Puppies from Hniña de Besos

Embleem NL maart 2024

Week 1

due to circumstances 1 female available again

Appr. a week before her due date, Hniña de Besos her V-miracles flew into our
home and life > a flight of 8 miracles : 3 handsome lads and 5 pretty girls.
More than I thought there would be.

And ofcourse we again stuck to our Cocódotjes-tradition : to baptize.
For a change not with a delicious Cava, but – because the daddy lives in
Germany – with a Sekt

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

the 8 V-miracles of
Hniña de Besos

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

Baptism bubbles

The Vet also was satisfied with the litter – which always is good to know

We ususally take a little time before informing ‘the world’, this time – also due to
the early birth and the rapid speed in which all took place – a little more.
We ofcourse first informed the owner of daddy Iskandar > she was really happy
with the wonderful news.

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

mum Hniña de Besos with her newborn octuplets

Then it was time to phone all those families we were hoping to make happy.
They all – the one a bit more than the other – were already waiting anxiosly.
Also a family we had already had a talk with knocked on the door. And so all
miracles had  their families. Sadly enough, one family the next morning
informed us that  because of personal  circumstances it wasn’t the right time.
So we now are awaiting the truely right family to show up and wanting to be the
one to give this miracle all their love and the best home ever!
We feel very privileged to have loving families for our Coódotjes-miracles.

Hniña de Besos once again is a trouble free, cautious mum.
She handles everything in a very relaxed way…..but she sets her limits. And just
like the former time she the first night already came sleep witjh me on the sofa.
And it didn’t take long before she every now and than had dinner together with
the other girls.

Our Hijo’s doggybed is in the birthbox again > there is no better place to be.
The V-miracles are content little creatures, but ofcourse there once again is 1
little lady who makes her presence clearly known.


Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

mum Hniña de Besos with her 1 week old

But then….a few days after birth it’s time to register the birth.
Late, late at night, when it can be done without being disturbed……you think
But no: once again we are having problems with the computer system of the
Raad van Beheer. For the fourth time in a row! What was the problem this time?
Well, all at once it says that Hniña de Besos was too young – less than 16 months
old – at the date of her loversdate! Too young…..she now is 5 ½ years old and it
even is her second litter. Then – 1 ½ years ago – she apparently wasn’t too young.
No matter what I tried, I could not register the birth
I can assure you, that doesn’t help getting a good nights sleep!
The next morning immediately called to get it straightened out…they first won’t
even believe you! But…..ultimately they helped me out and it turned out fine :
I registered the birth and provided the Pedigree names.

Before I forget it : we have a loiterer! There she hung, sound asleep…

Hniña de Besos en haar lover Iskan

our loiterer, Tgreen – sound asleep

Then you, in the pouring rain, come home from walking the other 3 girls
– no Hniña isn’t joining us yet.
And what does one see in front of the frontdoor and in the pouring rain :
several parcels. One of them on the border of collapsing, due to being soaking
wet : a big box from Greetz. It was from the owners of and from the V’s great aunt
Saartje ( Iduña di Ròsa ) , a sister of grandma I Besos diRòsa .
In it a big balloon with a print and the sweetest card ever, so thoughtful.

mama Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó en haar 8 O-wondertjes

a beautiful balloon with print

mama Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó en haar 8 O-wondertjes

front of the card

het O-nestje van Djaya de Besos

text in the card

mama Djaya de Besos Van Hoefflaecken's Cocó en haar 8 O-wondertjes

ballloon hanging on the birthbox

More……next time