H-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 20.11.2018


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Week 6

week 6 foto 1

5 weeks old

We had nice and peacefull Christmas-days during which we in all possible ways enjoyed our
H-miracles, whom now are growing very fast and are speedy developing into real doggies, naughty, active and sweet.

week 6 foto 2

Christmas breakfast for the H-miracles

They have now discovered that they each have tails and ears : which you can hang on and pull > so a lot of screaming. And they proudly walk around with all kinds of toys. Especially a ball with a –
I have to admit : decent – squeak, is their favorite.

week 6 foto 3

bigger housing and ( squeaking ) balls 

In the course of the week they all of a sudden were able to climb out of the birthingbox and -just as if that was normal – they walked around in the room So I quickly took the sideshelves out…I guess it’s time for different living-quarters And it’s getting more difficult by the day to make foto’s > they won’t keep still. 

They are the best eaters you can wish for, they don’t even don’t need their dry food to be softened anymore, they only like someting special added to it, like tripe or cottage-cheese.

week 6 foto 4


It also was the week to decide which H-miracle would fit best to what family, – but for one – all families had positive responses. These phonecalls always are a bit tense, but we by now got to know eachother, and the future owners have learned to understand how important the right match is. Those who can not ot don’t want to understand that…shouldn’t want a miracle of ours……
So: 1 male is available again. 

week 6 foto 5

so sweet and ours for only 2more weeks

As a ‘grand finale’ to week nr. 6 – and also the year 2019 – the Vet came to our house : for the 6-weeks-check-uo and their first vaccination. Correect : tó our house and not us to him. We always have him come here, that makes the first contact with a doctor calm and positive.
He came to have the 6-weeks check-up done and to give them their 1st vaccination > they passed the test with flying colours! Nothing was found what we don’t want to have, little men who have what they are supposed to have and theyn didnt make a sound when the shot came, They also had a lovely cuddle with the Vet: 1st lesson! 

week 6 foto 6

everything ready for the Vet

More ……… next time

week 6 foto 7

I Besos di Ròsa and her H-miracles – 42 days old