D-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 12.03.2017

Litterplans Birth Summary


Résumé of week 1 – 8 of the baby/puppytime of I Besos di Ròsa her D-litter 2017.03.12 – 2017.05.07

Unlike as is usual with us, we this time did not give weekly updates to make it possible for everyone to keep up with how these D-miracles were doing. Had to do with ‘a situation concerning the website’ : sometimes you get disapointed! We were very lucky to have a sweet person willing to help out and put on the site the ultrasound information and the birth announcement > we were só happy with that and with him : thank you Stan!

Never the less…..now a résumé After our Gos Rubí 4 days before had given birth to her twins, the moment was there for our ever-so-special Besos to also become a mum. She did that in a fantástic way : all by herself and very smoothly < witin 4 hours she enriched the world with 8 incredible miracles : 3 robust lads and 5 pretty girls. Our sixth generation Cocódotjes! Around 6 pm she signed that it was about to start, 20 minutes therafter the first one was born and appr. 4 hours later she was mum to 8 puppies. The Vet was called to come over for the first check-up and while waiting for him to arrive we cleaned up a bit and made sure that Besos was comfortable. The Vet was very satisfied with mum as well as with her offspring, declared all to be perfectly okay and said to be very pleased with how Besos performed.


All that time the other dogs had been lying down next to the birthbox, watching. Rubí did so from out of her own birthbox : so good that it could be like this. During the first few days Besos wanted her little ones all to herself, the others were allowed to have a look over the edge but were not yet allowed in. During the 8 weeks thereafter it was perfectly normal to see great-grandma Ke-sera, grandma Ròsa and ‘auntie’ Rubí come visit and help. Just like she did with Rubí and her puppies. Unlike Rubí, Besos all the time stayed close by to keep an eye on things, Besos turned out to be a very caring mum, unlike Rubí she never left her offspring alone and when she for a minute lay down beside me on the sofa ….the moment she heard them squeeke…..she flew back to them. Once her little ones were there she to our relieve started eating better but it stayed to be a tough case, she kept on having a preference for those cheap supermarket-cans and so and ofcourse she liked the chickenfilet with broth or some scrambled eggs….. But what she really liked to have was what was on my plate, or my sandwiches >> well, if that’s what she wanted that’s what she got! Everything she wanted to eat, no fuss about that.


Besos her D-miracles : 8, and no small ones either. It was good to upfront have more than enough interested families and as a bonus the first 8 also wanted 3 males and 5 females. It however always is hard letting the other families know there would not be a puppy for them…….but that also is part of the job. This was a really alert litter, they were strongly present – more than we were used to, very clear in what they wanted and also amongst eachother they were very clear in who was boss or wanted to be. Sooner than at average they were able to steadily stand on their feet and to have their teeth come through. Little knackers they also were : never before had puppies torn up a doggybed >> these did! Or peel of the rubber bottom of the covers >> these did!!


Starting to eat real food, consuming treats, getting naughtier by the day, having little fights and tempting eachother, you name it ….they did it all as they should.


The little Schapendoes-female with the red ribbon loved breaking out, just like the Gos-male. When they then would meet ‘outside’ they couldn’t stop kissing and their little bodies would be shaking all over >> só cute to see.


At appr. 6 weeks old, the Chipper from the Raad van Beheer came and the day thereafter the Vet came to give them their first puppy-vaccination : both ordeals they put up with without a problem. Although we must say that a few Schapendoespuppies had an exytra colour in their coats after the Chipper did his job : they were all red due to bleeding! After that we could start with our exploring the outside world, always a lot of work and quiet hectic but só nice to do and so good in helping them get ready for their life after us.


As we wrote before, for all doggies good families were found, whom by now are ever-so-happy with them. We wish them a loving and long life together with and for eachother.


Divini Besos, Dante de Besos, Djaya de Besos, Duarte Besos, Dinda de Besos, Dálida Besos, Daraya Besos, Duque de Besos

Okay then…..was that all there is??? Well, not completely, for we dó have a tradition…… Normaly from the first litter of a new generation, one is allowed to stay And the D-miracles are the first litter of the sixth generation Cocódotjes. Up to now Cocó selected the doggy that was allowed to stay, but she no longer is amongst us And also this time there was doubt whether it was wise to keep one, we all still miss our Hijo só much that we didn’t know if it would be a good thing to add a new Cocódotje to the family For after all : there must not only be enough place in ones house, moer more so in ones heart! At the last minute – at 7 weeks – we decided ….. we would! Djaya de Besos > the little lady with the red ribbon – in the litter she was called “Rooie Sien’ – is to stay with her mum and her family : we call her DJAYA > here we present her to you.