R-nest Rubí d.d. 29.11.2011


Week 2

My goodness, how fast they go. They grow uncreadibly fast: this week they all gained at least 500 gr In the meantime they no longer need to move around on their belly but have started using their legs a little. Also since day 13 all of them have opened their eyes. Always good to experience. Rubí truly is a supermummy and has so much milk > she could have handled 12 puppies.


Friday-afternoon Rubí was busy feeding, when all of a sudden there was an incredible noise, abnormally loud screaming. So I got up and “fly” over there to see 1 puppy out of the birthbox. And Rubí Doing nothing about it and looking at me as if she was saying “Jee, that took you long”, Ah-well, I said it before: she has people working for her In the meantime all owners-to-be have come to pay their first visit and I believe they all were happy with what Rubí gave us. How could one not: they are só lovely. And Rubí also still looks very, very well, she hardly lost any coat yet. 

Rubí and her fostermama/Schapendoes Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo pay visits to eachothers puppies and our youngest Schapendoes Ròsa Ke-sera is allowed to give kisses to Rubí’s puppies > how could it be else: she and Rubí more or less are “sisters”. 


I am curious to find whether she will do as her mama Gala, who came out of delivery almost unchanged.  

Tonight the puppies will be de-wormed for the 1st time > we will se how that goes. And in a few days we will put up the first puppy-ren after which it’s wait and see when they will really come out of the birthbox to make their worldbecome bigger for the first time.