B-nest Rubí d.d. 30.01.2016


Week 1


This time Rubí had a pregnancy without a worry in the world, during which she was happy and jolly and cuddly as never before during a pregnancy. She gained less weight as both other times maybe that too helped, It did however take longer before her miracles were born this time: both other times it was on day 60 and 61, this time on day 63. Finally it also showed to be her smallest litter up to now. The first time there were 6, the second time there were 7 and now: 5 puppies 5 handsome and powerful little lads > how did she do it?  


The puppies once again weighed a lot, and according to the Vet are healthy, he was very satisfied with mother and offspring. From the first moment they drink well and the scale shows they also grow well. Rubí once again eats and drinks extreemly good. Our youngest Schapendoes Besos again is allowed to be close – not too close yet – the others are allowed to be in the room but are expected to keep their distance, away from the little ones. The Schapendoezen sleep on a heap nect to the sofa sleep on. So Rubí this time absolutely is more protective than before. To assure her to have the necessary peac and quiet there is a smalll fence in front of the birtbox, the others all know that when the door is closed they are to stay away, when the door is open it is up to Rubí to decide what is allowed.  


How these little lads will turn out to be is to be seen in the coming weeks > already now to me the rapid discoloration of the coat is astonishing It by now has become clear that – that is during daytime – this is our most quiet Gossos-litter so far > the little lads are content and quiet and much less noisily than their uncles and aunts and their ½-brothers and ½-sisters were. But at night it is a different story > true nighthawks they are.  

All miracles have a family, the names have been chosen and sent to the Raad van Beheer. Next week we will call the future owners to make appointments for a first visit. Very anxious what they will think of our Roebeltjes-B-miracles. But what else can they be but happy? Just like we are.