R-nest Rubí d.d. 29.11.2011


Week 3

Has flown away. And also this time we have experienced al lot of developments: first of all > the 1st deworming went really well.  

They use their legs very well and are able to wobble around in the litterbox with high speed, their eyes are beautifull and they can lóók at you.  

Since yesterday they all have teeth in the upperjaw, in the underjaw it is a matter of days. Poor Rubí. Our little Gosgirl has demanding puppies. The moment they make a sound, he gets up to check them. She is a very loving mother.  


The owners of daddy Shari have been to pay us a visit and they were very happy with what they found lying in the litterbox: “wunderschön” they were they said and such beautifull colours and astounding heads. Yes: just like Grandma Gala did with her own litter, her grandchildren enherited her most beautifull head > no doubt about that, it is being noticed by everyone.


As said before, Rubí has demanding puppies and also very undertaking. You won’t believe where I have had to look for them: under closets, under the stove, in the livingroom and then constantly screaming so loud, incredible Rubí once again is in harmony with her fostermama Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, they are together constantly, visit eachothers puppies and have their meals together in the kitchen. The other Schapendoezen are also allowed to come close and give hugs. But Rubí stays very close and watches. When we have guests we keep both mama’s and the others separate: no need to create unnecessary discomfort.


Last but not least: we put up their first small puppyren in front of the litterbox. Next week will also be exciting. We are ofcourse waiting for the teeth to appear in the underjaw. And then they will be allowed to for the first time taste other food than mama Rubí’s creammilk It will be time for the Roebel-miracles to try their teeth on minced rumpsteak.