C-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 10.11.2011


Week 8

The last week and a little more of the Cocódotjes-miracles

A little late this report but sometimes one finds unexpected obstacles on his way which prevent going on. That also was the case here. As our reporting stopped so suddenly and direct we noticed that people were worried about us and about our well-being. But no worry: nothing the matter with us. We kept on enjoying eachother.

This last week was another most pleasant and busy week. The Cocódotjes-miracles have gotten more and more acqainted with the scent of their new families, they enjoyed the turn of the year which they experienced all sitting in front of the open back doors: funny was that they all were sneezing because of the smell of the fireworks. We also continued getting more and more acqainted with the outside world.


But then came the moment to for the first time say goodbye to one of the miracles: not nice at all. But at a certain moment it’s time, then such a little one needs to go to a loving family where he/she will be loved dearly and where he/she can evaluate and grow and florish and doing so make those people happy and glad just by being there with them. 

In 3 days we saw 5 miracles leave our house, the week thereafter 1 more and 1 week later it was time for the last 2 to go. This made Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo “without miracles”. And that was fine with her.


During all these 8 – 10 weeks, most people were so kind to also think about my other dogs, for instance by taking them some “doggy-sweets” – sometimes also something nice for me – for which I would like to thank them: I truely appreciated that very much.  

We wish our miracles a good and happy life with their new families and hope to now and then be informed about their well-being and hopefully receive foto’s. When they -and why wouldn’t they, for they after all have a severely hereditary taint – make their new families only half as happy as each of my dogs do me, those families are the luckiest in the world.