Ròsa Ke-sera van Hoefflaeckens Cocó

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Ròsa Ke-sera Champion with 32 titles:

NHSB 2782400 – 01.02.2010

  • FCI Europa Best Puppy ’10
  • NL Junior Winster ’10
  • Brussels Junior Winner ’10
  • Landes Siegerin Thüringen 2015
  • Landes Veteranensiegerin Thüringen 2019
  • Rheinland Youth Sieger ’11
  • Junior Champion The Netherlands, Germany
  • FCI Dortmund Centenary Junior Winster’11
  • RSCE Madrid Centenary Winner ’11
  • RSCE Veteran Winner 2020 (in 2022)
  • The Netherlands Grand Champion 2019
  • International Champion, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Gibraltar, Rumania, Czech Republic, Luxembourge
  • Benelux Winner Lux ’17
  • Benelux Vetran Winner BE ’19
  • Vetaran Luxembourge, The Nethetlands, Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Germany
  • Malaga Veteran Winner 2019
  • Sun Coast Veteran Winner 2019
Ròsa Ke-sera

Ròsa Ke-sera was born as puppie nr 6 of a total of 10 puppies and as female nr. 2. And … Ròsa also is doggy nr 6 in our dog-family.

Rosa Ke-sera5
Rosa Ke-sera4

Ròsa Ke-sera is sister to Riko, Ravi , Ronin, Reza, Rafa, Rago, Rana, Rani en Raya. They all as second name have Ke-sera.

Rosa Ke-sera3

Ròsa Ke-sera has grown out to be a Schapendoes in all shades of grey. And she to the limit is a naughty little girl but very affectionate. Together with Rubí she often makes life quiet tough for the other family-members. She is afraid for and/or of nothing and there is no challenge too big! Ròsa inherited greatgrandma Cocó’s caracter, grandpa Hijo’s naughtyness and inventivity and mama Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s flexibility in movement > so all I like so much has been passed on well. She is also affected with what we call an “Italian temperament”.

Rosa Ke-sera2

Of course Ròsa also attended the doggy-school, and finished for the with us ususal certificates.

Rosa Ke-sera6
Rosa Ke-sera9

As a real Cocódotjes-Schapendoes, Ròsa Ke-sera has shown and seen rewarded her qualities in dog shows. After her first succesfull appearance on June 5th 2010 in Hulten – NL where she, after being selected Best Baby of Breed, in the Ring of Honour was placed nr 5 –, she as a Baby and a Puppy often won 1st Place. Also as a Junior she was very succesfull and won quiet a few titles. After that she as an “adult” continued to do so, often together with Rubí or her grandfather Hijo. After winning in all these classes and becoming BOB she very often was to show herself in the Ring of Honour. To us one of her most wonderfull achievements was to during the Brussels Dog Show 2010 – only 10 months old and participating just for fun > out of 18 Schapendoezen – be the BOB.

Rosa Ke-sera7

Our motto for Ròsa Ke-sera is “whatever the future may bring / que sera, sera “ has been and is being looked at with confidence. She in any way is a sweet, naughty little witch. Óur sweet, naughty little witch.


But yes … this little witch of ours also has become a mama : on Friday 13.09.’13 we were happy to welcome 6 new Cocódotjes-miracles, our I-litter >> the 5 th generation Cocódotjes they are!!

Rosa Ke-sera10

“In 2015 we welcomed 9 M-miracles, in 2016 7 È-miracles and in 2017 10 E-miracles”

Rosa Ke-sera11
Rosa Ke-sera12
Rosa Ke-sera15

To our great joy our Cocó was still there to experience the birth of our I-litter.

The fifth generation Cocódotjes. Cocó then was a great-great-grandmother! And Cocó once again chose one who is allowed to stay with us : she chose mama Ròsa Ke-sera’s favorite, the firstborn female/puppy, the little lady with the pink ribbon She was given the name I Besos di Ròsa and at home she is called Besos ( being Spanish for ‘kisses’).

Then…..came 2017, and by I Besos di Ròsa becoming a mum for the first time….
she made a grandma out of Ròsa Ke–sera.
Our D–litter, consisting of 8 wonderfull miracles.
The sixth generation Cocódotjes!
Allowed to stay with us was Djaya de Besos.

Rosa Ke-sera13
Rosa Ke-sera13