E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 7


week 6 foto 3

6 weeks old

Did we call last week a very busy week, well : this weekwas worse! This week simply didn’t have enough hours The miracles are getting bigger by the day, more mouthy too, they eat as if they had been starving and are up and awake longer and longer every day > then they play and fight with eachother. My goodness how they then can scream…

This week they got a new house, the birthing-box was replaced by a big black bench with a once again bigger puppyfence. These miracles….nothing bothers them > not the mess while changing the housing, not the completely different hoiusing…it’s all okay.

week 7 foto 2 verbouwen


week 7 foto 3 nieuw huis

new house

This also was the week we started to explore the outside world, through the village in a cart, to a children’s playground and ofcourse cardriving > for – let’s be honest – being a Cocódot makes being able to travel a necessity As we then sometimes can be a little over eating-time ….they in advance get a small bite , as an exception in one eatingbowl.

week 7 foto 4 een hapje vooraf

sharing a bite

Once again we have something planned for theweek to come The miracles are already taking a powernap More about that and more …..next time

week 7 foto 5 49 dagen oud en krachten op doen

49 days old