D-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 12.03.2017


Born! The sixth generation Cocódotjes!!!!!!

I, the owner /breeder, and
Now great–grandmother Ke–sera de Cocó’s Hijo,
now grandma Ròsa Ke–sera,
1st x Mama I Besos di Ròsa
and the “aunties” Gala & Rubí

announce the birth of 8 new Cocódotjes-miracles!!!!!
With full moon on Sunday March 08 – 2017 were born 8 Cocódotjes–miracles : our D–litter


Our Besos showed to also now be a top–talent, she delivered her miracles in no more than 4 hours we have 5 pretty girls and 3 handsome boys.