R-nest Rubí d.d. 29.11.2011


Week 4

Flew away. The whole bunch is growing increadibly fast, they walk, they see, they smell (and “smell “), they bark, they fight, they eat like crazy from mama’s dinner-table and are slowly becoming real doggies.

Since Tuesday I am also feeding them, which at first was not the biggest of our successes. But in the meantime they have come to like it and enjoy it.


Rubí continues to be a good mum and has slowly started to withdraw a little to once again spend time with and be with her Schapendoes-family: sle loves to once again lie downtogether, go for walks and eat together again.


The Roebel-miracles have also moved. They now are in the livingroom together with their Schapendoes-puppy-family. It at first needed some getting accustomed to but now they enjoy it. It even made them start using the newspaper to do their “you know what”.


The coming week we will start with their 2nd de-worming and cutting their nails. Which – believe me – is quiet an ordeal with these wild movers.