R-nest Rubí d.d. 29.11.2011



Just like mama Gala, Rubí started on day 58 and it took her about just as long to get to the point of no return. The night before the birth, I slept close to her: on a campingbed on the floor in front of the birthbox, she was in the birthbox, that is for a while. For madam wanted to sleep with me: extreemly close and her head on my arm: only like that. Well that was fine with me, it’s just that we only ended up with her lying on the campingbed and me on the hard floor beside it. One has to know his place, or not? In the night of day 60/day 61 finally her little miracles were born: 2 males and 4 females. The very first Roebel-miracles are a fact!


She had some difficulty finding her rhythm the first day but all of a sudden she turned into a mummy “in optima forma”. The Roebel-miracles are growing exceptionally well. Daddy Shari and his owners are, very proud of the wealth that has been added to the breed. From day 4 it is obvious that Rubí is in full confidence and rhythm, she sometimes leaves the birthbox to lie down beside it and every now and then she saunters around at ease.


In the meantime all future owners have been contacted and every single one is happy and enthousiastic. The first appointments have been made > we are looking forward to see the reactions when they see the Roebel-miracles for the first time.