Gala de Canmuç

Gala de Canmuç
Champion with 8 titles:

NHSB 2739739 – 08.11.2003

  • Esperanza Europea ‘04
  • Junior Catalonië
  • Catalonië
  • International, Luxembourge, The Netherelands
  • Benelux Veteran Winster NL ’14
  • Benelux Winster NL ’14

    Born in Spain in the home of Tina & Vicente Gasco Correcher, kennel “Canmuç”.

    Gala is a beautifull (dark) grey truely longhaired bitch with an exceptional good head. She is of unusual good caracter but can also be a true little rascal, there is no lack of spirit.


    From the day they met as puppies – and they only differ 2 weeks – she has been in love with my Schapendoesmale Hijo, physically they are well matched – qua strenghth and size – and together they make the sand and leaves flare around during our walks in the woods. They then look like … well you know. They can easily be thought to be dry bushes >> splendid.

    Meanwhile they at full strength have been joined by Gala’s daughter Rubí and every now and then I feel sorry for Hijo. The Schapendoesladies do not participate in such wild disbehaviour and go their own way, though the youngest jumps and frolics from the one group to the other.

    I first met her breeders and owners of that time – Tina and Vicente Gasco Correcher – years and years ago on shows in Spain and we have become good friends.

    In Spain my Schapendoezen are called “Dutch Gos d’Atura’s Català”. I then call their Gossos “Spanish Schapendoezen” > nothing for nothing. Once a Spanish (dog) judge said to Vicente: “ there is a lady here today, and she has such funny Gos d’Atura’s Català, all kinds of grey > is that allowed?


    Two of the titles I allways try to win with my Schapendoezen are those of Spain and Catalunya > and so far we have been succesfull doing so. Once Tina & Vicente dropped that they would so much like one of their dogs of Spanish breed to become a Dutch Champion. On which I spontaneously offered to be willing to try and do that for them. So … in juni 2006 Gala travelled back to The Netherlands with us and stayed with us for some time.

    Totally at ease and without any stress we gave her all the time she needed to feel at home with us and once that being the case we took her to 2 shows: Rotterdam and Zwolle, where she gained her first 2 Dutch points, once even making BOB!

    Because she now had International points in 2 countries ( Spain and The Netherlands ) we secretly took her to a show in Belgium and there we – as a surprise for the home front – were able to make her an International Champion. She then went back home with the intention to come back. She was greatly missed.

    But … sometimes life has its own plans. When I in october 2008 with my then youngest Schapendoesbitch – Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo – went to Barcelona to try and win her 2 last points for the Catalonian title and the last one for the Spanish title, Vicente & Tina asked whether it would be possible for Gala to permanently come live with us, they were convinced she would be happier with us. What can one do, how can you say no? It after all does concern Gala. So I didn’t … say no! That’s how she came to stay with us and now is our very own “Spanish Schapendoes”.


    t didn’t take long for her to feel completely at home with us again and take part in everything and whatever the Schapendoezen do.

    We also started up going to shows with her again: and not without success! Very soon she managed to obtain the national titles of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. And in almost all shows she managed to also be the BOB (Best of Breed).

    But … what comes first, comes first and Gala … became a mum. On June 14 – 2009 were born her beautifull 7 Gos d’Atura Català-miracles : 3 males and 3 females.


    Gala’s Alvaro – Gala’s Agasco – Gala’s Aradí – Gala’s Alegría – Gala’s Athina – Gala’s Amiga – Gala’s Arubí.

    It was a litter on request of the Breeding Club (new bloodline ánd mums beautifull head). And it by no means was the intention to keep one, but … then you hear everyone praise the quality of the puppies … and to then let them all go live elsewhere … would be silly. So, yes indeed … one little lady stayed!


    Rubí, in full her name is Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó (named after the place of birth of mama Gala: Rubí near Barcelona).


    And this little lady took care of making mama Gala a grandmother, for in 2011 she gave birth to our R-litter, in 2014 to our U-litter, in 2016 to our B-litter and finally in 2017 our Í–litter. These twins are to be last Gos d’Atura Català puppies born in our house.

    Now also Gala has turned into “a lady at age”, everything isn’t going as smooth anymore and long walks are getting harder to do. But she still enjoys life and is now living with her daughter Chica > a sister to Rubí. Gala you see … isn’t at all into puppies and doggies under the age of 2 : and we from time to time have puppies.

    She however still is my “Gala, chica mía”, we see eachother on a regular base, walk together every now and then and ofcourse she is present when we have our A-litter’s birthday-walk. Sometimes she is also present when we have a birthday-walk with one of Rubí’s litters.


    Kennel Van Hoefflaeckens Cocó is aangesloten voor de Gos d’Atura Català: