B-nest Rubí d.d. 30.01.2016


Week 6


Another week gone. To start with something funny: Thursday-evening – while I was upstairs for a minute – Hijo very quickly went to lay down on my place on the sofa – for the moment, my bed. The old rascal probably thought that what his great-granddaughter Besos could do, he could do too.   


The week started with great shock: Rubí was nowhere to be found. Checked the complete downstairs-floor as well as whether the doors were locked but no Rubí to be seen. Help. So went upstairs in a hurry to quickly put something on, then to go look outside. And what do you think? There she was, sound asleep on my bed. That, while I stay downstairs to watch her offspring and sleep on the sofa > isn’t she a caracter?

Sunday-afternoon there were phonecalls to the future owners to tell them which puppy I had selected for them. To my joy all agreed with my choice, that’s só nice .Thát moment, to me, is where saying goodbye starts, always hurts a little. Due to circumstances, this week’s appointments had to be cancelled > meaning they have to wait a bit longer to hold in their arms ‘their’ doggy.


During the week the puppyfence has been enlarged a few times, they again have new and other toys > amongst them a ‘squeeking-dog’ they lóve, they have a big doggybed which they use as a repository an as an offensive zone and is great to hide behind, they can fght as if life depends on it and they ‘like to read the newspaper’ meaning that if you lack to pay attention they skillfully tear them in tiny pieces. What they are truely great in, is in turning over the waterbowl. And they are the best in helping clean The miracles also very much enjoy their food and doing so grow quiet fast.   


Then came Thursday, bringing the Chipper of the Raad van Beheer. Another one than last time and it all went very smooth, not one of the doggies made a sound and no blood appeared. She was very content with what she saw and found them to be ‘nicely chubby, well lively in a pleasant environment’. Pfff I am glad to be able to say I once again succeeded in combining the correct puppy and name. The taking of the DNA-samples at the same time was a lesson in brushing teeth, for she made that little stick touch every corner in those little mouths. But even this they made no trouble about.


On the last day of their sixth week it was time to have another encounter with the Vet. Also here without any problems, they didn’t make a sound when he gave them their shot and checked and touched them all over. The little peep they heard when he checked their chip they found to be funny > surprised little faces.

He stated them to be completely healthy, very lively and true rascals with nice broad muzzles and beautifull colours. Meanwhile – as the law prescribes – registration has been taken care of (with the NDG = Nederlandse Databank Gezelschapsdieren = Dutch Data base Pets). Now that they have had their first shot and are equipped with a chip we can go explore the outside world. More about that next time.