December 2022

foto 1 nov



November 2022

It won’t be long before the ‘little walnuts’ of our Hniña de Besos will be born.
So……changed the livingroom, built up, ‘furnished’ the birthbox and checked whether we had all that might be needed
> we are ready for it!
Now it’s waiting ’till it’s time……

foto 1 nov

Hniña de Besos checking the just built up birthbox

Our little girl on ‘22.11.11 became a mum to 6 wonderful Cocódotjes-miracles – our J-litter.
2 males and 4 females > she did the job in no time.
The Vet a little later said them all to be completely healthy,
We then called the owner of daddy Kian > they also are happy with this birth and that all is well.

A few days later we called the families whom we were hoping to make happy and after them those we this time had to say no to > those are the difficult calls to make.
We are very happy to have loving families for all our miracles.
In the meantime all goes as it should, Hniña behaves as a perfecrt mum and great-granndma
Ròsa Ke-sera , grandma I Besos di Ròsa and aunt Djaya de Besos make their daily visits and are good co-guards.


foto 2a nov

the on ‘22.11.11 born 6 puppies of
Hniña de Besos and Kian

foto 2b nov

mum Hniña de Besos with her offspring

This month we had a few birthdays to celebrate.
The puppies from our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s  C-litter on 11.10 made 11 years old.
As did those of our Rubí’s R-litter on 11.29.
Our Hniña and her siblings from our I Besos di Ròsa’s H-litter made 4 on 11.20
As usual we congratuled them all by Email

foto 3a nov

C-litter of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

foto 3b nov

R-litter of Rubí

foto 3c nov

H-litter of I Beoss di Ròsa

foto 3d nov

birthday girl Hniña de Besos

For more info about the present litter – and so being also the December news –
>> see J-litter of Hniña de Besos

October 2022

As we still don’t know what Hniña has planned for us…..decided to start work in the garden and making it ready for winter somewhat sooner than normally. For imagine that is was succesfull, then we later no longer will have time for it. And done is done!

Might we have puppies with Hniña : they will not as we usuaally do, be called ‘babies’! For when I do so, Djaya comes running with her ‘baby’ Panda > she does so since she last year January had a litter. That crazy girl.
So it was decided that the eventual puppies will be called ‘walnuts with legs’.

foto 1 oct

Djyaya de Besos in 2021with her puppies and ‘baby’ nr 10

I on a regular basis read to Hniña what the pregnancy calender says, but it doesn’t impress her.
Not even when I read out loud that those ‘walnuts’ now can turn around and so…..
Could she shrug her shoulders, she would have!

So, all hopes were pinned om the ultrasound we were to have done on 2022.10.14.
And then, one has to wait really long because of an emergancy coming in! Ofcourse, why not…..
The veterinarian could not feel much as Hniña – like the other girls – has a very tight belly.
Even so, on the ultrasound we saw quite a few ‘walnuts with legs’. We very happy went back home.

foto 2 oct

ultrasound picture of a ‘little ‘walnut’ of Hniña de Besos

We were allowed a second ultrasound on the 28th > she then being 6 ½ weeks ‘on the road’
Look at that little head…..that eye…..

foto 3 oct

ultrasound picture of a little head…..

September 2022

And then…..it already was September again….
and from tropical wheather it without effort turned into northpole wheather, at least : that’s how it felt!
We have to get used to the cold again.

The month started of not too good…..with the message that the webman no longer had access to ‘a code’ with which he was able to work on the site and as if that wasn’t bad enough out of the blue decided to stop doing it. Sadly without helping me and his other clients out in finding a way to keep on going and/or someone to do so. Even worse : the site had to be made over completely…….as if life isn’t expensive enough at the moment. And besides….we were very busy with something else!
Something for which we certainly need to have the site operational.

For FINALLY our Hniña de Besos had her loversdate!!
Due to circumstances not with the male we originally had in mind, but to our luck we had a reserve – exceptional for us, we only did that 1x before > a hunch??
And then comes that waitingtime before one is to experience whether it was a loversdate with or without consequences ……
Midst of October we will go for an ultrasound and then we will know more.

foto 1a sept
foto 1b sept

Hniña de Besos and her ‘partner in crime’

When did the little lady have her day out? Well, how about on the day of the 9th birthday of her mum I Besos di Ròsa?
So we celebrated her birthday with loads of kisses and cake a day later.

foto 2 sept

I Besos di Ròsa – 9 years old

For the rest nothing special this month, just nice and easy for a change

August 2022

On August 05, Ròsa Ke-sera had to undergo al small procedure for which she also needed to be put under anesthesia, for sure nothing minor when you are almost 13! So first had a thorough check-up done to see whether it was still justified: but the results were ‘like those of a youngster’!
She survived the operation well, and once home, and still fast asleep, her ‘family’
– one by one: first granddaughter Hniña de Besos, then daughter I Besos di Ròsa
and finally ‘daredevil’ granddaughter Djaya de Besos – gathered around her:
to give kisses and to guard her for appr. 2 1/2 hrs. Until she sort of woke up, and to comfort her.
My, what a lovely pack of girls do I have – very special!

foto 1a aug

First Hniña…

foto 1b aug

…then Besos…

foto 1c aug

…and finally Djaya joining her

foto 2 aug

Ròsa Ke-sera still asleep and surrounded by her family

We also once again took of to Belgium, to once again with I Besos di Ròsa as a veteran participate in a show:
in Mechelen this time. Ofcourse the rest of the pack was there as supporters.
It was warm, but we had a very enjoyable day and an excellent judgement
> our star received the International Veteran point, made BOB-Veteran and BOB!!
Twice in the Ring of Honour that was.

foto 3 aug

I Besos di Ròsa BOB-Veteran and BOB in Mechelen – Belgium

As a closure to the month we finally had our combined litterwalk with the Gos d’Atura Català.
For the time being the last litterwalk, we’ll see how we will do next year.
Our last litterwalk before Corona, also was with some of these doggies!
We had the most wonderful wheather for going for a walk, with nice owners and happy, jolly doggies and from our side one adorable Schapendoes Hniña de Besos : what more can one ask for?
It was a lovely walk and absolutely no complaints about the lunch thereafter

foto 4 aug

and another traditional benchfoto

At the end of the month – the calender said – ‘one  year older again’
( though a card I received said one shouldn’t count years nor glasses of wine )

July 2022

Due to Corona, the birthday-litterwalks have been on hold for 2 ½ years.
So, with some of the litters we haven’t had a walk for 3 ½ years.
So….sent out some emails to find out whether there still were people interested……
…..or in other words ‘how is the familyfeel doing’….
Even though realising it was holidaytime…in our calender it could only be during this month.
Nevertheless we received a lot of positive responses, but indeed > many are on holiday.
Corona however did have its effect. Really a pity after all the hard work during the past years.
We did however manage to organize a few group-walks : 2 with the Doesjes.
The 1 with the Gossos we’ll do next month

foto 1
benchfoto with representatives some of our
litters and their owners + Hniña de Besos
foto 2

benchfoto with representatives some of our litters + I Besos di Ròsa

2006.07.18……was the day the first litter of our one-and-only Hijo was born.
And from which we kept our princess Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo.
All of them by now have found their way to ‘doggy-heaven’….

foto 3

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo with her so beloved daddy Hijo

2022.07.21 WORLD DOG DAY!!
It’s not something we have over here, but in Spain it is a real thing.
So our girls also celebrated!

SPECIAL EDITION 2022.06.23 + 24

Before starting June, a moment for something special, for something as special as this one doesn’t just put in at the end. First what led to this.

RSCE Winner and World Dog show 2020
In 2019 we had enterd 4 doggies for the RSCE Winner Show as well as for the World Dog Show in April 2020 in
Madrid – Spain.
>> thanks to Corona these obviously were postponed > to 2022.06.23 and 2022.06.24.
But then : no longer with 4 doggies! For : our ever-so-special Rubí no longer is amongst us and Hniña de Besos
( in 2020 still a Junior ) now is the immediate adult competition to her halfsister Djaya de Besos.
What does Corona not disturb!

So in the end – due to that situation – only the entries of Ròsa Ke-sera as a Veteran and Djaya de Besos in the Champion Class were maintained.
So, in the best of moods, got in the car for the long journey to Madrid – Spain.
Where both ladies in no way disappointed me
– on day 1 Ròsa Ke-sera made RSCE Veteran Winner 2020 (in 2022) and
– her granddaughter Djaya de Besos made RSCE Winner 2020 (in 2022).
Both already were Spanish Veteran Champion resp. Spanish Champion.
We afterwards were informed that that wasn’t all but that they also won the titles Latin Veteran Winner Madrid 2022 resp. Latin Winner Madrid 2022 > for that we have to take action, but that is to be arranged.
And Djaya de Besos, she– after finishing for Spanish Champion – in Spain won her 4th International point for the title Grand Champion of Spain / Super Campéon de Belleza de la RSCE!!
As soon as we were home we immediately requested for it.

juni foto 1

Ròsa Ke-sera RSCE Veteran Winner 2020 (in 2022) and Latin Veteran Winner Madrid 2020 (in 2022) and 
Djaya de Besos RSCE Winner 2020 (in 2022) and Latin Winner Madrid 2020 (in 2022)

But then there it was : the big day > the World Dog Show 2020 ( in 2022 ) in Madrid – Spain!
But still such a day, with such a special title, is extra exciting.
I however needed worry at all > both did what needed to be done and by doing that obtained the titles
World Veteran Champion 2020 resp. World Champion 2020 ( both in 2022 ).
juni foto 2a

Ròsa Ke-sera World Veteran Champion 2020 ( in 2022 ) and Djaya de Besos World Champion 2020 ( in 2022 )

On the first day Ròsa Ke-sera was to represent the breed in the Ring of Honour
> which wasn’t ‘a piece of cake’ for the Veterans had their turn no sooner than at 22.15 hrs!!
>> and when the day already had started at 05.00 hrs. that truely is pfffffffffffffffffff!
…………….most certainly when you already are almost 13 years old!!

What a whealth of girls do I happen to have…..
Só grateful, só happy with, só proud of them I am. 
But still……we were very happy to be home again.

juni foto 2b

Happy to be home again

June 2022

As I, also with I Besos di Ròsa wish to follow the ‘normal’ showprogram – meaning to also in The Netherlands try to win the Junior, Adult as well as the Veteran Champion titles – we, with the utmost reluctance entered her for the
Holland Cupshow and the Eastershow in Gorinchem.
Doing shows in The Netherlands…….brbrbr!
On day 1, according to the judge, I Besos di Ròsa ‘truely enjoyed being in the showring’ and she despite the competition made Excellent 1 and doing so won the Veteran point and made BOS Veteran.
Relief! She also made Holland Cup Veteran Winner.
The trofee she won you really had to hold on to tight or it would blow away, só mini small!
Then came day 2…..for this show we had entered very, very last minute : on closure day at 23.55 hrs
So many doubts because of the judge and the unpleasant Dutch situation, but still we entered :
keeping in mind that ‘we not needed to go’.
Deciding to go I didn’t do untill during the morningwalk at 05.00 hrs on the showday.
After the judge had a really nice chatting time with our competition, it was I Besos di Ròsa’s turn.
The judge didn’t say a word to me. But did place I Besos di Ròsa as nr. 1 > though she didn’t tell me that, but she went to the competition saying ‘I do have to make her nr. 1 ‘! Really!!
Nor did she shake hands and/or congratulate us.
Doesn’t matter : we are very happy to now also with I Besos di Ròsa be done in The Netherlands.
For because she now also won, she won her 3rd and last needed Veteran point and doing so finished for
Dutch Veteran Champion.
Due to the fact that she is Dutch Junior Champion, Dutch Adult Champion and Dutch Veteran Champion…she now also is Grand Champion The Netherlands! 3 titles in one weekend!
I Besos di Ròsa……..my starlet is a STAR……with now 51 titles…..and is the sweetest darling ever! MY sweetie!
juni foto 2b

51 x Champion I Besos di Ròsa with the superbig Dutch trofees

juni foto 3b
juni foto 3c
Ch Netherlands Veteran
Ch Netherlands - Grand Champion

Holland Cup Veteran Winner and Veteran Champion The Netherlands and Grand Champion The Netherlands

In both shows also had been entered Djaya de Besos her son ( and so I Besos di Ròsa’s grandson )
Ikxep de Djaya Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó.
He both days was placed nr 1 in Junior Class > he so doing finished for Junior Champion The Netehrlands
Grandma and grandson both being succesful.

juni foto 4

Grandma I Besos di Ròsa and grandson Ikxep de Djaya resp. NL Veteran Champion and NL Junior Champion

Christobal Protector del Rebaño…….TOBI.
On 2022.06.06 his owners reached out to us with the sad news that he on 2022.05.31 – almost 14 years old – has passed away at home.
Tobi was an adorable chap.
Tobi also was the dad to 2 of our litters : the C-litter ( 8 puppies ) of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and the
I-litter ( 6 puppies ) of our Ròsa Ke-sera > from this litter we kept our ever-so-special I Besos di Ròsa.
In her he still will be with us.
We feel for his owners and share their sorrow, we will miss him the times we meet.
Tobi…….possibly he will go pay a visit on our little cloud above….
juni foto 5

Tobi, daddy to – amongst others – our I Besos di Ròsa

Then came June 14………………
Since 2009 the date of birth/birtday of our ever-so-special Rubí, our last Gos.
So sad that also she since almost 2 years is living on our little cloud up above…….

It however also is the date our precious Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo passed away……..
They now are together on our cloud up above, with Cocó, Hijo and Gala – it’s getting crowdy there!
So in more than one way a special day – a day for ever in our memory.

juni foto 6

our precious Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

juni foto 7

our ever-so-special Rubí

But then our garden! Blooming and green as never before.
Our kiwi-plant for instance is filled with blossom > so there will be loads of kiwi’s this year.

For the latest news from June……see ‘special edition’ up above

May 2022

May first…. wil forever be a sad day……. 
For already 6 years ago, our Hijo left us behind to go live with his mama Cocó on our little cloud up above. 
Hijo….my ever-so-special Hijo….how I miss him!

juni foto 6

Archimède HIJO Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó – there is no better, more missed dog…..

Then, once again I Besos di Ròsa and her daughter Hniña de Besos were booked for a show,
for the last time together > this time in Monaco.
Different to the last couple of years, simply ‘just us’ and without the company of one of our Gos puppies and her owner.
It always is quiet an undertaking and a long journey, but once again absolutely worth it.
After the competition had been put aside by the judge ( no points CACM and CACIB ) it was between mother and daughter to determine who was Best of Breed. I Besos de Ròsa as well as Hniña de Besos presented themselves well : the judge praised their good condition – as well as in general as for the show – and their breed specific qualities.
Hniña de Besos did what she needed to do and won her 1st Monaco point.
As the last one it was I Besos di Ròsa’s turn : she won the necessary point, made Best of Breed Veteran and finished for Monaco Veteran Champion!
Then came the hard part : it was between the two of them – with the help of a stranger showing Hniña de Besos-
to decide who was Best of Breed and that was….
I Besos di Ròsa! Because her daughter absolutely did not want to be with someone else than me >>
she once again showed that she can be ‘completely crazy’!!
Besides getting our good results, we had a more than pleasant day.
In the morning as well as at night we by very attent Italian men were helped getting all our stuff up and down the steep slope of the parking garage > that was súch a relief!
Inside we were seated in between exhibitors from Spain and Italy with whom it was nice chatting.
And to make it even better : my lunch was immediately taken care of – no discussion possible :
I had a Spanish appetizer and an Italian main course ( with a lovely glass of bubbles ) and coffee.
What else can one ask for??
mei foto 2

I BESOS di Ròsa and HNIÑA de Besos with their Monaco trofees

Then we had a very nice day in Wieze – Belgium, where the same I Besos di Ròsa had been entered in a show :
this time to win her final point for the Belgian Veteran title.
That last point she won, she also made BOB ( Best of Breed ) Veteran and BOB. To finish it of, she won the day title
Hop Empress 2022
mei foto 3

I BESOS di Ròsa now also Belgian Veteran Champion

April 2022

April wheater can surprise you….which it did!!!

On April 9 our faithfull vehicle took us to Antwerp – Belgium, where I Besos di Ròsa and Hiniña de Besos were to try and win their forlast point for the Belgian Veteran resp. Adult title. Both succeeded wonderfully!
Hniña made BOB ( Best of Breed ) and her mum I Besos di Ròsa made BOB Veteran.
They ofcourse were acoompanied by their supppurtersteam.

april foto 1

I Besos di Ròsa and Hniña de Besos with their trofees and supportersteam

On April 09 the 6 sons of Hijo’s German N-litter celebrated their 14th birthday!
Most certainly did they receive our congratulations.

Luxembourg once again was to enjoy our company on April 16.
This time only I Besos di Ròsa was entered, for both days and as a Veteran.
She had to win once to win the Luxembourg Veteran title…..and she very confidently did so!
She also made BOB Veteran. The lady here won her 45 th title! Unbeleivalble, isn’t it!!??
So the next day we left the show for what it was, giving the other veterans their own chance to reach 1st and excellent place in the class and receive the title.

Easter the lady participated in a Veteran- and Juniorshow in Belgium : the Maneblusserscup.
To us something new but we very much enjoyed it.
Also here she made BOB Veteran > even more : the judge placed her as nr. 2 in the Veteran Group!

april foto 2

I Besos di Ròsa with her Luxembourg and Belgian trofees

Sweet sister Hniña de Besos had already been – and passed for – the ECVO eyetest, but Djaya de Besos still needed to have it done We decide that Kingsday was a perfect day to do so.
So, on the road it was to the eyespecialist in Germany.
And…..were allowed to go back home with a COMPLETELY FREE as result.
Now, when the time comes, both halfsisters are ready to go visit their lovers.
april foto 3

the halfsisters Djay de Besos and Hniña de Besos

March 2022

Most of the month we had the most wonderful early spring wheather one can think of!
Had a lovely time working in the garden, preparing everything for all those beautiful days to come.

On March 8 we celebrated the 5th birthday of the Í-litter of our dear Rubí.
Rubí, who now is living on our little cloud above.
These twins were her last puppies.

maart foto 1

Í-litter of our Rubí – here almost 8 weeks old

And before you know it, it’s March 12….and we celebrated the already 5th birthday of our lovely little devil Djay de Besos! And afocourse that of her 7 siblings ( at home called Saartje – Dante – Pablo – Loesje – Meike – Isa – Django ).
I Besos di Ròsa her 2nd litter, but also for her these were her last puppies.
Together with grandma Ròsa Ke-sera, mum I Besos di Ròsa and halfsister Hniña de Besos, Djaya de Besos celebrated it with a delicious whipped cream cake > which they finished ‘lightning fast’!
And for dinner there were …PANCAKES!!!!!
maart foto 2a

when can we attack??

maart foto 2b


maart foto 2c

D-litter of I Besos di Ròsa –
here almost 8 weeks old

But that wasn’t all that happened on March 12 > March 12 truely was a Happy Day!
Geboortevrouwtje received her 2nd COVID Booster vaccination – really happy with that.

And on March 14 it was ‘pieday’ (pi = 3.14) > ever heard of that?

Week 13 – 2022 was an unbeleivably wonderfull good spring week with temperatures of appr. 20 C 
That meant enjoying coffee and lunch outside on the deck and some work in the garden 
Week 14 – 2022……it suddenly was -4 C and lots of snow…. 
March has it’s own way, doesn’t it?

maart foto 3

snow on March 31 – 2022

February 2022

On the first day of this month we had a party!
As fit as can be and still extreemly pretty, our Ròsa Ke-sera reached the age of 12 years old.
Just like her 4 sisters and 5 brothers.
We hope to enjoy her presence for many years on.
Februari foto 1a

Ròsa Ke-sera, now 12 years old

februari foto 1c

8 weeks old R-litter of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo –
now 12 tears old

On the 5th there was a Dogshow in Eindhoven – NL.
Had entered I Besos di Ròsa – for the first time as a Veteran in The Netherlands Had real doubts about going 
Well : exhibitors were allowed in 1 hour before showing, were to stay seated and leave as soon as they were judged.
Which is fine – really! 
But : visitors were allowed in all during the day, were allowed to stay as long as they wanted and were allowed to move around al that time! And so it was crowded!
I am sorry, but that is ridiculous! Anyway : we did go and it was complete chaos!
Way too many people in, who were all seated or standing way too close to eachother.
In the ring they did not abide to the timeschedule for the judging of the breeds.
So I, about ½ an hour before it was our time to show, was walking around with I Besos di Ròsa to get her accustomed to the hectic situation…when I in the corner of my eye…..see that they started judging the Schapendoes! 
Ofcourse at the completely other side of the hall!
So I as quickly as I could hussled us through the crowd to get there… insane ofcourse. 
Luckely she didn’t bother about it at all and I Besos di Ròsa did very well – the judge said she looked like a youngster – won her first Dutch Veteran point, made second bitch and BOB Veteran.
And received this wonderfull and exclusive trofee…..almost too heavy and big to take home….. 
No…….the smallest ribbon one can think of with nothing on it…… 
Ah well, the entry costed us no more than € 70, 00 without travel expences.

maart foto 3

I Besos di Ròsa’s mini-ribbon

And then it’s Valentine’s Day and the neighbour kids come bring a selfmade card….
Doesn’t that make your heart melt?

februari foto 3a
februari foto 3b

sweet Valentine’s Day card

For the rest, February was calm, quiet and a bit dull…….

January 2022

HAPPPY NEW YEAR! That all of you may stay healthy.

This month we celebrated the birthdays of 2 of our litters:
on 01.04 that of the I-miracles of our naughty
Djaya de Besos and on 01.30 that of the B-miracles of our dearly missed Rubí.
My, did they make the world prettier with beautiful, healthy miracles.

januari - foto 1

I-miracles of Djaya de Besos – now 1 year old

januari - foto 2

I-miracles of Djaya de Besos – now 1 year old

Our year started very special., it brought us a very nice surprise, even a totaly not excpected one!
I once again was busy with the umpteenth check of the data of my dogs by the Raad van Beheer and on the list of titles of 3 of my sweeties…..
I found the new Grand Champion The Netherlands title! This title is awarded to those dogs who in The Netherlands have officially received the Junior, Adult as well as the Veteran title. In the days of Cocó and Hijo the Junior title did not yet excist, so not for them it was.
But : Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo ( in 2014 ), Ròsa Ke-sera ( in 2019 ) and Rubí ( in 2019 ) all three were awarded the title. And that even after their passing….. Extreemly happy with this surprise!
januari - foto 3a
januari - foto 3b
januari - foto 3c

my 3 Grand Champions The Netherlands

But….on the last day of the month, a phonecall… 
Not just a phonecall. One to be happy about as well as sad. 
Appr. about 2 years it had been impossible to get in contact with the owner of our Rani : 
a sister to our Ròsa Ke-sera. 
Phone : did the voicemail, Email : came back undeliverable….what should one / can one do then!!?? 
It didn’t take much to get me driving to Austria. 
You see, our relation with Rani’s owner had always been very good and very personal…so, something just wasn’t right…and it wasn’t. 
What I did not hope for but did keep in mind : Rani’s owner turned very ill and has recently passed away. Rani now is with her daughter : as was agreed upon and as I had been told would be the case ‘in case of…’.
Dear Charlotte, who from the first moment was ‘in love’ with our Hijo, whom she called ‘her Hijo’.
When we were in touch, she would always first ask about ‘her Hijo’.
I am sad, Rani’s owner is no longer amongst us.
 I have always appreciated her dearly.
But at the same time I am very happy Rani now has her home with the duaghters, who are very happy with her

januari - foto 4

Charlotte Seeling and husband with some of the Cocódotjes during one of our visits