E-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 21.10.2017


Week 8 and ‘le fin’

week 8 - foto 1 - 7 weken oud en cornflakes snoepen....

7 weeks old

This is the last report of the litter period of Ròsa Ke-sera’s E-miracles.  

     For on day 5 of the week 9 also the last one of the miracles has left the house.  

Due to the wheather circumstances some of the activities we had planned for this week 8 unfortunately could not be done : it was the miracles good luck they still were here > imagine having to house-train them in that kind of wheather ….those poor little ones. No, being with their doggie-family and me, nice and warm, só much better!

This last week we spoiled them rotten and there was no limit to cuddling : we did whatever we could to assure they will not forget us. During this week we also had them get accustomed to their new owners scent : every evening a while separately from the others in a flightbench next to the couch.

week 8 - foto 2 even apart

separate, 1 at a time

On the last evening together, they here for one time are allowed to eat from one big round bowl. That bowl had to be refilled twice : what else to expect with 10….

week 8 - foto 3 laatste avondmaal uit een grote ronde bak

last eveningmeal from a big round bowl

Yes, and then came the exodus. The one moment you repeatedly put down a tray with 10 foodbowls…….and just like that …. it’s over.

week 8 - foto 4 nu nog 10

1 big tray with 10 filled bowls

week 8 - foto 5 over en voorbij

and…. over and done

This time….unlike the other times…….no next time Now the litter-period of Ròsa Ke-sera’s E-miracles is over and done with We enjoyed it to the fullest.

Our little lady / their neice Djaya de Besos behaved superbly well and was never far away from them. She kept coming in for a cuddle and once they grew bigger, to play > só good to see! Halfsister I Besos di Ròsa was the best babaysit one can ask for. Grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo is really growing old and kept more to herself. Auntie Rubí simply was in love. And mama Ròsa Ke-sera …. as always …. was a fantástic mother Ròsa Ke-sera with this litter closes her “I-am-having-puppies”-period She – for this – now also has “retired”!

week 8 - foto 6 een heerlijk 10-tal

8 weeks old – an adorable 10