Puppies from Hniña de Besos

Embleem NL maart 2024

Week 5

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan
the eight – 29 days old
The week started off with their ‘cottage’ suddenly having a ‘terrace’, and that ‘terrace’ was paved
with training pads > it at some point did have to happen.
They at first looked as if saying ‘what on earth is this, what’s that I feel under my feet’. But they
pretty soon were used to it and in no time used them for what they were meant for : clever miracles!
I also put in the waterbowl – for they do need to start drinking any time now – but one of the eight
decided one could also put its feet in….
The heat lamp has also been taken out > we tried it out and they can perfectly do without.
Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan
their ‘cottage’ now has a ‘terrace’ paved with pads
They also eat as if being dock workers.
Whatever I give them – everything, really everything they lóve

Next to the small toys in the birthboz, they have some triggers hanging on the puppy fence
> inviting them to start play.
Also hanging on it – as always – is our Hijo’s snake……

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

triggers to play

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

our Hijo’s ugly snake

They already are quiet active, start to play with eachother, but also tease eachother!
Playing with toys they also do > one of the males plays football :
won’t take long ’till a scout form Barça comes knock on the door!
Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

quiet busy miracles

But for 2, all families came to visit us for the dfirst time last week
This week thay all came for the 2nd time and one family for the 1st time > to them extra exciting.
That makes 1 to go > that appointment has been made!
Now that they have been able to hold and smell them, it to them becomes more real by the minute.
It makes me very happy to find they like them as much as we do……

The coming week will again be an exciting week
About that and more………………………….next time

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan
Mum and offspring