E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 2

week 2 foto 1

1 week old

And just like that……also week 2 is over and done with.  

All is going really well in Casa Cocódotjes, with mama Ròsa Ke-sera, with her 10 E-miracles, and with the rest of the doggy-family: grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, halfsister I Besos di Ròsa, niece Djaya de Besos and ofcourse ‘auntie’ ‘Rubí! Ròsa Ke-sera is a protective but not over-concerned mother, Besos is a loving halfsister who regularly comes visit and to sniffle and cuddle, niece Djaya for the most comes to have a look whether there happens to be found something nice to eat in her grandma Ròsa’s eating-bowls. The eldest of the doggy-family – the grandma Ke-sera – doesn’t pay much attention anymore, comes have a quick peek around the corner and then goes back for a nap on the sofa. Auntie Rubí mostly keeps an eye on Ròsa ( those two believe to be, and behave like sisters ), cuddles her and keeps her company by laying at her side.. The lot of them truely are the best!

week 2 foto 2

mum halfsister Besos comes to visit

Meanwhile we have made the first-time-visit-appointments with the families that have been found.  

During this second week the miracles progressed well, they already shuffle through the birthingbox and as soon as mum steps in and goes lie down in the doggybed > this in no time is fill ed! All of the miracles by now are able to pee by themselves. But só much nicer to tell : on day 14 the first of the miracles opened and showed us his beautifull eyes! I am sure the rest of them will follow the coming days.

week 2 foto 3

Ròsa Ke-sera and her E-miracles – 14 days old

We hope that for those of the miracles for whome their loving families haven’t yet made tjhemselves known to us, they soon will do so. It is such a pity for them to miss this special time. But more about this and more …. next time

week 2 foto 4

14 days old