E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 5

week 5 foto 1

4 weeks old

The love between our own and only 8 months old Djaya de Besos and the E-miracles – her aunts and uncles! – continues to be strong. It’s just that this week she betrayed her first love Brownie and started kissing with Bear! I am so happy that she also is such a sweetie…

week 5 foto 2

Djaya our puppy-lover

The miracles slowly are getting to the point that it is time for them to start eating ( softened ) dry food. But to do so they first must really be drinking water for otherwise it would be an impossible job for mama Ròsa. So this week we not only kept on making the puppyfence bigger but we also put in the waterbowl – and they slowly started to drink from it.

week 5 foto 3

changed housing with waterbowl

In the meantime they very much enjoy eating cottage cheese and they won’t say no to a spoonfull of calfsliversausage By the end of the week the time had come > for the first time eating softened dry food from the bowls in the foodtray : too bad the new tray wasn’t there yet, so we had to use what we had available, and 1 tray for 8 + 1 for 2….also makes 10, doesn’t it?? They at first thought it to be very strange that ‘thing’ being put down but with a nice smell…..so slowly they came closer and then…well see for yourself! They completely finished it. And so orderly! Yes, that’s how it’s done over here. As usual our “dishwashers’ were ready and available…

week 5 foto 4

eating from the foodbowls

week 5 foto 5

all done

week 5 foto 6

the ‘dishwashers’

It has become almost impossible to make foto’s of mama Ròsa with her offspring together : at times she is gone again before I can get my camera.

week 5 foto 7

Ròsa Ke-sera and her E-miracles – 35 days old

More ……… next time

week 5 foto 8

35 days old