Í-nest Rubí d.d. 08.03.2017


Summary of week 1 – 8

of the baby/puppytime of Rubí’s Í-litter 2017.03.08 – 2017.06.04

Unlike as is usual with us, we this time did not give weekly updates to make it possible for everyone to keep up with how these Í-miracles were doing. Had to do with ‘a situation concerning the website’ : sometimes you get disappointed! We were very lucky to have a sweet person willing to help out and put on the site the ultrasound information and the birth announcement > we were só happy with that and with him : thank you Stan!  

Never the less…now a résumé Once home after Rubí had a caesarean delivery, she as usual and immediately behaved like an excellent mother  


Not an over-the-top tender mum however : from the first moment she makes sure to have some time to herself by – mostly – by retreating to the study where she then lies down to sleep. From time to time she comes back in to see whether all is okay, to cuddle them a little, to nurse and /or to feed them > she very well takes care of that all by herself.  

As is a custom with us, the other dogs were around all the time and were allowed to come have a look in the birthbox and even lay down in there. Even when she wasn’t around.  

When 4 days later also the D-miracles of our youngest Schapendoes I Besos di Ròsa were born it started to get really nice ( and busy! ). Both birthboxes next to eachother and mums checking on eachothers offspring and laying down beside them.  


The Í-miracles : only two puppies this time, but wwooww : how beautifull they were! One little lady and one handsome lad : Rubí’s Ídiliq and Rubí’s Ídalgo.  

It from the very first moment was clear thet the female was one with a lot of temperament and that the male was as sweet and cudly as his mum is.  


All went smoothly, eyes opened, theeth came through and they could hear very well too, they became more active and interested by the day and – the way I by now am used to wit Gossos – noisy in their special typical way. Eating real food from foodbowls, enjoying sweets, getting more and more naughty, some fighting, some tempting and chasing after eachother, you name it….they did it. The male was a champion in breaking out an was deeply in love with the Schapendoespuppy that had the same hobby : as soon as they met one another in the passage they couldn’t stop kissing and shaking their bodies, só cute to see.


Gospuppy to come play outside When they were almost 6 weeks old the Chipper from the Raad van Beheer came and the day thereafter the Vet gave them their 1st puppy-vaccination : both ordeals they put up with without a problem. Once that was done, we could start exploring the outside world, always a lot of work and quiet hectic but só nice to do and só good in helping them get ready for their life after us.


For both doggies loving families were found – families who by now are ever so happy with them. We wish them a loving and long life together, with and for eachother.


So…… and that’s all it is!
Well : Gos d’Atura Català-puppies of Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó …. After 5 litters
( 1 with Gala de Canmuç and 4 with her daughter Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó ) these were the last
Gos-puppies to be born in our house.
That alone makes these two extra special