H-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 20.11.2018


Week 3

week 3 foto 1

2 weeks old

It’s going so fast, also this 3rd week has flown away.

On the second day if this 3rd week the beautifull eyes of all miracles were to be seen >> só beautifull! They immediately have different heads.

On the third day of this 3rd week we started of with the first– time – visits : that’s exciting for all involved. For the families for it’s the first time they see them for real , for us because we want them to find the miracles amazing …….
For Besos those first visits are a bit tough for she is a very protective mum. To make it not too hard on her, the other girls during those visits had to stay seperate!

And then it was also the first time for the miracles to try use their legs .>> the first few days that’s very wavery and a struggle to stay up straight – but it doesn’t take them long to be able to keep up and they then can go real fast too. Especially when mum comes around …..

week 3 foto 2

on a woggle-walk 

week 3 foto 3

on their way to mum

They are becoming louder by the day : on Tuesday-, Wednesdaynight they startled Besos and me with what appears to have been the first “bark”.
At the moment they are able to – loud and clear – let you know they want “the bar to open….”

Also beginning of this week they without any problem experienced their first de-worming.
And on the last day of this third week they for the first time were fed by me : with minced beef >> they love it……..just like mum does. 

Now it’s waiting for the first one to climb out of the birthbox.

week 3 foto 4

Ròsa Ke-sera and her miracles – 20 days old

More about that and more……… next time

week 3 foto 5

21 days old