Hniña de Besos

Champion with 26 titles:

NHSB 3140993 – dinsdag 20.11.2018

  • Baby Latin Winner 2019 (Madrid)
  • Youth Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium
  • NL Junior Winster 2019
  • Benelux Junior Winner LUX ’19
  • VDH Jugend-Herbstsiegerin 2019
  • VDH Bundes Jugendsieger ’19
  • Malaga Young Winner 2019
  • Malaga Winner 2019
  • Sun Coast Young Winner 2019
  • Sun Coast Winner 2019
  • Junior Winner Belgium 2019
  • International: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Catalunya, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Latin Winner 2021 (Madrid)
  • Sarajevo Winner 2023

also named after mama I Besos di Ròsa and
“a stirring water“ “Piranha de la Casa“

Never say “never’, for then……….
You see, we normally only keep a puppy from the first litter of a new generation.
Correct : normally, for here we have the second batch of the SIXTH generation Cocódotjes!
great-great-greatgranddaughter to Cocó, great-greatgranddaughter to Hijo greatgranddaughter to Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, granddaughter to Ròsa Ke-sera and …… second daughter to our precious I Besos di Ròsa.
Second batch of our sixth generation Cocódotjes.
Just like her halfsister Djaya de Besos with a red ribbon and born as puppy nr 6 and 2nd female.


2 weeks old Hniña de Besos

Hnina de Besos

Hniña de Besos appr. 8 weeks old


he present 3 generations Cocódotjes the new Schapendoes “Four leaf Clover”


H-litter Cocódotjes-miracles

Her father is the son of our oh-so-beloved Hijo.
He – just like her mama I Besos di Ròsa is – was a wonderfull companion!
This way we do have offspring from the two of them.

Hniña de Besos! In the litter her littername was Gamba > because she was constantly moving her butt!
She – like all the others that were allowed to stay with us – was chosen for us by her family.
On Christmas Eve they all at once were constantly laying under the coffee table – playing and cuddling > so the deal was done! She was to be the little lady who was to expand our family.
A little rascal!
With the sweetness in her of her mama I Besos di Ròsa but a nuisance in a healthy way, very healthy and ‘fitting’!
And she for sure has our Hijo in her. When on the sofa, not one of my girls is – or has ever been – sleeping behind my feet >> she is!! Just like our machissimo Hijo.


sleeping Hniña between my feet


sleeping Hniña at my feet

As a little one, she had her naughtyness – especially taking away the toys from her halfsister Djaya de Besos and she also loved hanging in the beautiful long coats of the others.
And eating, we have never before had one that loves to eat as she does.

Just like the others all have ‘their own special thing’. It is the same with her.
We did not need to wait long to find out what ‘her special thing” was > loves helping doing the vacuum-cleaning and is crazy about black liquorice! How crazy can you get it.
She also has the habbit to – when outside – loudly let everyone know she is coming.
While writing this our little one is starting to become a real lady and will shortly turn 2 years old.


Hniña de Besos

Did we wonder whether she – like her halfsister Djaya de Besos and the 5 generations before her – would be a star when showing….well : immediately!
Also her show-card from the first moment was filled with the highest evaluations.
As a Junior she but for a rare case always made BOB Junior ( = Best Of Breed Junior ) and very often even BOS
( = Best Female ) or BOB ( = Best of Breed ). Being barely 10 months old she even did so out of 25 Schapendoezen in Dortmund – Germany…..including her halfsister Djaya de Besos.


Hniña de Besos BOB Junior BOS and BOB in Dortmund

A nice story that is, by the way : after Hniña had won her class, I brought her back to our space, quiet a long way away from the ring – with the intent of her staying there – and took Djaya with me for her turn in the ring. I assumed that Djaya would also win her class and I did not want to show them in the ring together again for BOS ( = Best Female ) as they then make such a spectacle of it.
To my amazement Djaya made second in her class so I had to run to get Hniña back in the ring!!!
To my intense pride that silly little girl of ours of barely 10 months old, first made BOS ( = Best Female ) and then even BOB Junior ( = Best of Breed Junior ) and … BOB ( = Best of Breed ) According to the judge she not only was spectacular but also adorably crazy…well : that’s right!

At the NL Winner 2019 Hniña de Besos had the privilage of becoming BOB Junior and also NL Junior Winster 2019.
Her halfsister Djaya de Besos made BOS ( Best female ) and NL Winster 2019.


mama I Besos di Ròsa with her daughers Hniña de Besos NL Junior Winster 2019 and
Djaya de Besos NL Winster 2019

The little monster won Junior titles in all the countries we like winning them – and that in no time.
Like her grandma Ròsa Ke-sera she isn’t really in favour of showing but when : then she does it with pleasure.
Given the choice…she wouldn’t.

Sadly, at the moment she turned 15 months of age > the moment to start showing and winning points for the adult titles : …..”Auntie Corona” overrun the world.
That meant that but for a single show, all shows she had been enterd for during 2020 were cancelled.
And so far it doesn’t look any better for 2021.
We’ll have to wait and see what the future in this matter will bring us > I already jokingly said “she will be our first doggie without adult titles”…..surely I don’t hope so, she truely deserves them!


Hniña de Besos on the run in the garden

Another ‘sadly’ occured in September 2020 when her big heroine, our last Gos d’Atura Català : Rubí passed away.
She had a real hard time coming to terms with it : she during some 24 hours wept and moaned, brought Rubí food in the doggybed she was placed in and even tried to pull her out.
For weeks she rarely would eat and doing so lost appr. 3 kg of her weight.
It took her a good month before she slowly started to carry on as before.
And then you still have people saying “ít’s just a dog”……..

For now Hniña the coming years may stay our ‘little’ one.
In spite of all the show setbacks due to ‘Auntie Corona’, we hope to also with her become successfull in shows.
But for the time being, we just want to intensely enjoy her and enjoy with her.
That together with her grandma Ròsa Ke-sera, her mum I Besos di Ròsa and her halfsister Djaya de Besos.
Our new “Four leaf clover”.


our new “Four leaf clover” pure happiness

In 2020 doing shows thanks to COVID had proven to be impossible.
Abroad in summer 2021 they carefully started with shows outdoors.
Because there controling was taken serious and was done truely well, we dared enter.
Hniña de Besos not at all disappointed us, for she managed to win quiet a few titles.
She also most of the time made BOB ( Best of Breed ).
Doing so she proved to be a worthy member of the Cocódotjes-team:
once again the apple fel close to the tree.

december foto 5

Hniña de Besos – the new star in the Cocódotjes-team

After all that catching-up in shows, she was in for something else, something completely new to her

And so she was brave and went out to find herself a lover!
Not without merit, for on the beautiful date of 2022.11.11 she became a mum to 6 very nice little miracles :
our J-litter > 4 pretty girls and 2 handsome lads.
Hniña de Besos turned out to be a ‘million-dollar-mum’ and very tolerant with her grandma
Ròsa Ke-sera, her mum I Besos di Ròsa and halfsister Djaya de Besos > they all were allowed to come enjoy and help.
So the little miracles had an excellent start in life.
They now all are living with their new – carefully selected – families and are now causing trouble there and getting their owners tired but also very happy!

Hniña foto 1

the 6 J-miracles of Hniña de Besos

Because her halfsister Djaya de Besos less than 5 months later also had a litter……..
she in March 2023 could not present herself in the show in Tarragona – Spain, where she finally was supposed to receive the title Champion of Catalunya 2021.
For this title it is obligatory to fysically be present at the festivities……and that wasn’t possible.
To our luck they were willing to present her the title in a show later in 2023.
A matter of ‘waited a long time…..’!

It still was sad however that she could not – like her halfsister and the others did – participate in the contest for Champion of Champions 2021-2022