B-nest Rubí d.d. 30.01.2016


Week 4


This fourth week simply was a pleasant week.  

The miracles are now becoming real doggies, and that is só nice. On, by now steady, legs they explore the space they have available and they try to chase after eachoter – as well as they can. We have also had the 1st one to break out of the puppyfence. Our youngest Schapendoes Besos once again is completely in a “puppies-mood”, or you could say “in love”. You can’t get her to leave them be: she lies with them, she lies in front of the puppy-fence or on the hocker beside it. Also this time it’s love from both sides for, as soon as she comes close, they come towards her to come play or hug. And Rubí feels all Besos is doing to be okay.  


Also thes e B-miracles of Rubí are sweet, calm little guys, true huggers with lovely temperament. They eat very well, so far everything offered to them is a huge success. They gain weight very well, though they are not the heavy weights we had the former time. They have started to play with toys and together and we have also heard the fisrt grumbles. But during the night they are amazing. Mama Rubí just feeds them 1 or 2 x per night, which makes it easier on her too.  


Rubí was and stays easy going with everything. She this time even lost a little weight > which is good because she had some “left-over-kilo’s” from her U-litter from 2 years ago, her coat stays very beautifull even though she does loose some hair and she has to be combed every other day. She once again has her meals and so together with the others – she just does some extra drinking from the water-bowl in the puppy-fence. Also she again goes for walks with the others.