Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó

Djaya de Besos Champion with 36 titles:

NHSB 3075184 – zondag 12.03.2017

  • WORLD CHAMPION 2020 (IN 2022)
  • Winner Reserve Dutch Breeds Dog of the Year 2018
  • Winner Reserve Champion of Champions of Catalunya 2019
  • BOB Puppy Luxembourg 2017
  • BOB Puppy Talavera de la Reina 2017
  • Youth Champion The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourge, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Catalunya, Germany (Klub)
  • Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Catalunya, Belgium, Monaco, Bosnia Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina
  • International
  • NL Winster 2019
  • RSCE Winner 2020 (in 2022)
  • Grand Champion Spain
  • VDH Europa-Jugendsieger ’18
  • VDH – Frühlings-Jugendsieger ’18
  • Anual Trophy Winner 2018 + 2019
  • Benelux Winner BE ’18
  • Latin Winner 2019 (Madrid) + 2022
  • VDH Frühjahr Sieger 2019
  • VDH Europa Sieger 2019
  • Herbstsieger Dortmund ’19
  • Sarajevo Winner 2023
    Djaya de Besos11

    Named after mama I Besos di Ròsa and “luscious”

    Maybe someday also a great Champion, but already champion of our hearts.

    Djaya de Besos1
    Djaya de Besos2
    Djaya de Besos3

    So: our sixth generation Cocódotjes.
    Djaya de Besos however was not born as puppy nr 6.
    But as 3rd puppy and 2nd female, she is a sister to
    Divini Besos – Dante de Besos – Duarte Besos – Dinda de Besos – Dálida Besos – Daraya Besos – Duque de Besos

    Djaya de Besos9

    Just like the others she will have her naughty stuff. To us – besides being healthy and sweet – she needs to be nothing but lovely naughty, playfull and fitting to the doggy–family like a glove. After her siblings had left, it soon became clear that she not only is mad about her mummy Besos… but that she also loves to be wih our Gos d’Atura Català Rubí. Since she is “one of us” she eats really funny! She takes a few bites, then goes have a sip of water, then another bite, a sip of water > this goes on until she is done. Isn’t that funny? This clearly is “her thing” just like the others each have their “own thing” hebben.

    Djaya de Besos12

    So, what now? Will she turn out to be a true beauty? Will she – just like the 5 generations before her – be a starlett in shows? She doesn’t have to be, she may >> just like with the others we then will be happy about it and accept it as a welcome gift.

    Djaya de Besos4

    But already she was in several shows, without any problems won several Junior titles and …..in the Ring of Honour several times has been chosen voor the podium. It looks like our little starlett has in in her to become a star like her ancestors………

    Djaya de Besos8

    For now she is our “little devil” > just look at the foto above this text!

    She is happy as ever with the long waving coats of mama Besos, grandma Ròsa, great–grandma Ke–sera and “auntie” Rubí : bite, get a good hold and then … swing-baby-swing! All of a sudden we also know again how many toys they have : everything is taken out of the baskets and doggybeds and then carefully spread all over the house. And when we went outside to have dinner and came out with with all kinds of tasty food…Djaya was só into it, that she ran outside and…. flat out dropped in the pond! She shows to be a handfull!!

    Djaya de Besos10
    Djaya de Besos5
    I Besos di Rosa15

    In 2018 Djaya de Besos prooved that what looked to be, really is:
    in shows her showing was ‘out of this world’! 
    Truely! In 2018 she presented herself 35 times and but for 2 shows she either made BOB
    (Best of Breed) or BOS (Best Opposite Sex/Female).
    Also she was selected for and/or on the podium.
    She even won Place1 in Group I Youth and several times Place 3 in Group I.
    The last one brought her an invitation from the Raad van Beheer to participate in the
    Dog of the Year-show 2018.
    That on itself is an honor, for one only is eligible for an invitation after winning place
    1, 2 and/or 3 in the Breed Group.
    And what did our then only 22 months old little girl do?
    Djaya de Besos Van Hoeflaecken’s Cocó made Winner Reserve Dutch Breeds!
    Só proud of her!

    I Besos di Rosa10

    Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó – Winner Resrve Dutch Breeds

    20200829 1 Djaya de Besos van Hoefflaeckens Coco in afwachting van wat komen gaat

    the one-and-only Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó

    In 2018 also was born the second litter to her mum I Besos di Ròsa. In contrast to what is a custom with us, also this time a littler girl was to stay with us : Hniña de Besos.
    Well, this wasn’t really what Djaya was had in mind…..she not at all was ready to no longer be the youngest!
    No, she wasn’t nasty to her halfsister, on the contrary!
    But she decided that she herself would once again also be ‘baby’.
    Those two together at times drove me to despair, but it turned out fine and they now simply are great fun together.
    The other three have accepted them completely as the ‘naughty couple’.

    20200829 2 het ondeugende tweetal Djaya en Hnina

    the naughty two – Djaya en halfzusje Hniña

    2019 was to be the year in which Djaya in the countries involved, was to try and gaine the last points for the national titles. Well : as usual she in all countries did that in the manner entrusted to her : by becoming BOB ( Best of breed ) or BOS ( Best Female ).
    Summer 2019 she succeeded in all countries.
    Since then she only participated in special shows, sometimes together with her halfsister : the one as a Junior, the other in Champion Class ( as an adult ). Also then they were successfull, often eachothers competitor.
    Also this year her feet were to be found on the podium of honor.
    In both Germany – Dortmund-showa she won the VDH Europe 2019 and Bundes Sieger 2019 titles and
    make BOB ( Best of Breed ) out of a countless number of Schapendoezen.

    20200829 3 Djaya en Hnina weer succesvol

    Djaya en Hniña did it again

    She ended the year 2019 at the The Neherlands Winner show – 25 Schapendoezen participating.
    Her halfsister made NL Junior Winster and BOB Junior.
    Our pretty Djaya made NL Winster 2019 and BOS (Best Female)

    20200829 4

    Djaya de Besos NL Winster 2019 and Hniña de Besos NL Junior Winster 2019

    For 2020 the only thing in her show-calender was receiving the Catalonian Champion title she finished for in 2019, in March on the show in Reùs……..so away we were to Spain again……where we shortly after arriving received the message that all was cancelled due to ‘auntie Corona’.
    When the next day the news trickled in that the borders were to be closed, we 2 days after arriving went straight home
    We hope she will be receiving this to us always special title in 2021.

    Our hope was to, in 2020 welcome the first miracles of our Djaya de Besos
    That then being the seventh generation Cocódotjes.

    Did it come to that?
    In spite of ‘auntie Corona’ and all the obstacles which this entailed : YES!
    Though completely different than was in the planning.
    For : her first choice for a lover lives in Sweden and we had already long before decided not to go there in these circumstances; the second was an in France living Italian good looking guy > not possible as they were closing down the district borders; the same with the third one but then in Germany!
    We had in fact already decided to just let it be – a litter is a wish, not a must-, when as a jack-in-the-box the breeder and the ownwr of a Dutch male took us by surprise with a statement > which we accepted.
    Resulting in a pleasant loversdate on 2020.11.06.
    On 2021.01.04 the world became a little prettier with the birth on 2021.01.04 of 9 miracles :
    4 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads > first litter to Djaya de Besos – our I-litter.
    The seventh generation Cocódotjes is a fact.


    Djaya de Besos and her 9 I-miracles

    With that our Ròsa Ke-sera, our I Besos di Ròsa and our Hniña de Besos respectively became great-grandmother, grandmother and auntie.

    20200829 5 Djaya de Besos van Hoefflaeckens Coco

    Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó ‘whatever the future may bring…..’

    In May 2021 it finaly was time for the presentation of the Catalonian title over 2019.
    Due to COVID it had all been postponed.
    And even though Djaya de Besos 4 months before had given birth to
    9 I-miracles…… the lady out of 39 champions…… was selected
    WINNER RESERVE Champion of Champions of Catalunya 2019


    SPECIAL EDITION 2022.06.23 + 24

    Before starting June, a moment for something special, for something as special as this one doesn’t just put in at the end. First what led to this.

    RSCE Winner and World Dog show 2020
    In 2019 we had enterd 4 doggies for the RSCE Winner Show as well as for the World Dog Show in April 2020 in
    Madrid – Spain.
    >> thanks to Corona these obviously were postponed > to 2022.06.23 and 2022.06.24.
    But then : no longer with 4 doggies! For : our ever-so-special Rubí no longer is amongst us and Hniña de Besos
    ( in 2020 still a Junior ) now is the immediate adult competition to her halfsister Djaya de Besos.
    What does Corona not disturb!

    So in the end – due to that situation – only the entries of Ròsa Ke-sera as a Veteran and Djaya de Besos in the Champion Class were maintained.
    So, in the best of moods, got in the car for the long journey to Madrid – Spain.
    Where both ladies in no way disappointed me
    – on day 1 Ròsa Ke-sera made RSCE Veteran Winner 2020 (in 2022) and
    – her granddaughter Djaya de Besos made RSCE Winner 2020 (in 2022).
    Both already were Spanish Veteran Champion resp. Spanish Champion.
    We afterwards were informed that that wasn’t all but that they also won the titles Latin Veteran Winner Madrid 2022 resp. Latin Winner Madrid 2022 > for that we have to take action, but that is to be arranged.
    And Djaya de Besos, she– after finishing for Spanish Champion – in Spain won her 4th International point for the title Grand Champion of Spain / Super Campéon de Belleza de la RSCE!!
    As soon as we were home we immediately requested for it.

    juni foto 1

    Ròsa Ke-sera RSCE Veteran Winner 2020 (in 2022) and Latin Veteran Winner Madrid 2020 (in 2022) and 
    Djaya de Besos RSCE Winner 2020 (in 2022) and Latin Winner Madrid 2020 (in 2022)

    But then there it was : the big day > the World Dog Show 2020 ( in 2022 ) in Madrid – Spain! 
    But still such a day, with such a special title, is extra exciting.
    I however needed worry at all > both did what needed to be done and by doing that obtained the titles 
    World Veteran Champion 2020 resp. World Champion 2020 ( both in 2022 ).

    juni foto 2a

    Ròsa Ke-sera World Veteran Champion 2020 ( in 2022 ) and Djaya de Besos World Champion 2020 ( in 2022 )

    On the first day Ròsa Ke-sera was to represent the breed in the Ring of Honour
    > which wasn’t ‘a piece of cake’ for the Veterans had their turn no sooner than at 22.15 hrs!!
    >> and when the day already had started at 05.00 hrs. that truely is pfffffffffffffffffff!
    …………….most certainly when you already are almost 13 years old!!

    What a whealth of girls do I happen to have…..
    Só grateful, só happy with, só proud of them I am. 
    But still……we were very happy to be home again.

    juni foto 2b

    Happy to be home again

    And then came 2023!
    This year Djaya de Besos for the 2nd time was to experience the joy of becoming a mum
    For on 2023.04.02 she made the world a little prettier with the birth of 8 wonderful
    Cocódotjes-miracles : our O-litter > 3 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads.
    Just like the first time she was the best mum ever and truely enjoyed being a mum.
    After appr. 8 weeks it was time for them to go make a mess in another house with their new families
    – so during a little less than 2 weeks we one by one said goodbye to eachother and saw them drive away from us…..

    Djaya - foto 1

    O-miracles of  Djaya de Besos