E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 4

week 4 foto 1

3 weeks old

What a splendid and chockfull week this 4th week of the E-miracles was. It goes so fast now, they are growing hard. Each has a mouth full of teeth, they have started discovering eachother – biting in eachothers mouth and pulling on tails – and have started to show interest in toys and teddy’s.

Our youngest – Djaya de Besos – has a hard time staying away from them Completely in love she is with Brownie – the male with the brown ribbon : they are constantly kissing eachother, simply when she is in with them but also through the bars of the puppyfence.

week 4 foto 2

Djaya is in love …..with Brownie

This week we provided them with a little more space : we took the frontshelf out of the birthing-box and lay down trainingmats in the puppyfence. They truely enjoy this and immediately they took the first steps to becoming house-trained Clever puppies.

week 4 foto 3

changed housing

week 4 foto 4

1st peeing on the trainingsmat

Beginning of this week we also started feeding them very fine minced beef. And they lóve it! If they could they would also eat my fingers ……

Also something very funny happened this week : there, when I for a moment wasn’t in the livingroom, all of a sudden was a lot of noise > I and the dogs that were with me quickly went back, and what was going on? Mama Ròsa Ke-sera and auntie Rubí half in panic were running around the room with behind them …… 10 naughty miracles! The little rascals had managed to break out and both girls couldn’t handle that! Crazy girls!

week 4 foto 5

Ròsa Ke-sera and her miracles – 28 days old

More……… next time

week 4 foto 6

28 days old