C-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 10.11.2011


Week 5

5 weeks have passed already. Not nice But t’s been a wonderfull week with lots of progession. The de-worming yesterday-evening went fine, haven’t noticed anything of it.  

The week started with me waking up Fridaynight, seeing Ke-sera de Coco’s Hijo lying in front of me but she looked só strange. So, I got up and had a real good look and found her lying there with 3 of her puppies. The little rascals. And that is what they are: believe me for, coming home from our walk that afternoon there was a hell of a noise coming from the livingroom > I ran inside to see what on earth was going on. And? Well, the whole bunch managed to brake free and was running around in the room looking for mama – who wasn’t there – and that is why they were sreaming so loud. What a hell of a noise. Someone later said “what else can you expect with daddy be a sportsdog > atletic puppies “. Isn’t thát nice. So these boeufdoesjes after all still also are boefdoesjes (see last week).


Now that they move around more and more and they also during the night pee on the newspapers, their legs get a little bit dirty: that is why every morning in the utility room they are being rinsed of and also this they don’t care about. After that halfsister Ròsa Ke-sera is allowed to play with them and our little lady really loves that.


By now everyone has been to pay a visit, some a few times already, some have been allowed to hold a puppy or – the children – strike them and each and every one of them (as far as I can see) is in love. How could it be else such sweet cocódot-puppies. Also the owner of daddy Tobi has paid us a visit and he was very happy with the puppies he saw playing around. They all are good eaters: they in the meantime also eat tripe and they love that. And I love feeding them by hand and don’t mind a bit about “tripe-mouth-kisses”. They also are newspaper- clean, so their bed stays clean and dry. Last but not least they also are real “working-dogs” > so cetely according to the standard.


Almost at the end of this 5th week they finally eat their food out of an 8-bowl-foodtray (which each time is made especially for us bij Peter, my friends husband). Doing so they also for the first time got weakened dry food: this was not appreciated by all eight. But, when in the evening they found tripe in their bowls they finished in no time.   


Now, hope with us, that the chipper from the Raad van beheer will find our house next week. For after that and after the first puppy-injections, we will be able to go and discover the big world.