B-nest Rubí d.d. 30.01.2016


Week 2


End of week 2 already. That means that 25% of the time the miracles are to spend with us has passed already I know: the future-owners feel it’s going way to slow but I must say that at this moment that is nót how we feel about that.


Did mama Rubí refuse to leave the birthbox during the first 8 days during the night from day 8 to day 9 it all of a sudden was time to for a while go lay separately, to mess up the doggy-beds in the livingroom, to go turn somersaults in the kitchen and to lie down peacefully beside the sofa ‘geborrtevrouwtje’ sleeps on to be hugged. And on day 10 she decided it was time to once again have some of her meals in the kitchen together with the other doggies. And also on day 10 she wanted to go for a walk with the others again. So, everything nice and normal again.


We however do believe that Rubí doesn’t think 5 puppies to be enough. Why Well, time and time again you can find her with the quintuplets and a brown bear: he simply belongs to the litter. Do I take him away she gets him back immediately.


This week it also was time for the future-owners of the miracles to be welcome for their 1st visit. The tension here mounted for would they like them as much as we do. Well they did. During the coming visits we will start with more intense talks, for there is a lot coming towards them and their life with – once again – a puppy. And this weekend there is something special on the menu for the miracles. More about that next time.