Puppies from Hniña de Besos

Embleem NL maart 2024

Week 6

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the V-miracles – 36 days old

This, in more than one way, was a very special week…….
I, for instance, couldn’t help thinking that we – had the V-miracles not yet arrived – more than likely would
have been at the WDS 2024 in Zagreb.
But indeed, one needs to make choices – as many other times in life – and we in things like this do either the
one or the other – not both.
So, do we want to go to such a show…..then no litter; do we want to have a litter, then no shows.

But whatever – week 6 has also flown away, what happened…..

To start with, the V-‘s moved into a new house > the birthbox has been put away en replaced by a big bench
with a larger puppy fence; that puppy fence will regularly be enlarged as circumstances ask for.
What did the miracles think about the change? Simple, interesting – no more than that : accepted!

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

new housing

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

accepted by the eight

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

as by mum Hniña de Besos

Our sweet Djaya de Besos – halfsister to the mum and auntie to the octuplets – did something really sweet!
When she was 8 weeks old, she got a Panda, that Panda is her ‘baby’ and is taken along where ever we go.
And where did we find ‘baby Panda’? Exactly : she brought it to the puppies! Só sweet!


Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

auntie Djaya de Besos brought the octuplets her ‘baby Panda’

Then it became time for the octuplets to start eating by themselves – to start of with softened dry food.
With us it is a custom that that each eats from their own foodbowl : no ‘shopping’ next door….
Were we also succesfull with the V-miracles? Have a look : another step in their development.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

first time eating from the foodtray

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

everything completely eaten

Week 6 also is the week in which mostly the decision is made which puppy goes to which family.
We also this time managed to make those choices.
And so it was time to share it with the femilies. This time at first only with those who were to have a female
.> we are happy that all were content with our choice for them.
As I already had received the names by which these female puppies were to be called by at home, we will
start using those names for them.
The families waiting for the males are put on hold a little longer – we hope to inform them in a day or so

Official things also came along his week : the Chipper from the Raad van Beheer was to come!
We are very happy with the person lately coming to us : she is resolutely, calm, kind and thoughtful.
And with her not once a drop of blood was to be found.
Now all V-‘s have their chip and so doing are linked to their Pedigree names.
After that is was time to be checked by mum and have a cuddle moment

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

a cuddle-chat between mum and offspring

Week 7 will be a very busy week with lots to do and to experience

About that and more……………..next time