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Gala ~ Rubí

Gala’s Arubí Champion with 29 titles:

NHSB 2753238 – 14.06.2009

  • FCI Europa Jeugd ’10
  • FCI Europa ’11 + ’12
  • FCI Shows Champion
  • The Netherlands Grand Champion 2019
  • Junior Netherlands, Slovenië, Luxemburg
  • Bundes Jugendsieger ’10
  • FCI Centenary Winster Dortmund
  • FCI Centenary Winster NL
  • International, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium Luxembourge, Rumania, Gibraltar, Czech Republic
  • Veteran Luxembourge, Spain, Monaco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany
  • Benelux Veteran Winner Lux ’17
  • Benelux Veteran Winner BE ’18
  • Benelux Veteran Champion
  • Landesveteranensiegerin Thüringen 2019
    2016.10.08 kopfoto rubi

    Also born in my home and my 2nd Gos d’Atura Català or “Spanish Schapendoes “.
    Named after her mama Gala and Gala’s place of birth: Rubí near Barcelona. Sister to:
    Gala’s Amiga – Gala’s Alegría – Gala’s Alvaro – Gala’s Athina – Gala’s Agasco and Gala’s Aradí.


    Rubí is a beautifull and frail built bitch, with a wonderfull and long coat : long blonde legs and a dark cover, interweaved with grey. Her Pedigree says her colour is grey and fauve.

    Just as her brothers and sisters she inherited mama Gala’s exceptional good head. She also inherited her Spanish grandmothers uncommon eye-colour: amber. Contrary to her parents she isn’t very big, she measures only 48,5 cm.


    Rubí fits in the family “like a hand in a glove”, she is real buddies with Hijo, is a bit jealous to Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, for Cocó she – as she should – shows the proper respect. To Ròsa Ke-sera she thinks to be a big sister and her protector. Together the two of them are súch fun! To I Besos di Ròsa she is a protective auntie.
    Djaya she considers ti be her baby!!
    Just with Hijo she shows her wild, tempestuous and robust Gos-side.


    In the begining, to my sadness, Gala and Rubí didn’t hit it of together: it is as it is > Gala does not like puppies and/or young dogs. Only when they become appr. 2 years she starts to find them acceptable.

    Well, playmates enough in this family, so that’s okay. In her behaviour Rubí is very much like Hijo: the way she eats, sits, lies at my feet or on my lap, makes unsafe the woods … but then again: it was Hijo who at that time took care of raising his daughter and image Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and he did the same with Rubí > so, no wonder! Also in his granddaughter Ròsa Ke-sera his “finishing touch” is to be recognised and Hijo is now doing the same with his greatgranddaughter I Besos di Ròsa.


    Rubí has also been successfull in shows! To start with: on her last “babyday” on 13.12.’09 she participated in the Brussels Dog Show and after first becoming Best Baby of Breed she, in the Ring of Honour from a really innumerable amount of babies of all kinds of breeds > was selected with the “Best 9”!

    And then she … was fed up with it all and showed that very clearly : “Spanish temperament”. Then for a while she didn’t enjoy showing, but all of a sudden at the age of appr. 1 year old she got in the mood and ever since then she has been doing very well: she already won 20 titles, one of them being the very special and unique title in honour of “the FCI 100 years” > FCI Shows Champion.

    Her beautifull coat, her superb head and her unbelievably sweet expression and caracter each time again do it for her. To me most special is that many judges praise her pleasant and people-minded caracter > more like the Schapendoes. As one judge once reacted when I told him that she lives together with a big family of Schapendoezen : “of course”.


    Rubí has also been allowed to become a mum: and doing so, she in 2011 for the first time made mama Gala a grandma of 6 very cute and sweet “Roebel-miracles”: our R-litter. In 2014 she had 7 cute and healthy miracles: our U-litter and in 2016 they were followed by our B-litter : 5 robust lads. In 2017 she for the last time became a mum : to our Í–litter : a beautfull twin.

    This also being our last litter of the breed Gos d’Atura Català.


    Kennel Van Hoefflaeckens Cocó is aangesloten voor de Gos d’Atura Català:




    our ever so precious Rubí

    Rubí……….our last Gos d’Atura Català
    Rubí……….our ‘Spanish Schapendoes’
    Rubí……….our ‘nanny’
    Rubí……….my ‘brown-blondie’

    Has had to leave us on 2020.09.24

    september foto 11

    Rubí now …..

    Since then she lives on our little cloud way up above, with Cocó, Hijo, Ke-sera and her mum Gala.
    Here, during the last years, she has been ‘one of five’……she now is that there too.
    From there she together with them keeps an eye on us and on whatever we do and don’t do.

    With us, she also still is with them : on our piano

    september foto 11

    Rubí together with Cocó, Hijo, Ke-sera and Gala