I Besos di Ròsa

I Besos di Ròsa Champion with 56 titles:

NHSB 2939258 – vrijdag 13.09.’13

  • FCI European Junior Champion ’14
  • BOB Puppy Clubmatch Italy 2014
  • Landes Jugendsiegerin Thüringen 2014
  • Belgian Junior Winster ’14
  • Benelux Junior Winster Luxembourge ’14
    Benelux Winster Luxembourge ’14 + ’15
  • Benelux Youth Winster BE ’14
  • Benelux Winster BE ’14 +’15
  • Benelux Winster The Netherlands ’15
  • Benelux Junior Champion
  • Benelux Champion
  • Junior Champion The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourge, Gibraltar, Czech Republic
  • Junior Champion Germany (Klub)
    VDH Bundes Jugendsiegerin ’14
  • Herbst Jugendsiegerin Dortmund ’14
  • The Netherlands Junior Winster ’14
    The Netherlands Winster ’14
  • Belgian Winster ’15
  • Landes Siegerin Thüringen2015
  • International Champion, Gibraltar, The Netherlands, Luxenbourge, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Catalunya 2018
  • Ortenau Sieger ’18
  • Alpenseger ’18
  • Germany Club Champion
  • VDH Frühlingssieger 2018
  • Veteran International, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Bosnia Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Veteran Latin Winner 2021 (Madrid)
  • Veteranensieger Rostock 2021 + 2022
  • Bundes-Veteranensieger 2021
  • Hop Empress 2022
  • Holland Cup Veteran Winner
  • Grand Champion The Netherlands
  • Sarajevo Veteran Winner 2023
I Besos di Rosa

We waited for ages, hoping that Cocó would still be there … and now here it is …
Our 5th generation Cocódotjes. Great-greatgranddaughter to Cocó, greatgranddaughter to Hijo, granddaughter to Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and daughter to Ròsa Ke-sera.

Named after mama Ròsa Ke-sera ánd “só kissable”. Champion of our hearts.

I Besos di Rosa1
I Besos di Rosa2
I Besos di Rosa2

I Besos di Ròsa was born as female and puppy nr.1 and is big sister to: Il Tobi di Ròsa –
Il Divo di Ròsa – Idoya di Ròsa – Icara di Ròsa – Iduña di Ròsa

I Besos di Rosa4
I Besos di Rosa 5

Born on Friday 13.09.’13 this promised quiet a bit …
But we immediately were full-confident that also this Cocódot – chosen for us by Cocó – would live up to all our expectations, being : becoming a wonderfully naughty, active, high-spirited and healthy supplement to our family! She also is … the last Cocódot chosen for us by her great-great- grandmother Cocó Just that, already makes her very special.

I Besos di Rosa 6

It didn’t take long before very recognisable caracteristics were to be noticed that are very typical for one of the other dogs in the former 4 generations:

  • like her great-greatgrandmother Cocó she likes to snatch away one of my house-shoes to comfortably go lie down on it,
  • just like her greatgranddad Hijo she smackingly licks her lips after drinking water,
  • just like her grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo she is a real “cleaning-lady” and helps clean the eyes and ears of the others,
  • just like her mama Ròsa Ke-sera she is e true – as we say “”zwaan-kleef-aan”.

Her very own caracteristic … is hard to put in words. Besos “has something” that is being noticed and felt by everybody … a very special kind of lovelyness.

I Besos di Rosa7

All health-examinations she came through with flying colours and her Breed-Inventarisation was as to be expected exceptionally good. Also in beauty and being in accordance with the Breed Standard she can more than measure up to the other 4 generations. And in shows it’s unbelievable how well she is being appreciated there. Also there she manages to charm all. She has also been chosen for the Victory Podium several times , truely special for a Schapendoes. Only 30 months old she could already put title nr 32 on her list. She is a true gift.

I Besos di Rosa8
I Besos di Rosa9
I Besos di Rosa10

In every way that counts and to all the other dogs of our doggie-family, she is the baby who is allowed to do whatever and cannot do anything wrong. In case one of the other females has a litter, Besos is permitted all > lay down with the puppies, clean and cuddle … whatever you can think of. Does she want to lay down somewhere … they make place for her. Does she feel like playing with one of them … they do. And she preferred to sleep … on top of great-granddad Hijo’s back, she rarely was out of his sight, She also starts to look more like him by the day.

I Besos di Rosa10
I Besos di Rosa12
I Besos di Rosa13

In the future we hope to also welcome sweet and healthy offspring from her … one needs to keep dreaming……don’t we…… But for now … we to the fullest enjoy Besos herself.

I Besos di Rosa13
I Besos di Rosa17

And then…in 2017….our little crumb I Besos di Ròsa also became a mum! On 2017.03.12 were born 8 wonderfull new Cocódotjes–miracles: our D–litter. Also being the sixth generation Cocódotjes!

Thereby making her grandma Ke–sera de Cocó’s Hijo a great–grandmother and her mother
Ròsa Ke–sera a grandma. This time there was no Cocó to choose one for us, but even though one was to stay with us. She was given the name Djaya de Besos, at home we call her Djaya.

I Besos di Rosa15
I Besos di Rosa15

On 2018.11.20 she became a mother for the second time:
once again 8 amazing Cocódotjes-miracles.
Our H-litter, second batch of the sixth generation Cocódotjes.
As for the composition exactly opposite to the first time: now 3 girls and 5 lads.
And completely in the contrary to what has become a custom with us:
a second one of the same generation was to stay with us.
She has been given the name Hniña de Besos, at home we call her Hniña.

Besos 001
Besos 002

This is the final litter for our I Besos di Ròsa.
We find it has twice taken a heavy strain on her, it takes her 15 months to recover.
And my girls first and above all are ‘my girls’.
So it has been enough: as far as for Cocódotjes-miracles, Besos is allowed an early retirement.

No worry, after all this , I Besos di Ròsa didn’t stop!
No, this lady had a great time going on showing and keeps amazing everyone.
She at the moment is the keeper of no les than 56 titles and……hasn’t decided to retire yet!

Besos - foto 1

amazing I Besos di Ròsa

So I Besos di Ròsa had 2 liters, and out of each of them we kept a little miracle.
From her first litter – our D-litter – Djaya de Besos was allowed to come enlarge the family.
And out of her second litter – our H-litter – Hniña de Besos did so > her daddy is a son of our Hijo!
Both daughters by now already are adult females.

Besos - foto 2

her daughter Djaya de Besos

Besos - foto 3

her daughter Hniña de Besos

And these two beauties in the meantime made a grandma out of her!
We may say “miraculously”, for that all happened during or just after the COVID-period!
Also for that reason, both not with the actual intended daddies – for traveling wasn’t always possible
On 2021.01.04 daughter Djaya de Besos became mum to 9 wonderful I-miracles.
And daughter Hniña de Besos on 2022.11.11 did so to 6 adorable J-miracles.
For the time being she for the third time made grandma on 2023.04.02 to the 8 special O-miracles of Djaya de Besos.
But no, out of this 7th generation of Cocódotjes miracles we did not yet keep one for ourselves…..
that we still have coming!

Besos - foto 4

wonderful I-miracles of daughter Djaya de Besos

Besos - foto 5

the 6 adorable J-miracles of daughter
Hniña de Besos

Besos - foto 6

the 8 special O-miracles of daughter
Djaya de Besos

Amazing I Besos di Ròsa…..what else does she have in store for us?
We’ll have to wait and see

Besos - foto 7

I Besos di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó