done. After letting it sink in for a while, we decided to take a look at the families interested in our next litter. We contacted one of them, explained the situation and….they said to be interested! We first went for a walk together, then went for a coffee in their house, explored the garden, got to meet their other housepets and also allowed them some time alone with the dog. But : it immediately felt good : ‘a bull’s-eye’!! 
On the last day of the month and after a thorough check-up by our Vet, the dog took of with the new family! 
Ofcourse the doggie will stay in our name for a while and we wiil be stand-by in case of eventualities. 
When after a while all is proven to be fine, it will be transferred to their name. 

augustus foto 7

the doggie once again found a doggybed

That’s it for this time.
Especially for this news message my girls were prepared to have another photo made. ….
everyone knows how much they dislike being photographed…….

Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa, Djaya de Besos and Hniña de Besos

Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa, Djaya de Besos and Hniña de Besos

July 2021

Well, the month started of not so nice………………… 
Since way before the birth of Djaya de Besos her I-miracles, I have been struggling with the Raad van Beheer. They have a new IT-system and almost nothing has been transferred from the old into the new system. A lot of the health tests fail ( most certainly of the daddy-dogs and their ancestors when they are not of Dutch origine! ) or have been put in incompletely and the titles have only been transferred when Dutch! Hours and hours I the last 6+ months have spent getting everything completed and corrected and it still is a mess. And how does the Raad respond?
Well, incomplete, arrogant or not! Well – that’s what a monopolist can afford to do! A day before the deadline, 
I did sign over the puppies to their new owners, but : under protest! The day the data of their parents and ancestors will be registered correctly : I will put out the flag! 

But, the miracles have been signed over to their new owners, some with a little help, others managed to make their account by themselves. Sadly only 8 out of the 9 did so accordingly to what they themselves had put down in the contract. One of them did that different than according to the contact….so why then do we have a contract? 
Sadly it is another confirmation of.
I by accident happened to find out and informed te Raad van Beheer about the apparent possibility to do this.
In stead of a “we are going to find out how this is possible”, 
I received a response saying that by me knowing this the privacy of the puppy-buyers had been violated for I apparently do not have the right to know thier name- and address-information. 
Ehhhh…no right to know?? What then is mentioned in the contracts?? And where did we go visit

Even though it was pourring….our youngest – Hniña de Besos – participated in an outdoor Dogshow in Goes – 
The Netherlands. In spite of the rain – which she. like me, does not like – she presented herself excellently, received a very laudetory and complementary judge-report, an Exc 1, CAC and even made BOB ( Best of Breed )! 
Thanks to COVID it took a while, but now she finally finished for her first Adult Title, for she won her final point for the Dutch championship. 

juli foto 1

Hniña de Besos now finally a Dutch Champion

2021.07.15 Peter R. de Vries….R.I.P.
his life motto
“ on bended knee, is no way to be free “ 

The favourite music of our – late – Rubí was Ravel’s Bolero. Then we would ‘dance’ or she would come cuddling on my lap, she anyway was in need of physical contact. 
Since her passing I haven’t played it anymore. And what do you think…..on 2 consecutive days it comes in with a bang : first after the memorial service for Peter R. de Vries and then during the opening of the Olympic Games 2020 in 2021. 

juli foto 2

our late Rubí : she loved Ravel’s Bolero

On July 18 we remembered the birth of our Hijo’s first litter and the birthday of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo : 
they all now no longer are amongst us.

juli foto 3

our late Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

Did you know that on 2021.07.21 it was Día Mundial del Perro > World Dog Day?
And yes, ofcourse I treated and hugged my girls extra. Did you also do so?
And isn’t this a beautiful – Spanish – text?

juli foto 4

Día Mundial del Perro

For the rest it was a nice and peacefull month, with a lot of walks in the woods.
Silly Djaya de Besos then doesn’t leave my side. She sticks real close to me.
But we did have a pleasant walk and lunch with the owners of Rubí’s son Alf (Bé-Petó )
To represent the Schapendoes there were I Besos di Ròsa and her daughter Hniña de Besos.

juli foto 5

3 sandwalkers

Last job of the month was visiting the Vet >> yearly vaccination and check-up, this time for Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa and Djaya de Besos.
All 3 were found to be perfectly healthy, just could…..– just like me –….lose a kilo……a ‘due-to-Corona’ kilo

juli foto 6

my 4 pretty girls
Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa, Djaya de Besos en Hniña de Besos

June 2021

So cute! I already thought it wasn’t going to happen….. 
She would always be next to or in the midst of them…..but participating : no way! 
But all of a sudden….also Hniña drinks from the pond…..and directly out of nothing else. 

juni - foto 1

finally drinking from the pond – here with mama Besos and grandma Ròsa

Finally! Received the second COVID-vaccinatio!
A true reassurance and more security.
A really good way of starting the month. 

Then came June 14……………… 
Since 2009 the date of birth/birtday of our ever-so-special Rubí, our last Gos. 
So sad that she since a few months no longer is amongst us……. 
It also is the date our precious Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo passed away……..
They now are together on our cloud up above, with Cocó, Hijo and Gala – it’s getting crowdy there!
So in more than one way a special day – a day for ever in our memory. 

augustus foto 5

onze kostbare Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

juni - foto 3

our ever-so-special Rubí

But than our Ròsa Ke-sera …….. she keeps surprising me!
She has always been the least cuddly of our doggies, but now….she only wants to cuddle and be hugged, she can’t get enough of it : she even crawls on my lap and comes sleep directly close to me.
She doesn’t even mind when one or more of the others want to come join us. 
After 11 ½ years I wasn’t counting on that any more, but I am enjoying it to the fullest! 

juni - foto 1

Ròsa Ke-sera – in her old age a true cuddle monkey

And our garden! Blooming and green as never before. 
Our kiwi-plant for instance is filled with blossom > so there will be loads of kiwi’s this year.

juni - foto 1

our kiwi-plant, loaded with blossom

Also we have something else to brighten up the garden even more. 
A most beautifull garden-picture of my four girls Ròsa Ke-sera, I Besos di Ròsa, Djaya de Besos and Hniña de Besos. 

juni - foto 6

a most beautifull garden-picture

There also was some sadness….. 
June 24 we received message that the day before our Rubí’s first ‘partner-in-crime’ – and daddy to our R-litter of the
Gos d’Atura Català – had passed away. Shari was allowed 16 good years. 

juni - foto 7

Shari, our Rubí’s first ‘partner-in-crime’……….

Okay…..also did something crazy….. :
I had entered Hniña de Besos for a show in Germany…turned out to be the only show not to be be cancelled there so far. Why crazy? 
Well, to and from 1350 km. 
We almost didn’t go, not before 6 in the morning I decided to go ‘even it would be just for training’ for we did have competition > 3 bitches in the Open Class and Hniña being the youngest.
But no regrets at all, for : our Hniña de Besos made Best of Breed! 

juni - foto 8

Hniña de Besos – Best of Breed in Chemnitx – Germany

May 2021

May 01…..date of death of our machissimo Hijo.
There isn’t a day that passes without somehow having talked about him, if not with one of our puppy-families then in our own circle. He is being missed dearly by everyone > I love him. 

mei - foto 1

our machissimo Archimède HIJO Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó

But this time also the day I was given my first COVID vaccination!

And also the day we started with our “we-are-4-months-old” visits!
Djaya de Besos her I-miracles.
To visit them all took – besides 4 pairs of stockings en loads of bruisings on my arms – no more than 1800 km : to our luck they this time all live in The Netherlands.
We started of with our little guy with the green ribbon > as soon as I said “where is my little big green boy”
he was mine again.
Last in line was our little guy with the yellow ribbon, my :
Jochie” > and he also still loved me.
Visited all…..well, all but one > I am quickly done with lies and deceit.
Which doesn’t mean this puppy doesn’t also have a good home : no that’s okay.
But for the rest I am done with them.
It was heaven to see all doggies again and to experience how happy all families are with Djaya’s miracles.
They all ended up with the right families and Djaya can be proud of her offspring.

mei - foto 2

Djaya de Besos and her I-miracles – here almost 8 weeks old

But then….the postman knocked on the door….. 
Do you remember me writing about helping someone have her first litter? 
Turning out to be with a brother of our I Besos di Ròsa > Oscar owned by Thomas and Beate. 
Also here : wonderfull puppies, healthy and going to families …from our list! 
What does that have to do with the postman? 
Have a look : isn’t it wonderfull that the help and effort you lovingly gave is so being appreciated? 

mei - foto 3

‘thank you for your help’

To my surprise but great pleasure there was a message from Catalunya, that the presentation of the Campéon de Catalunya 2019 titles were to happen during an outdoor show in Òdena. 
It took us some effort to be able to be there, but we managed……pfff! 
An old entry of Hniña de Besos was still valid, so that gave her a chance to have a try >
which absolutely was necessary after such a long time. 
And it was obvious that she was somewhat uncomfortable and wasn’t happy with that fumbling her but still:
she behaved quiet well.
Even so that the judge ( mr Kuzelj from Slovenia ) a little later during the judging of Group I
…..selected her with the Best 5 of Group I!! So you don’t hear me complain! 

mei - foto 4

Hniña de Besos selected Best 5 of Group I in Catalunya

A while after that the moment finally was there : the presentation of the trofees in honour of the titles 
Campéon de Catalunya 2019. In that year there were 38 adult champions. 
After everyone had received their trofee from the president of the ACUCC mrs Maite Ganzalbo – this time a framed tile with the foto and name of the respective dog – what still needed to be done was choose the 
Champion of Champions of Catalunya 2019. 
Once again it was up to mr Kuzelj.
As you must understand : I didn’t have high expectations – especially as Djaya de Besos just 4 months ago had given birth to and raised a litter of 9. 
But : the judge selected 3 dogs, one of them being our Djaya de Besos! 
And to make things even more crazy….. 
Djaya de Besos made Winner Reserve Campéon de Campéones de Catalunya 2019!!! 

mei - foto 5a

Djaya de Besos Winner Reserve
Campéon de Campéones de Catalunya 2019

mei - foto 5b

Djaya de Besos with her 2019 Champions trofee
and Winner Reserve Cup

April 2021

‘April does what it wants’ the proverb says and : that is more than correct! 
After those wonderful last days of March with temperatures over 20C……the wheater on April 01 changed like a leaf on a tree : nasty and cold with during the day temperatures of no more than 6C and in the night around freezing point. 
How do you mean that’s how one gets ill ( literally and figuratively ). 


…snow in april…

In itself that wasn’t bad for us because we had to clear out the kitchen as it was to be replaced and painted the week thereafter > a really big job, believe me.. This was already in the calender for September 2020 but had to be postponed due to circumstances : and the result ………………
…………… everything went wrong from the first moment on, with as a result that I, 3 weeks later, am still living in a construction pit with most of the kitchen gear stil packed, just unpacked enough to be able to cook, eat and drink.
When it will be finished? Just wait and see……

But then……never knew I would be só happy with this message! 
But I am blissfully happy……..With what??
The invitation for the COVID vaccinations! Immediatlely phoned and > next month it will be done, the vaccinationpassport is lying ready for it! 


vaccinationpassport waitung for stickers

But then the I-miracles of our Djaya de Besos……soon they will be 4 months old! 
And so it’s time for our ‘we-are-4-months-old’-visites > appointments have been made. 

March 2021

During the first 3 days of the month, the last 5 of the 9 I-miracles of our Djaya de Besos went home with their new families. We always ask them to give us a call as soon as they arive home > the trips went well for all of them : after a bit of whining they all fell asleep. So that had been well practised! The day after leaving us, I always call to hear how the first day was – also then no nothing strange. Just some getting used to the new situation on both sides. 
So very re-assuring. Meanwhile everyone has been to their veterinarian for the usual control and the second and third vaccination. And they all gave them ‘the green light’ > healthy, well taken care of puppies! 
There even were several veterinarians who told the families ‘compliment to the breeder’! 
They also admired their long legs! Wwoow : that makes me so happy! So my girls bring good offspring. 


the 9 I-miracles of Djaya de Besos enjoying their last dinner together

A few days later our I Besos di Ròsa could finally be operated on. 
Luckely she had responded so well to the medication that we could wait until the miracles had left. 
The operation went as well as was to be expected and no further complications were found. 
Now it’s time to recover. 
Once home she found a very comfortable place on a big soft pillow next to us on the couch and took real good care of her. 


I Besos de Ròsa comfortably on the couch

During the operation however, a mail came in that one of the males out of our I-litter – due to circumstances in the family – sadly enough could not stay there. We ofcourse immediately had him come back home. 
As he had not yet been vaccinated for the second time we first took care of that. 
As he was kind of rough with his so beloved but just operated on grandma Besos, he for a few days stayed with friends – which was good for him. In the meantime a new family has been found for him : where there already is one of ours ( a halfsister to our Ròsa Ke-sera ) and who were in our book for a puppy from a future litter > sooner than expected they now are madly happy with him. 
And we are very glad that we so swiftly were able to arrange that for him and we trust that he with them will have a long and happy life. 


our “Dozer” happy in his new home

In the meantime it is still waiting on action by the Raad van Beheer! 
Our puppies have never been chipped earlier than this time – exactly 5 weeks old – and still wrong chipnumbers have been noted. For that the DNA-results cannot be linked, reason to not yet give Pedigree-numbers!
And no Pedigree-numbers…no Pedigrees. 
Meanwhile they already are 3 months old……….. 
On top of that comes that all additions and corrections I had sent in for the profiles and supplements to the Pedigrees of all my 9 dogs ……… still have not been worked on yet! 
Mind you : all had been sent in on 2021.01.03!!!! 
As long as that has not been processed, there also are no correct supplements to their Pedigrees and so also not to those of the puppies! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But who? 

But then, but then, there is one who has been nagging you for years about ‘a puppy, before the first passes away’……who a former time pulled out halfway the process……but now does have one…..one is being betrayed rock-harded……which also is found to be quiet normal….. 
But, as has been proven before with us : we want to have nothing to do with deceivers! 
So is it strange when I say that I am done with it? I don’t think so! 

But weren’t those last days of the month wonderful : such unexpected high temperatures! 
So it wasn’t bad at all that I – ofcourse with the help of my girls – had already done the garden including fixing up the porch and the lounge-area > that meant we immediately could enjoy the outdoors to the fullest1 Which we did! 


my 4 pretty and ever-so-loving foursome

February 2021

We on 2021.02.01 started the month partying! 
Our Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoeflaecken’s Cocó ( and her 9 siblings ) celebrated their 11th birthday. 
And our prima donna still is pretty as ever and topfit. 

Februari foto 1a

Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoefflecken’s Cocó 11 years old

Sadly we, on 2021.02.22 received a sad message > 
the last puppy from our beloved Hijo’s first litter had passed away: Dough ( King of Queens de Cocó’s Hijo ) – 
brother to our princess Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo; he was 14 years, 6 months and 28 days old. 
We thank Manuel and his parents Andrea & Gerald for loving and taking good care of him. 
Now Dough also is on our little cloud up above, with his grandma Cocó, daddy Hijo, sister Ke-sera and
our Gossos Gala & Rubí. It’s becoming crowded up there…….. 


a last touching moment between Dough and his owner Manuel

Meanwhile the I-miracles born on 2021.01.04 to Djaya de Besos grew up real well. 
All future families came to visit as often as was possible in the current circumstances but were also well informed with the weekly reports. 
Djaya has proven to be a súper-mum, but also one who is much more protective than anyone else of my girls. 
The Chipper came when they were 5 weeks old and as usual made one bleed. 


the Chipper was ther – blood!

Also they passed the 6-weeks-old-checkup by the Vet gloriously.
On 2021.02.27 the exodus started and on 2021.03.03 the last one is to leave for his new family. 
Then it will become quiet and peaceful here again. 
We wish Djaya’s I-miracles and their new families many happy years together. 


the I-miracles are good and neat eaters


the I-miracles play well together



The first crop of the seventh generation Cocódotjes-miracles!!!

I, the owner /breeder, and
their great-grandmother Ròsa Ke-sera, 
grandma I Besos di Ròsa,
mama Djaya de Besos 
and aunt Hniña de Besos

want to inform you that on Monday 2021.01.04
the birth of new Cocódotjes-miracles made the world a little prettier
5 handsome lads and 4 pretty girls
our I-litter
mum = Djaya de Besos van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó
dad = Xep Odi v.d. Brederwiede 

mama Djaya de Besos en haar 9 I-wondertjes

Djaya de Besos and her 9 I-miracles

het I-nestje van Djaya de Besos

I-litter of Djaya de Besos

We beleive to have loving families for all puppies.