H-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 20.11.2018


Week 5

week 5 foto 1

4 weeks old

Our Djaya once again has a favorite! This time it is the male with the black ribbon : does she go in to hug them, then he is the first one, does she lay in front of the puppyfence ( door always open ) then she lures him out > he therefor now is the one the most handy in climbing out.

week 5 foto 2

Djaya with her favorite

This week we enlarged the puppyfence with one element, they now have other toys : ones they can walk around with and ones to pull on. But we also gave them the waterbowl – they are slowly starting to drink from it – does that go well then it will be time for them to start eating softened dry food.

week 5 foto 3

bigger housing with other toys and waterbowl 

In eating they are true champions, whatever you offer them it’s gone in no time. So they grow very well, they all have about the same weight : it is a very homogenous litter – in every way.

week 5 foto 4

being fed

On the final day of this week we more or less were overpowered by the Chipper of the Raad van Beheer. Way earlier then to be expected – for it was only the last day of week 5 : it was time > doggie, chipnumber and Pedigree-name are now forever linked. When done with they all were exhausted. Luckely this time it was a happening without bloodstaines and/or pain cries.  

week 5 foto 5


But to finish of the week in style : we did succeed in having them eat softened dry food, all from their own bowl! Wwooww, that was exciting and a big step forward in their progress.
My girls were glad they finally are eating, for in doing the dishes …..they are the best >> where do you still hear that nowadays?! 

week 5 foto 6

eating from the foodbowls

week 5 foto 7

all done

week 5 foto 8

the ‘dishwashers’

More……… next time

week 5 foto 9

Ròsa Ke-sera and her E-miracles – 35 days old