H-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 20.11.2018


Week 1

week 1 foto 1

the newly born H-miracles

And then, all of a sudden it’s ‘full house’! Just like that it starts to itch and before you know it the birthing starts off and a day later it once again is as if it has always been like that.
Our I Besos di Ròsa made her lover Baloo daddy to 8 healthy Cocódotjes-miracles: this time exactly the opposite to her former and first litter > now there are 5 handsome lads and 3 pretty girls.

Also this time the other dogs were present to it all and – like every time before – behaved perfectly, even that little devil Djaya from her first litter ( she now is 20 months old ). The checkup the next day by the Vet was very reassuring and confirmed our own judgement : all looks very good.
So then it was time to phone daddy Baloo’s owner and after that the families whom we hope to be making happy with a Cocódotjes-miracle. 

week 1 foto 2

mama I Besos di Ròsa with her newly born octuplets

As usual, a first week – as far as the puppies are concerned – isn’t very busy, one needs to pay attention that they drink enough and gain weight properly and ofcourse there is special attention for mum > that she doesn’t get a relapse and eats and drink enough.
We also all together have to get used to the different way of life. And not in the last place: the other dogs – as soon as mum allows them – have to get acquainted with the little ones. 

But no worry : with my girls being such a close family that just happens automatically. Mama Besos at the moment spends most of her time with the little ones in the litterbox and the others every so often come say hello > just their halfsister Djaya doesn’t yet want to come close, but that will come. We just leave it to the girls themselves to sort out and then at a certain moment it will be okay.

And yes…..we are holding on to what has gradually become a custom: our Hijo’s doggybed is in the birthbox again.
So Besos can choose where she wants to be with or without her little ones.
It is a very quiet litter, you hardly hear them – the whole bunch seems to be comfortable and mama Besos is the best mum one can hope for. And ofcourse : also this time that principal caracter of the moment has her staff running around on her behalf.

week 1 foto 3

mama I Besos di Ròsa with her 1 week old H-miracles

Somewhere during the coming week we will start making the first appointments for the first visits. We certainly hope they will be just as charmed with Besos her miracles as we already are. But….how can they not be??

And just look what a lovely card Besos het sister Iduña = Saar sent

week 1 foto 4

card from auntie Saar

But more about this and more……next time