E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 1

week 1 foto 1

the newly born E-miracles

All 9 weeks I have kept ‘fingers crossed’ for them not to be born on 23.10 Why?? Because…

23.10 is the birthday of our oh-so-special Hijo and his mum Cocó Ròsa Ke-sera coöperated and gave birth to her E-miracles on 21.10 Again she took her time and again she put in long breaks. After the first 8, I in fact believed she was done, for nothing had been going on for 5 ½ hours. So…I started cleaning up and so … and then……contractions!! So we went on, but after number 10 she really was done. 3 pretty girls and 7 handsome lads. Is the result. As usual all the other dogs were present all the time, once again without any problem, even our little Djaya de Besos being no older than 7 months accepted the situation and made me PROUD!! The Vet came straight away to check mum and her new offspring and without hesitation could say that there were no problems and all looked very well.

The next day all already known families – who are to take one into their families – were called, they also were happy with their birth and that one of them was to be theirs. For some puppies we still need loving families 

week 1 foto 2

mum and newly born E-miracles

The first week all there is to be done – besides cleaning and so – is to be attent that all goes well, that mum recovers well and that she gets sufficient nutrients to be able to feed her little ones. For us to get used to the new rythme and to have the other dogs also physically get to meet the little ones

Our other girls – from quiet old ( 11 ½ years ) to very, very young ( 7 months ) – once again behave perfectly well. They walk in and out of the puppy-area but respect mama Ròsa Ke-sera’s wishes. Our little Djaya de Besos mostly is interested in what is be found ( and stolen from ) in Ròsa Ke-sera’s food- and waterbowls

And again it is our Hijo’s doggybed that’s in the birthbox , there Ròsa Ke-sera can comfortably be with her offspring. All 10 by now know exactly how they can loudly make clear that things aren’t going as they wish. Ròsa Ke-sera then expects her only staff member to immediately help out..

week 1 foto 3

During the next few days, we will start making the first appointments to come visit… excitong!
For : they can’t wait to see them and we ….hope they will find them to be jsut as marvellous as we do.
Ah well….can they not? Don’t think so!
But more about this and more …. next time

week 1 foto 4

1 week old