Puppies from Hniña de Besos

Embleem NL maart 2024

Week 7

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the octuplets  43 days – they hardly fit in…

Week 7 started of with the daddy-owner visiting. After they Friday unexpectedly were there
already, we this week were to enjoy their company no less than 3 times! The visits were pleasant
and together we decided which one of the male miracles was to come live with daddy.
That for them, made going back home a little tough – it still takes só long before he can come join
them…….that strange legislation is to blame…..

Now knowing which of the males was to be theirs, also meant I could contact the other two families
for a male and let them know which one of the other two was to come live with them.
Now everyone knows where they stand; and it’s só good to become aware that somehow each of
them got what they were hoping for…..but that’s just a coincidence.

Except for the visits of the daddy-owner, all the other families – but 1 – came to visit us for the last
time this week > this time for the first time knowing which one of the miracles was to be theirs.
That immediately makes a difference.
During that last visit the last issues can and need to be be talked about.
Everyone is really looking forward to the moment their miracle is to come home with them.

But what did week 7 do for the miracles?
Well : lots!
The 7th week is when we start getting the puppies used to being showered and dried, and they also
need to get used to being combed – we do this on a daily base.
Did they mind? Not a bit – simple : just something fun again!

                       The puppies at breakfast, at the left the males – to the right the females

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the males

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the females

This week the miracles also needed to be vaccinated for the first time.
Once again : no resisters, but healthy curiosity. Just one…..squeaked..
The Vet was very content : clean ears, eyes and bums, nice wide jaws with well-positioned teeth.
And the males…..are true  males……also good to know!
The Vet loved them.
As soon as he was gone, mum was there for a comforting drink
After which they went for a nap…..something like that does make an impression. 

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

mum Hniña de Besos comes bring a comforting drink

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

then the 8 go for a nap

They have started to become really big already and have a lot of fun romping and fooling around.
They also help cleaning – they find it a fun thing to do
Just like they love fooling around with noice making toys in the plactic doggybed.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

having fun while helping do the cleaning

The puppyfence is being enlarged on a regular base and outside the playground has been filled with
playground equipment – now its hoping for cooperation from the wheather gods.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the outside playground

The coming week will be just for us.
No whatching the  clock for visitors – no matter how nice visits can be – and no serving coffee and
tea a.s.o. Just do our own thing.
The preparation of the leaving of the first miracles also needs to be started.
For : yes – really, departure will soon start.
And we as usual will also introduce the miracles to the outside world

About that and more…………………….net time