B-nest Rubí d.d. 30.01.2016


Week 5


Oh, I am really on the wrong side of “it takes 8 weeks”. Already 5 weeks have passed while it feels as if they have just been born. But on the other hand: I know of people who feel quiet differently. To them time can’t pass fast enough and the coming weeks could have less days.  

Last Thursday I noticed that the Breed Club finally found time to put “something” about Rubí’s puppies on their site. Sadly, in quiet a strange way again. They still mention the mating, but not a word about the birth, there is a photo of Rubí with her newly born puppies and one of Rubí, but not one of daddy. It is sad to see this happen this way. But, we will have to live with it and – by now – are getting used to it. Differently than 2 years ago I– after some pushing – succeeded in getting my Proof of Membership, needed for when the Chipper of the Raad van Beheer comes.  

Okay, time for something nice Our youngest Schapendoes Besos keeps on being great. She is crazy about the little ones and can’t stop going for a look, a hug or to have fun with them.   


The B-miracles are doing well. Without any problems they have been dewormed for the 2nd time. They play, they lark about, they truely play with toys and with eachother, they do not keep out of mischief, they are proper chatters, they drink very well from mama Rubí’s bar – Rubí then mostly stays on her feet now, no sooner than when they are about done drinking, she lies down to clean them up and to play with them. And they eat. They really eat. Since last Saturday they eat softened dry food: isn’t that smart of them.  

Somewhat sooner than usual, but as they – in no more than 3 days time – had complete sets of teeth, I thought it to be time. I do ad extra water because they do not yet drink enough water themselfves, for otherwise mama Rubí would be damaged due to having to give them too much. As is to be seen directly below, they behave like true miracles born in “Casa Cocódotjes” and very neatly eat only out of their own foodbowl. “Shopping at the neighbour” is not allowed here before everyone is done. Geboortevrouwtje can be strict (but strict in a loving way).   


H’m, what else. Well, they now have more livingspace, which they love. They keep on being very sweet and cuddly, they really love hands and being caressed and they have started to give a paw.


That’s about it for this week. Next week will be special, but as you know by now more about that next time. And me I am brooding on ‘something’ also about this more next time.