Concluding words 2023


2023  was a special year.
To start with, we finally were no longer bothered by limitations due to COVID > so : relief!

But also a year in which we were to enjoy the fun and pleasure of no less than 2 litters ( 1 born in
2022 ) with new miracles! The halfsisters Djaya de Besos and Hniña de Besos spoiled us and
together made 14 families happy.

It however also was an unexpectedly confronting year.
A year during which we were to realize that life doesn’t last for ever – neither for our doggies.
For we had to say our goodbyes to several of our miracles – to our luck all of them due to old age
and after a healthy life.
We this year said goodbye to born with us Schapendoesjes Riko, Ravi ( Mientje ), Reza ( Snoopy ),
Chiara ( Doeschka ), Chusco ( Benji ), Ronin ( Gijs ) and 1 Gos : Alegría ( Chica ).
We also were informed about the passing of Hijo’s puppies Mercedes ( Lily ), Manolito ( Giacco )
and Lyra. They all now live on our little cloud up above, with Cocó, Hijo, Ke-sera, Gala and Rubí.

no words

…. no words….

says it all

… says it all…..

For 2024 we hope for a happy, joyfull and healthy year.
With – when granted – in spring new miracles by Hniña de Besos followed in autumn by new
miracles of Djaya de Besos.

So, once again, no time getting bored for us!

merry christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!

November and December 2023




Ah well, November……now the days are shorter and darker…..
……..more so as we once again had to turn back the clock an hour……
A month overloaded with messages and activities.
Also  the month to start gathering the fallen leaves and do some trimming.

But this month’s first weekend brought something else to do! So nice!
For we had another puppy-walk! This time I joined together our last two litters.
Those of the halfsisters : so the 1st birthday-walk with the J-miracles of Hniña de Besos and the
‘we-are-7-months-old’ walk with the O-miracles of Djaya de Besos.
Neither of the litters were complete, some had something else to do….their loss!
We were with 4 of the 6 J-‘s of Hniña de Besos and with 5 of the 8 O-‘s of Djaya de Besos.
And ofcourse both mums were present!
It was a walk as never before : it rained from start to finish.
Very unusual for our walks – we, in fact, mostly are very lucky with the weather.

Nevertheless it was a lovely reunion with all the miracles and their families.
It was funny to so clearly see the age difference of 5 months differ in development and size.
This walk also ended up eating those delicious pancakes.

bankjesfoto van de J-tjes en de O-tjes samen

benchfoto of the J-‘s and the O-‘s together

Geboortevrouwtje met de mama's Hniña de Besos en Djaya de Besos

Geboortevrouwtje with the mama’s
Hniña de Besos and Djaya de Besos

As far as litterwalks are concerned : this is it for this year!
Next year we’ll start all over again

And yes : new bad news!
This time we, by hearsay, became aware that the daddy-dog to our Djaya de Besos her O-miracles
had passed away. So made a phonecall with his owners, and indeed : he died on 2023.11.09.
They ofcourse miss him dearly, he was their first Schapendoes.
He was a handsome guy.

Aljoscha, papa van het O-nestje van Djaya de Besos

daddy Aljoscha of Djaya de Besos her O-liter

And yes……once again it was crying time! Another phonecall with sad news…..
Now we were told that on 2023.11.10 our Gala’s Alegría – at home Chica –, the sister of our dearly
loved Rubí, also started the journey to our little cloud up above.
> she made 14 years and 5 months old.
Marian and her husband Wim gave her a fantástic life > during the last years they even made long
trips with the camper and always she was part of the gang : thanks for the wonderful life she had.

Gala's Alegría = Chica

Gala’s Alegría – Chica

Time for something nice!
We, on 2023.11.10 celebrated the 12th birthday of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s C-miracles.
> adorable miracles – 5 of the 8 still are with us.

C-wondertjes met mama Ke-sera de Cocó's Hijo – 12 jaar inmiddels

C-miracles of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo
– now 12 years old

And on 2023.11.11. it was the first birthday party for the J-miracles of Hniña de Besos.
As I noticed in the reactions I received on our Birthdaymail, it really was a party with all of them.
Here and there even with ‘our’ famous cream cake or cream puffs!

de J-wondertjes van Hniña de Besos – nu 1 jaar

the J-miracles of Hniña de Besos
– now 1 year old

That spiral of sadness……in Facebook I read that on 2023.11.12 a daughter of our Hijo died.
Lyra – this lady was allowed a stay on earth for 15 ½ years.

Lyra – foto gestolen van facebook......

Lyra – photo stolen from Favebook…..

Then it once again was time for something serious……..
It was time for both halfsisters to have another ECVO-test done.
Did we during the last years had that done by a sweet doctor in Germany or had it done at the
German IGS Clubmatch, this time we stayed in The Netherlands
> because this time it was just us, so without the dogs born with us but living in Germany.
Whatever way you look at it > it every time again is an exciting matter!
But…..both ladies came through with flying colours >> both ECVO FREE!!
We can now inform their future lovers.

gefeliciteerd met jullie ECVO uitslagen Djaya de Besos en Hniña de Besos

congratulations Djaya de Besos and
Hniña de Besos with the ECVO results

Then came another day in our Ròsa Ke-sera’s ‘farewell tour’!
This time she said goodbye to Belgium. And how!
The judge was without words in complimenting and describing her condition, energy, coat, still
smooth movements and still complete and white scissorbite.
Even the people behind the table said : ‘wwooww – and that at 14 years old’
The lady went back home with two trofees…


Ròsa Ke-sera met haar laatste Belgische trofeeén

Ròsa Ke-sera with her last Belgian trophies

And then…..and then…..and then….. it was 2023.11.20!!
OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Our little monster Hniña de Besos celebrated her 5th birthday.
But…in the whole village there were no cream cakes – so we managed with cream puffs.

Ròsa Ke-sera met haar laatste Belgische trofeeén

Hniña de Beso – 5 years old

samen verjaardagsoesjes eten

eating cream puffs together

samen verjaardagsoesjes eten

grandma Ròsa Ke-sera and mum I Besos di Ròsa dead tired of celebrating

We ofcourse also congratulated the other puppies
( Bo + Donder1 + Does + Gio + Niño + Donder 2 + Joya )
from the H-litter of our I Besos di Rosa

H-nestje I Besos di Ròsa – nu 5 jaar oud

H-litter I Besos di Ròsa – now 5 years old

November 22 ……..VOTING!!
The Netherlands…….is and will always be a very special country.
I wonder how long it will take before and whether we will have a new government.

To close of, we on 2023.11.29 celebrated the 12th birthday of the R-miracles of our sweet Rubí.

R-wondertjes van onze lieve Rubí  – nu 12 jaar oud

R-miracles of our sweet Rubí
– now 12 years old



It in fact…..was my intention to simply write down that this month was just for us!
But, then ofcourse something happened again…..

Because there was December 5!
As usual we were hoping that Sint and Piet would take us back to Spain with them, but……no
> we again were to stay here! Apparently we had not been naughty enough….

But, that December 5….something else did happen….
Something sad….
For our little cloud up above was to receive a new resident……
This time Ròsa Ke-sera’s big brother Riko took the trip there.
He was allowed 13 years and 10 months.
He is the third of this litter of 10 to leave us….
His owners have always kept his coat shortened, our special Riko!
Klaus and Christa gave him a good home, he was loved intensely, it is a great loss to them
> even more so as he is to be their last doggie. Thank you both for all.

Riko Ke-sera = Riko

Riko Ke-sera = Riko

And please, do not think it was done then….oh no : there was another phonecall > from the owners
of another one of Rõsa Ke-sera’s brothers : Ronin Ke-sera ( at home Gijs ). He also took off to our
little cloud up above. On 2023.12.12 his clock also stopped – 13 years and 10 ½ months old he was.
All through the years there was little contact with his owners, but I am ever so glad that they did
reach out to us at this difficult and special moment, and even provided us with a last photo.
Also here we are thankful for the good family life he had with them.

Ronin Ke-sera = Gijs

Ronin Ke-sera = Gijs

August, September and October 2023




During all over August we were busy visiting he O-miracles of Djaya de Besos
> our well known ‘we-are-4-months-old’visits!
What did we find? Still súper crazy miracles > true children of their mum!
They all looked fine – ofcourse they all had just bene combed… – had good weights and at the time of our visit each and every one af them was changing teeth.
Did we need to take any back home > no way, we didn’t get the chance to!
Did the families still support their choice for a miracle from our house? YES…..
This even though a few realised that they had thought having a puppy again would to be easier –
but they never the less couldn’t imagen life
without our Cocódot-miracle.
I am already looking forward to November…… 

de O-wondertjes van Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó

O-miracles of Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó

Well, and then it seems as if we landed up in a period of sadness after sadness….
For the owner of our Benji > officially Chusco Ke-sera, phoned us with the message that he also had left us and on 2023.08.03 moved to our cloud up above.
The second one from this C-litter of our Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo to leave us…..
Ria and her husband have given him a good life for which we are grateful.
To their luck they still have our Mauro di Ròsa = Boaz and Igabo de Djaya = Bram to comfort them……
that is, for as far as that can be…..

Chusco Ke-sera = Benji

Chusco Ke-sera = Benji

Between everything, we made a short trip to Germany.
There we for a couple of days stayed with the owner of the passed away sister to our Ròsa Ke-sera >> Ravi Ke-sera = Mientje.
To comfort her, to reminisce and to see where she had been burried.

mijn meisjes met Mientjes' vrouwtje Peggy

my girls with Mientjes’ owner Peggy

Once back home, there was a phonecall of our Rooie’s new family…..they had called before and I then had made them an offer they then were’nt ready for yet, but after serious thought decided to accept.
Result : on Friday 2023.08.25 I took off and brought her back home.
Now she first needs to unwind before we start the search for her forever family.
Not surprising was that my girls immediately took her ‘back in the family’…as it was before!

onze 'Rooie'.....weer thuis

our ‘Rooie’……back home

We ended of the month with the calender saying ‘1 year older’, with rain but with a very nice present
The Formula I Race in The Netherlands > with Max Verstappen once again meeting expectations!
Just had a lovely day.
And then…..also August was gone again!

September 2023


And here comes September…..

After visiting the last one of the O-miracles of Djaya de Besos it was time to sign them over to their new families.
That said, that done.
All, but our ‘Rooie’ ofcourse!

We also were asked to write the judge reports during the Clubmatch at the Polski NizinnyClub.
They celebrated their 45th anniversary.
A very well organized day with truely wonderful presents for all participants.
As part of the new ‘socialization’ of our ‘Rooie’ took her along – thanks again to her ‘babysitters and pamperers’-
without them it would not have been possible.

Furthermore we were occupied with our ‘Rooie’, had her checked by our Vet and vaccinated against Rabiës
( which had not been done ) and went on with her upbringing.
That little girl was very busy getting rid of her baby teeth : the teeth and molars flew around!
She and my girls still are a happy family and day by day she’s more part of the gang –
which makes getting her back in the saddle easier.
Also busy talking to interested families > but I believe she can’t just go anywhere, so carefully and in no hurry looked for her forever family. Were we succesful? Yes!.
Very well even – so well that they midst this month were allowed to take her home to become part of their family.
Their family in which already lives another Schapendoes – couldn’t be better, don’t you think?!
She now truely is in the right place.

'Rooie' houdt van bloemen en drinken uit de vijver

‘Rooie’ loves flowers and drinking from the pond

On the same day that ‘Rooie’ left us for the second time, we celebrated birthday nr 10 of her grandma I Besos di Ròsa .
My beauty with the most wonderful caracter thinkable – just like her great-granddad Hijo.
She and her mum and her dughters enjoyed the birthday cake.

I Besos di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó – 10 jaar al weer

I Besos di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó –
10 years old

samen verjaardagstaart eten

enjoying the birthday cake

And then, finally! Another very nice walk! This time with Schapendoesjes from several of our litters –
so doggies with different ages : from 12 to almost 5.
We were ever so lucky with the wheater, for after saying our first ‘hello’s’ the drizzle stopped.
And so we – at least from out of the sky – were able to walk ‘dry’.
It was a very pleasant walk and we thereafter had a tasty enjoyable lunch

wandelen met pups uit verschillende nestjes

a walk with puppies from different litters

Well…and then….another one of those phonecalls……and you sit there crying together….
For also Chiara Ke-sera = Doeschka has left for our cloud up above.
On 2023.09.18 …..her time was over. Almost 12 she was.
Doeschka : the only Schapendoes ever to officially become an avalanche dog and also a sniffer dog
We thank her family for the good years they gave her and how active they were with her.
From the first moment Doeschka was a very proud little lady.
To their luck neither their house is ’empty’: they still have our Es Dara di Ròsa = Bente

foto 0

Chiara Ke-sera = Doeschka

We weren’t done then yet!
For on 2023.09.24 we remembered our Rubí
Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó.
3 years have passed since she also left us to live on our cloud up above….
It’s impossible to forget her : Rubí was beautiful – inside and out

onze practige Rubí ( Gala's Arubí Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó )

our beautiful Rubí
( Gala’s Arubí Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó )

After all those tears shed together, it’s more than time for something to enjoy.
This time – n.a. on their mother Rubí’s day of passing – a combi walk with puppies from her
R- and B-litters. A very enjoyable walk we had > halfway through we were treated on sangria and sausage –
with lovely wheather, friendly owners and happy doggies in the ages of 12 and 7 ½.
From our home, I took along our beautiful old Schapendoes lady Ròsa Ke-sera > almost 14 she is!
Also after this walk we went for those delicious pancakes!

bankjesfoto met de Gosjes uit onze R- en B-nestjes + Ròsa Ke-sera

benchfoto with R- and B-puppies from Rubí
+ Ròsa Ke-sera



AUTUMN….at least…that’s what it’s supposed to be!
But it started of as a wonderful late summer, with high temperatures : so enjoy as long as it lasts!

And that we immediately did on the very fist day!
How? Well, with another combi walk with puppies from some of the Schapendoes litters.
Nice attendance, even though last minute  due to being unwell 2 families  had to cancel, from 2 other families only one of the owners was present and from those present 3 for the same reason didn’t join us for lunch.
Excellent guide with sweet helper, lovely wheather, happy and free doggies and friendly people
Also this time we ended it of with a ‘pancake lunch’
It was wonderful seeing them all again after such a long time

de gids met zijn secundant

our guide with secondant

foto 0

this time all together on a ‘bunkerfoto

And them out of the blue, it was october 23 again…………………
To us, not ‘just a date’, no : COCÓDOTJESday!
As once being the date of birth of both my Cocó and her son : our precious Hijo.
They now guide as from above.

The month for us ended in Spain : finally again!
However with a very special goal : to Hniña de Besos receiving the Campéon de Catalunya title
> this as we were’nt able to be present at the official presentation in March, due to the pregnancy of her halfsister Djaya de Besos.
As we were there, decided to also enter her for the show and….last minute : also her grandma
Ròsa Ke-sera : for her to say goodbye to Catalunya and to Spain ‘adiós Catalunya y adiós España’.

Wel, Hniña de Besos was presented her title – this time it was in the form of a fan with a print.
Too bad the wrong year was painted on : she already became a champion in 2021 and 2022 is on.

titel Campéon de Catalunya voor Hniña de Besos

title Campéon de Catalunya for Hniña de Besos

But….it was her grandma Ròsa Ke-sera who stole the show!
Hniña de Besos did not at all feel like performing and thundered through the ring like a hare….
Result being that Ròsa Ke-sera not only made Best of Breed Veteran, but also Best of Breed.
This meant she she had to appear in the Ring of Honour twice : once on Saturday as Best of Breed in Group I and again on Sunday as Best of Breed Veteran.
Don’t tell me that that’s no wonderful closure of her Spanish show carrier.

foto 0

Ròsa Ke-sera BOB-V en BOB in Valls :
‘adiós Catalunya y adiós España ‘

July 2023


Ah welll….July….was a truely hot summers month – loaded with special moments

foto 0

patiently waiting together for their turn

It started with once again going ‘on the road again’- happened to pass our path and we could because the O-miracles
had all left with their new families : so, totally not planned, but great fun.
Also thanks to the nice company of our ‘uphill workers’ help of Yvette and Noah.
This time the trip went to Bosnia Herzegovina > to the Sarajevo Winner 2023 shows!
On two nights, 2 x eveningshows on a row : 2 x CAC and 2 x CACIB > so quiet a job
Never done something like it before, a completely new experience for us.
Ofcourse all 4 of the girls came along, but participating was only for I Besos di Ròsa,
Djaya de Besos and Hniña de Besos > Ròsa Ke-sera is permanently ‘show-retired’.
Did we have a good time? We did! Was it different? It was! Was it successful? It was!
We had help from Hungarian and Finnish participants presenting the girls for Best of Breed.
I Besos di Ròsa made 4 x Best of Breed Veteran, 1 x nr 3 Best in Show Veteran and
1 x nr 2 Best in Show Veteran.
Djaya de Besos 1 x Best of Breed, 1 x selected Best 5 of Group I
Hniña de Besos 3 x Best of Breed, 1 x placed nr 3 of Group 1.
To my great surprise, our youngest Hniña de Besos during the first 3 shows beat her mum as well as her halfsister!
So with pain in my heart I reported her absent for the 4th show
> giving her halfsister a chance of also winning the Sarajevo Winner 2023 title……..
All 3 now are – Veteran or Adult – Champion of Bosnia Herzegovina +
Champion of the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina and also Sarajevo Winner 2023
After already a year ago winning the first 2 of 3 needed points, I Besos di Ròsa now also finished for International Veteran Champion.
WWOOWW!!!!! What successes.

foto 1

Hniña de Besos placed nr 3 Group I

foto 2

I Besos di Ròsa placed nr 3 Best in Show Veteran

foto 3

I Besos di Ròsa placed nr 2 Best in Show Veteran

Besides the showing and the coziness with our company, something else really funny occured
> one of the judges expressed her surprise that our almost 10 year old I Besos di Ròsa still had complete and sparkling white teeth!
So I said to her “madam, I also have her 13 ½ year old mum with me and she also still has all her white teeth.
Late that night and on the way home, we saw all the judges standing waiting for their bus, and she approached me again asking to see Ròsa Ke-sera
> ofcourse she could! She was astonished!
And that – those veterans with complete dents – to us …is simply normal……
The trip back home…was a story on itself.: lasted more than a day longer due to car trouble of our company, making us having to wait for a new parts and so leading us to a very special overnight-stop…….
When we finally were able to move on again….my new car said ‘engine failure’……
NO!! I said, keep on going, we’ll see how far we can go….HOME! Oh, wasn’t that lovely!!

foto 4

I Besos di Ròsa, Djaya de Besos,
Hniña de Besos home with their rozettes

And then, it gave something really nice to do and experience!
For the first time in years we once again were having a ‘we-are-7-months-old’ litterwalk!
With the J-miracles of Hniña de Besos > meanwhile 8 months old!
Not with all : sometimes due to the distance / where the miracle now lives ( abroad ) or holidays.
One wasn’t present because she was in heat – for our line really early!
Never happened before……but as that say : there is a first time for everything……
Well, and when there are ‘only’ 6 J-miracles, doesn’t leave much > in this case half of them.
Nevertheless we had a wonderful walk with – what a blessing! – dry, lovely wheather, 22C and a breeze.
Happy families whom met for the first time – adorable, very good looking miracles and ……a jealous mama Hniña!
Really : not one was allowed to come close to me > I was and am ‘hers’!
In the litter she was born in, I called her ‘little monster’ …still correct.
The miracles had a great time running and frolicing around, the one a little braver than the other – but gradually they all were free and happy,
but one…..a pure WATERRAT!! Dirty, clean, doesn’t matter!
Before saying goodbye again, we went for pancakes. That always is a party too

foto 5

Hniña de Besos with 3 of her 6 J-miracles and their families

But as we found out a long time ago…..life doesn’t only exist of happy things….
Ever since we in 1999 have Schapendoezen again, 13 litters have been born with us.
Out of all these litters, I have always said that the most beautiful, the most original, still a real ‘historic Does’ ….was Mientje.
Mientje is a sister to our own Ròsa Ke-sera and officially named Ravi Ke-sera.
Mientje and her owner Peggy were an inseparable duo, did you see the one, you saw the other – as thay say ‘together 24/7’
– so also at work, where she had her own spot and things.
They live 500 km away from us, but every time we had a litterwalk > they were present > they then spent the weekend with us.
Also every time we were at the Clubmatch or Litter Evaluations in Germany
> they were present the whole weekend.
> not to participate : no, simply to be together!
And now is truely is WAS…..
For Mientje has passed away on 2023.07.19 – it was over for her….
13 years, 5 months and 3 weeks old
The second one of this R-litter of 10 of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo that has left us
We don’t have the words to say thank you to Peggy for the wonderful life she gave Mientje

foto 6a

the R-litter of Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

foto 6b

Ravi Ke-sera = Mientje

And then it already is July 21 again!
Isn’t celebrated in The Netherlands, but we do!
So made sure the girls were spoiled…..

foto 7

my Cocódotjes girls……

The rest of the month we kept it calm and easy.
For 3 of the 4 of them it was time for the Vet again > and all 3 they passed the check-up.
We also made the appointments for the ‘we-are-4-months-old’ visits next month to the O-miracles of Djaya de Besos
> looking forward to seeing them again!

Juni 2023


het O-nestje van Djaya de Besos

onze eigen Cocódotjes

Juni……was een bijzondere maand…..en dat was het!

Nadat eind mei het merendeel van de O-wondertjes van Djaya de Besos met hun nieuwe families naar huis was gegaan,
bleef er eentje nog wat langer. Bovendien kwam één van de reutjes de eerste week van juni nog 6 dagen logeren!
Van die eerste week van juni met dit tweetal hebben we volop genoten > mama Djaya de Besos vond het ook
heel gezellig met ze. Maar op 7 juni was het toch echt einde O-wondertjes in Casa Cocódotjes!
Want het reutje werd weer door zijn baasjes opgehaald en ons laatste dametje – onze Rooie –
mocht ook met haar nieuwe familie mee naar huis.
Tja – en dan is het ineens over en ben je weer ‘onder ons’…..

foto 16
foto 15

Rooie en Ventje – samen slapen en samen spelen

Hoezeer we ook van dit achttal hebben genoten, het was fijn weer alleen met mijn meisjes te zijn.

Maar er was meer : en niet elk bericht is leuk We kregen bericht uit Duitsland van het vrouwtje
van een zoon van onze Hijo > van Manolito de Hijo – thuis Giacco – uit Hijo’s M-nestje d.d. 2008.08.23.
Ook voor Giacco was het moment gekomen om naar ons wolkje boven te verhuizen.- maar wel pas op de
mooie leeftijd van 14 jaar en 9 maanden!! Giacco heeft een heel fijn leven gehad bij zijn vrouwtje Margot
en haar echtgenoot – waarvoor wij hen erkentelijk zijn.
Van Hijo’s M- nestje is nu nog één dametje
in leven – een échte ‘óuwe taaie’ dus!

foto 16

Hijo’s M-nestje d.d. 2008.08.23

foto 15

Manolito de Hijo = Giacco – op jongere leeftijd

Alsof dat niet genoeg was kregen we een soortgelijke boodschap van het baasje van een
broertje van onze Ròsa Ke-sera : Reza Ke-sera = Snoopy. Na een fijn leven bij Kerstin en haar gezin,
is ook hij – 13 1/3 jaar oud – op 2023.06.05 op reis gegaan naar ons wolkje boven.
Als eerste uit dit nestje van 10 van onze Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo.

foto 16

R-nestje van Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 2010.02.01

foto 15

Reza Ke-sera = Snoopy – op jongere leeftijd

Ook treurden we omdat het op 14 juni al weer 5 jaar geleden was dat onze Ke-sera de Cocós Hijo
verhuisde naar ons wolkje boven > zij wilde weer bij haar papa Hijo en oma Cocó zijn…..

foto 16

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo

Op diezelfde dag echter vierden we de 14de verjaardag van ons allereerste nestje
Gos d’Atura Català! 7 schitterende pups geboren op 2009.06.14 > van de 7 zijn er nog 5 in leven!!
Okay, ze worden ouder – maar ze hebben ‘er nog steeds zin in’!! En dat is wat telt

foto 16

ons allereerste Gossennestje – de A-wondertjes van Gala

Maar, intussen werd het tijd om weer eens een uitje te organiseren waarbij we gelijk de nieuwe
auto konden uitproberen / leren kennen! Nu wilde het geval dat Hniña de Besos nog het laatste
puntje moest behalen voor de Belgische titel > doordat ze november vorig jaar voor het eerst moeder
mocht worden, moest dat worden uitgesteld Nu zij daarvan weer helemaal was hersteld, was
uitproberen van de auro en een show lopen een mooie combinatie! Zo gezegd, zo gedaan, haar
ingeschreven voor een show in Genk en de familie ging op stap! Hoe verliep het? Prima : de auto reed als
een zonnetje en ons jonkie Hniña de Besos die voor het eerst sinds 14 maanden weer aan een show meedeed……
showde als een waar sterretje en heeft alle anderen ‘een poepie laten ruiken’ door niet alleen haar klasse te winnen
en Beste Teef te worden, maar zelfs BOB ( Beste v/h Ras )! De keurmeester vond haar ‘a very nice dog’!
Het laatste puntje voor de Belgishe titel was nu ook binnen en is na thuiskomst direct aangevraagd!

foto 16

Hniña de Besos – BOB in Genk, België

Dat was me het maandje wel weer……nu op naar juli!

April 2023




De 3de lichting van de zevende generatie Cocódotjes-wondertjes

hun Geboortevrouwtje,
overgrootmoeder Ròsa Ke-sera
oma I Besos di Ròsa,
mama Djaya de Besos
en tante Hniña de Besos

Laten u weten dat dagen eerder dan verwacht
op zondag 2023.04.02
de wereld weer een beetje mooier werd met de geboorte van Cocódotjes-wondertjes
5 knappe mannetjes en 3 mooie meisjes
ons O-nestje
mama = Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó
papa = Aljoscha vom Herthasee

mama Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó en haar 8 O-wondertjes

mama Djaya de Besos en haar
acht O-wondertjes

het O-nestje van Djaya de Besos

het O-nestje van Djaya de Besos

Wij denken voor alle pups fijne families te hebben

Voor informatie
bel 0(0-31)33-2535467
of stuur een mailtje naar info@hoefflaeckens-coco.nl

voor verdere info zie Nestplannen, O-nest Hniña de Besos d.d. 2023.04.02

Maart 2023




In minder dan 2 weken verwachten we de nieuwe wondertjes
van onze Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó
Geboortebox en mama-to-be zijn er klaar voor hen te verwelkomen

geboortebox en mama-to-be Djaya zijn er klaar voor


Internationale Vrouwendag

Op Valentijnsdag meldden wij de loversdate en de hoop op nieuwe Cocódotjes wondertjes

Geheel in stijl zijn wij op de Internationale Vrouwendag 2023 voor een echo geweest
En toen zagen we ze!
Ja-ja : Djaya de Besos heeft een buik vol beentjes
Er werd een prima hartslag gehoord en gezien en de wondertjes in wording zijn nu ca 2.4 cm


echofoto met 2 wondertjes tegelijk in beeld

Voor info : bel 00-31-33-2535467
Of mail naar : info@hoefflaeckens-coco.nl

Februari 2023




Moeder Multi ChDjaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken”s Cocó
Vader Aljoscha vom Herthasee

Beide ouders g-PRA vrij, ECVO vrij, moeder HD-A, vader HD-B
Wij zijn lid van en houden ons aan de (strengere) eisen van de Duitse Rasvereniging.

Voor info : bel 00-31-33-2535467
Of mail naar : info@hoefflaeckens-coco.nl