H-nest I Besos di Ròsa d.d. 20.11.2018


Week 4

week 4 foto 1

3 weeks old

The fourth week always is an overloaded week and a week full of changes : the same for week 4 of the H-miracles. They are growing incredibly well, they all have teeth, they can hear and so they react to what is going on in the house, they have started to discover eachother : biting in eachothers mouths, pulling at ears and tails – and slowly they are starting to show interest in small toys and cuddles.

Djaya de Besos is becoming more and more comfortable with them, but she is painfully carefull -:that’s so sweet to see. She does however show that she feels to be neglected a little and so she with her big white monkey comes lay on my lap or next to me, wanting me to cuddle the two of them.

week 4 foto 2

Djaya wants to be cuddled

Beginning of the week we also had the first ones to climb out of the birthbox -this meant time to adjust their living-quarters.

week 4 foto 3

the first one to climb out

Because of taking out the last shelf of the birthbox they now have more space. Also there are trainingpads in the puppyfence and immediately they there started to become ‘house trained’ > for they took no time in peeing on the training pads. Clever puppies they are.

week 4 foto 4

changed housing 

week 4 foto 5

1st peeing on the trainingsmat

They now also are being fed by me – no : not with puppy-porridge…..here we start with minced beef. And they lóve it! They could also eat my fingers… Neither do they say no to a teaspoon of calfsliver-sausage or cottage-cheese.

week 4 foto 6

I Besos di Ròsa and her miracles – 28 days old

More……… next time

week 4 foto 7

28 days old