C-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 10.11.2011


Week 6

Another week gone. Also almost my time with these miracles: I don’t like that too much.


The general developement of the miracles is steadily going on, they stand and walk on strong long legs, their vocal cords are regularly tested, they have started to have small fights, they play with eachother and with toys: they noticed some of them can produce noises. After having played with and having been pulling the tails of their brothers and sisters, they suddenly discovered they themselves also have a tail: which makes them go running in circles > so funny to see.

Helping cleaning up stays fun to do, climbing in my legs is top-sport and biting my nose is real fun. They all eat very, very well, not a crumb is left over. And if there is, it is because they want me to feed them those crums by hand: you won’t hear me complain, I gladly do so.


The chipper from the Dutch kennel Club has been there. So they now are “registered true-bred dogs”. The vet has been there for their first puppy-vaccination and a general health-check > all was found to be in good order It is always good to hear that being confirmed officially. With both situations the puppies had no problems what so ever, they even found it interesting.  


All doggies and future owners have now been matched and everyone seems to be happy with my choice for them. Some were already able to truely hold their own puppy for the first time > it does make a difference.